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  1. just get something with macros. I use the K95 RGB with brown switches. they don't make it anymore.
  2. yeah. use wiggle, then below that, use posterize time. then you can even precomp that and speed it up if it's now too slow.
  3. There's nothing stopping me from writing and hosting more videos... except that there have been no interesting products for me to review for awhile. I've tried to get more ebikes, but companies have not been willing to send them. There's a cool keyboard converter dongle thingy that i am hoping to review sometime soon. It may be much better than luamcaros. Also, if I had to write a video or two every week, they would not be nearly as good. I'd be stretched too thin.
  4. Hello kids, The macros definitely save time. I'm putting out the same amount of videos, but now I also have to review every single video that we release. I mark it up with suggestions and/or mandatory fixes and send it back to the original editor. They make the fixes, watch it again themselves, send it to me, and then I have to watch the whole thing again as well. That's for Floatplane videos. I also have to watch every YouTube version as well. So I must watch all videos we put out at LEAST twice. Sometimes a video bounces back and forth several times before it's good to go, especially if a sponsor is involved and they ask for even minor changes at the last minute... We've caught a lot of errors in this way, but the process can take a long time. Add to that the fact that before they are exported, my own videos must be reviewed with the writer, (and then changes/fixes are made) and then also with either Linus or Nick Light, (acting as a sort of editor-in-chief for the whole channel) and only THEN can I export the video (which takes a lot longer now that we use 8K R3D footage on a 4K timeline) and then of course, I have to review my own video exports as well. On some days, I've spent literally half the day just reviewing videos. So yeah. Having my macro keys and various scripts, and having discovered smart rendering, means that I'm able to work quickly with the time that I have left after all of my other duties. And I'm still able to put out 1 video a day if I need to. BTW, the other editors do use some of my macro keys - these ones in particular: I wrote this out while waiting for a video to render - it's a very natural time to take a break or do lower-priority tasks.
  5. Bleh, the Lego boost... I'm not seeing anything that excites me about it. Weird how Lego Group has WeDo, WeDo2.0, now Boost, .... AND the Mindstorms lineup. I'm getting pretty sick of all these "educational" toys for kids that are just expensive, and don't teach much. So, what, is Boost supposed to bridge the "gap" between WeDo and Mindstorms? I don't think that's necessary. I'm not even so convinced that WeDo is necessary...
  6. Yeah, optical flow only works well for simple, slow moving stuff. Like pans and tilts. And it gets very confused by cuts.
  7. Hello sir, terribly sorry for the trouble. I have a shoot first, ask questions later approach to problem solving. I'll EVENTUALLY figure things out, but not without some chaos along the way. Your problems are almost certainly being cause by Interception. Here's the thing: Unless you pay for the commercial licence, which is $2,200, your computer is now limited to only 10 of each device type (as shown in your device manager) I did not know this until a few weeks ago, when I did some digging, after having odd problems of my own, and hearing about problems like yours. Since then, I've updated the description on that video, with instructions for how to uninstall. It's very easy. You just follow the same steps, but type /uninstall rather than /install. Also, you have to delete keyboard.sys from system 32, first, if it doesn't work because that file is "busy." No, it's not a joke. Don't worry, keyboard.sys is not a normal Windows file -- your keyboard will work fine afterwards. I'm going to make a follow up video with these instructions. Again, sorry for the trouble!
  8. i THINK it didn't actually make it into the final edit. He was screeching at me BTW. LOL
  10. We don't even know how to do it yet. RED footage is freakin huge and Premiere is not great with it. Even just importing it can lead to problems. attaching proxis often doesn't work. Viewing at 1/4 or 1/8th resolution works well on my computer, not as well on some others. Premiere can't even SORT the footage in alphanumeric order. How hard is that, Adobe?? But daaaaayum does the footage look good.
  11. SUP GUYS, So there's been some interesting discussion in this thread. But I haven't yet looked into everything you guys have proposed yet. But I've seen a lot of "solutions" that basically just involve BUYING something. That's just not the Taran way! I've been poor most of my life, so I'm used to having to come up with innovative ways to do things with little to no money. What makes the 2nd macro keyboard mod so great is that you can do it with basically any spare keyboard that you already have lying around. However, I've never been totally satisfied with LuaMacros. It has a lot of problems. So I've come up with a much BETTER solution that uses INTERCEPTOR, an apparently amazing program that can do all sorts of cool things. And I've finally made a tutorial that explains the method I've been using for awhile: It's far more stable, doesn't require a stupid txt file to work, allows more rapid keypresses, AND even works with modifier keys.
  12. I have personally gotten cancer from a few of our own thumbnails. Yes, some of em are bad. I aint naming names. But we have to do some experimentation before we can settle down into a nice routine and consistent look. Go look at Austin's thumbnails: https://www.youtube.com/user/duncan33303/videos I think he does a really good job. Lots of pastels. There's certainly a "look" to them. I've been experimenting with the use of pure white as a 'background' to make the subject pop out... Also vignettes... Also colorizing the background to make the subject stand out more... that one seems to work pretty well, and it also pretty simple and easy to do. I'm pretty proud of the Wave 2.0 thumbnail, since it IS quite colorful and clickable, but also summarizes the review itself ("it's trash.") and sticks with the spirit of the review. This one was Linus' idea. I've made it a point to try and stop us from making an : O face for every thumbnail. That gets old quick. WHY AM I EVEN IN THIS THREAD HELLO PEOPLE.
  13. Hey bros. Taran here. I just happened to see this topic and thought I'd respond. Edzel, Brandon, Dennis, and myself all went to BCIT together for Television/Broadcast in the same year. We all became friends during the two-year program, and now we get to work together as well. Here's one of the dumb projects we made during that time: When you see Nick (Van Berkel) acting mean towards Dennis, you're seeing it out of context. They are friends, and are currently roommates. Nick teases all of us for all sorts of things, that's just his personality. Guys who like each other will pretend to be mean! We all like Dennis around here and he's a valuable member of the team. I recorded a bit where I say that - you'll see it in an upcoming moving Vlog. That being said, I know it can certainly LOOK like Berkel is just a big bully sometimes, so I like to get footage where Dennis strikes back. (Like the The Office style interview where he mocks Berkel for talking too much, and the part where he gets Nick a shirt that says "white people can't read this.") It's mot always easy to show everything for what it really is in a 15 minute video that encompasses a whole day, but we do try.
  14. My doctor tells me that the jury is still out on whether or not you should do physical exercise, or allow yourself rest, when it comes to an injury like RSI. This whole experience has made me more wary of anything that ANYBODY has to say about RSI. In my experience, the right KIND of physical exercise has been much more helpful to me than "rest." Try my methods, sure, but be careful, go slow, and don't keep going if it hurts. (Keep in mind that there may be a delay of a few hours before the pain starts - that happened to me and it was tough to figure out what it was.)
  15. Hello friends. It's me, Taran! If you don't know me, I'm the one editing most of the LTT videos these days! I've had a few people on Twitter asking me why my TechQuickie video about RSI is no longer available for viewing. I can't respond in 140 characters, so I thought I would post here. Long story short: I was wrong. Let's start at the beginning. A few months after I started working for LMG, I started to suffer from painful RSI (repetitive strain injury) in both my hands. This lasted for about a year, and I even had to stop working for a few months so I could recover. The pain in my hands got so bad at one point, that I was starting to have trouble with simple things like doing laundry, making food, and turning doorknobs. So, forget about video editing! I thought my career was over. I went to see a LOT of doctors, but nothing they suggested seemed to be working for me: Stretching Low weight endurance training Hot/cold contrast baths ultrasound IR laser therapy splints NSAIDs (ibuprofen) The pain was only getting worse. In my search for answers, I learned about Dr. Sarno’s book “The Mindbody Prescription,” with a crazy-sounding idea that chronic pain like RSI could be neurological in origin. The word for this is “psychosomatic" pain, or "Tension Myositis Syndrome" (TMS). It's real pain, but caused by psychological stress, with little to no physical cause. According to this book, my RSI could supposedly be treated with mental exercises, not physical exercises. With nothing left to lose, I tried it. Imagine how thrilled I was when it actually worked, and my yearlong pain totally vanished within a week. Not only did the pain go away, it STAYED away, for month after month. I was back to work. I was thrilled. I waited for the pain to come back, and it didn’t. That's when I made the video, where I praised Dr. Sarno’s book on the subject – even while warning that some of his ideas seemed like kooky pseudoscience. Then, a few months later, I had a relapse of RSI pain that could NOT be resolved using the methods I learned from Dr. Sarno's book. I could then see that my pain was NOT merely neurological, and I still didn’t have the whole answer. I needed a physical solution. After more experimentation, I found it: - I started working out more. I did Stronglifts 5x5, with reduced weight and more reps. Edit: It's the bench press and rows that help me. Also, weight doesn't seem to matter, as long as I get tired, and do enough reps. Also, I had to stop doing deadlifts and squats, due to great knee pain, probably caused by hyperextension. (Don't let your knees (or elbows) go past 180° while under load!) - I occasionally do LIGHT arm/hand stretches, just to the point where I feel the stretch, and NO FURTHER (or it causes pain instead!) Edit: I don't do this anymore. - Hard self-massage of my forearm, especially around the wrist/elbow joints. Very helpful. Edit: I no longer do this, so maybe it doesn't matter. - Using a powerball: https://powerballs.com/ - Proper workplace ergonomics, my video for which is still pretty good. These things WORKED for me, and continue to work even now. I'm 100% pain free in the left hand, and 99% pain free in the right hand. Edit, 2017: I can lift 3x as much as when I started weightlifting, but it's made no difference to the RSI. Whatever the issue is, it is not a matter of strength. I still must go to the gym twice a week at a minimum. 1-2 days after going to the gym, my RSI pain will diminish. And If I don't go to the gym for 4 days, the pain starts to come back, and only increases day by day... until I go to the gym again. Edit, March 2018: My arms are now 4x stronger than when I first started weightlifting. I am able to go to the gym only once a week, without the RSI pain returning in the interim. It hardly bothers me anymore. I've also been able to use different mice, whereas before, I had to use a very specific, kinda shitty mouse, which had just the right ergonomic shape. I really should go to the gym more often, but it is no longer absolutely necessary. Also, my knees are improving, but I must still go easy on them. I'm glad to have an electric bike. So what's the deal with Dr. Sarno's wacky ideas about psychosomatic pain? Is he right, or not? Well, I still do believe there's something to it. After all, I did end a year of pain in one week using Sarno's ideas. But here's what I think actually happened: I did all the physical therapy suggested by my doctors, and it worked to heal my arms. But my body was so used to being in pain at that point, that I kept experiencing the pain even though the physical problems had been mostly addressed. After I read Sarno's book, I was able to let go of this and allow myself to be pain free. That's when I made the video, and I stopped doing all of the physical therapy that kept my arms healthy, thinking I had healed for good. The pain slowly crept back, until I was able to figure out a good physical solution, which I still use to this day. So, I do still think that RSI pain can have a neurological aspect to it, because that has been my experience. But I DON'T think it is the whole answer -- which is what Sarno claims, and which is what I implied in that video. So, embarrassed, I took the video down. It was irresponsible to make it the way I did, and it would be irresponsible to keep it up. RSI is an important subject for those of us who use a computer all day, but maybe that video should never have been made. If I were to make the video again, I would limit the mention of TMS / psychosomatic pain to one paragraph, and allow viewers to look into it on their own. I typed this all with my hands rather than dictating it. I'm not totally pain free, but I'm doing much, much better, and I'm once again able to edit the LTT videos that you all enjoy. I hope that clears everything up. Proof it's me: https://twitter.com/TaranVH/status/641458428917878784 LINKS: Physical recovery info: https://powerballs.com/ or NSDpowerus.com https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/2b4tso/hurt_your_wrist_heres_are_all_the_tips_i_have/ Dubious info about anti-inflammatories being useless: (I still have no idea if this is correct.) http://www.tendonitisexpert.com/anti-inflammatory.html TMS / psychosomatic stuff: (Also dubious) http://blog.evanweaver.com/2012/09/05/a-programmers-guide-to-healing-rsi/ http://aaroniba.net/articles/tmp/how-i-cured-my-rsi-pain.html http://www.rsipain.com/success-story-carpal-tunnel-syndrome-plantar-fasciitis.php http://rsi-backpain.co.uk/ Audible link to Sarno's books (They are hard to find in a library) http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/Repetitive_Strain_Injuries_-_RSI