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  1. Yer, i have considered this. Just hoping there might be another option that doesn't require the hassle of rooting my android devices.
  2. Hey y'all. I am in the market for a new game controller and was hoping to get some suggestions. My requirements are: - Bluetooth powered - Compatibility with both android and windows - No requirements for 3rd party apps (HID) - Solid construction and feel - Full standard size and layout - Preferably no root required for android - Cheaper where possible Thanks.
  3. hey guys, im in the market for a bluetooth game controller and am looking for some genius help to find the most suitable option. here are my requirements: - android and pc compatible - standard HID (no extra apps for compatibility) - full size - below 50usd - no gimmicky features well thats just about it. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  4. hi there, im starting with a simple visual basic program "hello world". used to create "hello""goodbye" clear and exit commands. i have setup the code and for some reason it wont work can someone tell me where i have gone wrong? i ama total code noob if you didnt notice. thanks in advance. screenshot shown attached.
  5. so, i plan on using my old core 2 duo desktop as a home server and i have a problem. the motherboard does not have a vga connector (or any other display output) and i dont want to have to use my old power hungry graphics card to run the machine. my question is, can i use the graphics card to output to a display just while configuring the server and then remove it afterward when a display is not required? thanks in advance.
  6. 156.........tested by a psychologist
  7. Obviously just an accidental spelling error, you don't have to go grammar nazi on me.......not to mention you really didn't answer my question at all.
  8. Hey peeps. I'm planning on building a home server some time in the near future and im looking for some guidance. I currently have 2 x 2tb hard drives in my computer so those will be used as storage but i will want some room for expandability. i plan on using it as storage for my home media as well as back ups and will need to be using plugins such as plex and bittorrent sync (or something comparable). As far as a OS it concerned, the main few seem to be windows home server (lack of plugins), freenas (risky without expensive ecc ram), ubuntu home server (complicated to setup, lots of command prompt) and Amahi (smaller user base, there for lack of information). my budget is flexible up intil about 400 or so but obviously the cheaper the better. Basically what im trying to ask, What would the be OS be to forfill my needs? What hardware would be approperiate to run it? Thanks in advance.
  9. yes, it also worked although my parents do not want a 30m ethernet cable running through their house perminetly.
  10. thanks mate. if you know anyone that might be able to help please pass them on.
  11. hello peps, i seem to be having a problem with my newly aquired network setup. after being fed up with wireless i decided to run a powerline kit from downstairs where the router is to upstairs in my room, also adding a 5 port switch to allow for multiple connections. something seems to have gone wrong because im not getting a connection to any of the computers in my room, they are all showing "unidentified network". the only thing that stands out as being a problem is that the input connection from the powerline to my switch has the led indicator as an orange light, with all of the other connections being green (i have tried changing the input to every port with the same result). when i have tried plugging my main computer into the powerline kit directly (bypassing the switch) it has worked flawlessly. what have i done wrong? to clarify, the network configuration is shown below: downstairs = internet -> modem/router -> powerline upstairs = powerline -> switch -> all computers in the room (cabling from the router to powerline and from the powerline to the switch is CAT5)(cabling from the switch to all computers is CAT6) thanks in advance.