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Everything posted by Nowak

  1. Kerbal Space Program 2 is the best Gamescom announcement this year, omg

  2. Samsung released the August security patch for the S9 in August! Whoa!

    My unlocked S9 still doesn't have night mode...

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    2. ARikozuM


      Isn’t it a little late for August? 

    3. Nowak


      @Schnoz It's a camera mode


      @ARikozuM better than being stuck on the april update for 3 months lol

    4. ARikozuM


      This is your last update until you buy a new phone.



  3. Nowak

    IOS 13 Keyboard is really “ducked up”

    Gboard does this too but there's also nothing keeping it from learning "fuck"
  4. Put the stock caps back on my Kira to see if I can use it without backlit caps before I commit to buying a cap set designed for this layout. Definitely gotta say that icy blue is my aesthetic.



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    2. Nowak
    3. Schnoz


      @Den-Fi every time you post that i will counter with a picture of cha cha real smooth

    4. Schnoz
  5. Nowak

    LGBT community

    When I was in Boston last Thursday, the boyf said he'd try to go even though he's broke and sick. Told him to stay home and rest instead. I'm a good boyfriend I think!
  6. Nowak

    Samsung 970 evo speed

    Wrong forum This isn't a proper speed test
  7. Dusk feels like the '90s shooter I never played... and it's incredibly possible to make it look like it came straight outta 1997. I'm love.

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    2. Ryan_Vickers


      No one ever makes things themselves anymore -_-

    3. Nowak


      It woulda been cool to have it run on an engine actually from the '90s but I'd imagine it'd be quite the undertaking to make it work fine on a modern computer, and it was just one person programming it afaik

    4. ARikozuM


      You really can’t make engines today. There’s not enough demand or funding for it.

  8. Nowak

    LGBT community

    wise fwom yo gwave
  9. Source: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/08/join_the_pc_master_race_on_your_nintendo_switch_with_pc_building_simulator Yes, if you want to build an epic gaming PC but don't have the money to do it for real or aren't sure how, and have a Switch, boy does Nintendo have you covered! Soon, anyway! PC Building Simulator is coming to the Nintendo Switch of all things in the near future! The earnings release can be found here. For those of you unfamiliar with PC Building Simulator, it's exactly as the quoted text describes. There's also a free build mode so that you can build PCs freely with an unlimited budget. As stated before, no release date is given but given how the earnings release is from July 30, 2019, it's probably soon. Can't say I ever saw PC Building Sim ever come to a console, but while this is a surprise to be sure, it's a welcome one. Update 8/13/2019: PC Building Simulator is now out on the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One for $20! https://theirregularcorporation.com/en_us/pc-building-simulator-console-edition/
  10. There's actually quite a lot of overlap between Nintendo and PC gamers!
  11. Someone in a Discord server I'm in said he's been playing it non-stop for the past 3 hours. He got it on the PS4. Also if it's on the Switch then I think the PS4 and Xbone can handle it too.
  12. Funnily enough, it's also on the Xbox and PS4.
  13. It's meant to help people learn the basics of building their own PC. I guess a console release was an inevitability, because there are people who want to build a PC but only have access to a console. It's still better to watch a tutorial on YouTube but this can at least give people a start. There's also a business simulation aspect, where you repair and clean out customer PCs and eventually build up your own custom PC empire.
  14. Bumping this because PC Building Sim is now out on the Switch, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One. https://theirregularcorporation.com/en_gb/pc-building-simulator-console-edition/
  15. That's slightly worse than the figure I gave.
  16. Yahoo's ownership of Tumblr, in four acts: 2013: Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1b, promises to "not screw it up" 2018: Yahoo, in an effort to please advertisers, announces that NSFW content will be banned from Tumblr 2018: The ban goes into place and Tumblr loses 30% traffic 2019: Verizon, Yahoo's parent company, sells Tumblr for 2% of what Yahoo originally bought Tumblr for
  17. this thread's gonna be locked fast lmao
  18. sometimes ya gotta review the community standards, even as a moderator source: was a moderator on a small forum like ~7 years ago
  19. "3.5mm headphone jack satisfyingly not new" they say, before dropping the jack a generation later.
  20. This Twitter conversation still exists, by the way.