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  1. No, definitely not coil whine. It seems like its loose or something
  2. One of my GPU fans is really loud and making a weird noise. Is there a way to remove it and just keep one fan working? Or where could I buy a replacement fan? I have an MSI GTX 760 with no warranty. I can sometimes fix it by changing the fan speed to 50% or above, but the noise comes back.
  3. I took my PC to my moms house and tried to boot it up. Windows started loading, but after it was done I got a black screen. The monitor wasnt getting a signal anymore. It seemed that all the ports had died because my keyboard and mouse stopped working. I shut my PC down and went into safe mode. I thought that my GPU drivers were the problem, so I installed old ones that I had in my downloads folder. Still nothing, still wont boot normaly. After some time I finally got it to boot, but it kept crashing. Luckily I could check event viewer and found loads of errors, all were: "DCOM got error "1084" attempting to start the service WSearch with arguments "Unavailable" in order to run the server" After a few hours I went home, and now my PC works perfectly. I dont know whats the problem. Last year I lived with my mom and my PC worked perfectly.
  4. Because its still faster than a HDD. An SSD is still a really really good upgrade even if its connected to SATA2.
  5. Its already running on SATA2 Yes it is
  6. Okay so I have a HyperX Fury 120Gb SSD and I want to install GTA V on it. It should fit and leave around 15GB's free. I wanted to ask how full can my SSD be? I read somewhere that you can fill your SSD up 75% and the other 25% should be left free.
  7. I want to get a new headset, and currently I am wondering between Cloud and Cloud II. The Cloud II is 20 euros more expensive. From reviews I've heard that the 7.1 surround sound is actually pretty decent on the Cloud II, but I dont know if its worth the 20 euros. HyperX Cloud - 79,90 € HyperX Cloud II - 99,00 € Can an admin move this to the correct place please, thanks.
  8. Or is there anyway of hiding it? Its not in the way, but if there is a way to hide it then I'll hide it.
  9. Its empty Is the partion without the letter the boot partion?
  10. How can I get rid of the D partion? I guess its the cache partion the HDD used when it had Windows installed on it, but Im not sure. It came when I installed Windows on my SSD.
  11. Can you take the Fractal Design logo off or did you cover it with something before painting?
  12. So I will be changing my laptops thermal paste, and I would just like to know how much paste I should put on it. Also when I take off the heatsink and some of the paste has gone over, can I clean it with 99% alcohol, or any other cleaning product and it will be fine? How much should I put on it?
  13. EST_FatBoy


    Some feature in Youtube is always broken for some people. My add to watch later button broke yesterday. I have to click on the video and add it from there. A few months back my playlist wouldnt autoplay. Everything is always broken in Youtube.
  14. Kinda got creative and set my thumb button to num 5, then num 5 to PTT. Thanks!
  15. Is there a way to set the Shadowplay push to talk button to Middle Mouse Button? Thanks
  16. CPU and mobo will be upgraded next year to i5 4690k and, well I will choose the mobo then. Well Im thinking about this badboy http://pcpartpicker.com/part/msi-motherboard-z87mgaming Corsair CX600M Fractal R2 mini (signature)
  17. Really really hard to tell. Need a better picture
  18. Money for HyperX Cloud (If I find a cheap one) and GTA V
  19. Thank god we dont have these stupid light shows here. If there were any near me, I would go slice some wires with a knife.
  20. Stupid mobo from Dell Inspiron 580, CPU is old (but still decent), RAM is mixed