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  1. shouldervalley

    social help please

    thanks I needed that.
  2. shouldervalley

    social help please

    like don't get me wrong I still do stuff when I can but right now it's like 30C out and I'm the guy that goes in a hoodie at -10C so It's just too damn hot and she wanted to go to de beach for the day ._.
  3. shouldervalley

    social help please

    So my parents got divorced 4 years ago and since then I have been living with my mom and my brother. A year ago my brother moved out. after that I have been feeling like I have to do stuff with my mother, because she doesn't really have anyone else. the last two weeks she has been of from work, that made the situation even worse. I am also pretty active I spend a lot of my time at the skatepark (like 4-6 hours a day) and I am 18 in a month. and my mother has been having to do stuff herself. she's doing that guilt thing so it kills me to see that she's sad that I don't go with her. I just don't know how to deal with the situation and any help is appreciated.
  4. shouldervalley

    GPU and screen work fine until drivers are installed

    reseat the gpu into the mobo a couple of times to start with, some pins may have bad contact
  5. shouldervalley

    Windows update just won't work...

    that update is verry useful [sarcasm]
  6. shouldervalley

    Engineering Degree

    atleast here in finland electrical engineering is when you draw and design wiring diagrams for large community buildings and block of flats. computer is like either programming or cpus and electronics and stuff like that. myself going to school to be an electritian and the probably electrical engineer EDIT: all the physics ((U/I=R, U*I=P)know this and you can do are set for life) are the same the scale just differs so if you go to school to be an electrical engineer you can still work with electronics no problem.
  7. shouldervalley

    Windows update just won't work...

    don't worry about it and play games I don't know what the updates are but i have just left them away and they've installed later with some new ones
  8. shouldervalley

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    i like that you can actually play games on it, because I can't on mine (hp g6-1004eo POS). and the light up keyboard
  9. shouldervalley

    hp notebook won't boot on battery

    ¨that's what I thought
  10. shouldervalley

    hp notebook won't boot on battery

    but is a problem if the battery is 11.1v instead of 10.8v? because some of the cheaper 3rd party ones are 11.1v
  11. shouldervalley

    hp notebook won't boot on battery

    hello I have an old hp g6-1000 series notebook and it won't work if it's not plugged in.and if i start it with it plugged in and then remove the charger it will run for a minute or two and hen just turn off. something that may have been an issue is that it had a cracked screen which I fixed but it has been used a s a desktop and have been plugged in constantly during the last 1,5 years. so is the battery broken be what else could be broken in it? I swapped one battery already from a donor unit but dont really know how that one has been treated.
  12. shouldervalley

    Codename: Radar

    Sir, that looks awesome!
  13. shouldervalley

    What to pick?

    if you get a 770 probably only have 2gb of vram and that's not really enough for any of those solutions. so either go amd with an 290- 290x if you can get one in the price range, or get a 4gb 770. then I would recommend going with 1440p
  14. shouldervalley

    random bluescreens and beeping

    try different ram sticks or just one of them. it solved my problems. and check the bios if everything is setup right. if he has any overclocks turn them back to stock. Also try a different keyboard.