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  1. I'm looking to invest into my first mechanical keyboard and i'm stuck between these two. I want to get the cherry mx blues on the ROCCAT but I also want a full size keyboard. What should I get?
  2. I mean how much more performance can I get with the third 980?
  3. Making a new build and was wondering what I should pick?
  4. Does input lag depend on the type of tv? Can it be fixed/improved at all?
  5. Would putting my tv on game mode reduce the lag?
  6. So the bigger it gets the less pixels per inch and looks shittier, are there any cheap 60" 4k tvs out there?
  7. Just wondering because I wanted to hook my pc to a tv via hdmi.
  8. The best camera is a short barrel shot gun under your bed
  9. Looking to buy a rbg mechanical keyboard for under 100$ full size preferrabliy.
  10. I have my pc hooked up to a tv and use wireless headphone and sit about 10 feet away from it. I was wondering if running my fans at 100% would shorten the life of the fans?