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  1. rog.asus.com/forum/ Anyone getting 502 errors as well? It's been all day long and I wanna do some research
  2. crosstiger

    Cube World

    Getting traumatized by a ddos? Was his life support hocked up to that server or what? I kinda smell a lame excuse. And I agree with Intransigent, no one will buy that for 30$.
  3. You know what would be nice? A 1080p touch version for ~100€/$
  4. Android? If yes you can move the data warning slider up and down to adjust it.
  5. Hello, after unlocking the bootloader (no root, no custom rom or recovery) I’m unable to add my pc or notebook as a trusted device for smart unlock. If I try to add my pc I get the error that the device can’t be added and I should verify that it is close enough for a connection. I'm able to transfer files over bluetooth and I can add my car as a trusted device no problem. I did reset the entire bluetooth controller on my pc and paired my phone again but no success. I can use the other smart lock features, trusted places, voice match and carry detection.
  6. They can't. Only inductors can make a whiny sound when the coil starts vibrating. Usually happens at extreme fps (400+).
  7. Guess one way to avoide it (on Firefox) is to use this addon https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/restore-fast-theme-of-youtube/?src=search It's not up to date and doesn't restore the layout from a few days ago. Instead it restores a much older layout. Still better that whatever this is...
  8. You could run afterburner and take a look at all the sensor data. Maybe you hit some limit (power or temp). The blower cooler is just bad and the 70c you say doesn’t tell the whole story. The junction temp can spike way above 100c (usually 15-20c hotter that edge temp) and reach thermal limit. That’s where the card starts downclocking. Check afterburner to verify that. You could set the fan speed to 100% and see if things change. It could also be a driver issue. They seem to be rather unreliable at the moment. So clean installation of the driver could help.
  9. Are there no resellers in Turkey? I'm pretty sure Turkey has some sort of import taxes so I would search directly for those. I'm not from Turkey btw...
  10. I have no news about a 30 series. So if you have the money get the 2080ti. SLI is dead
  11. Since gpus don’t have any speakers and you're sure it's them I would guess either a bad bearing of a fan (metal rubbing on metal) or coil whine. There’s not a whole lot more on a card that can make a sound.
  12. Then we kinda ruled out software as an issue. The last software test I can come up with is to boot a live linux and see how that behaves. I guess you could also install ubuntu and download the nvidia driver for a test. One more thing: check if there are any bios updates for your mainboard and if yes, install them. If that also doesn't work then it might be hardware related. Then I would remove the cooler, check for any unusual, dust the card off reapply thermal paste and pad and test again. Also maybe a bios update to the gpu could be worth a shot - but I'm not experience in that so I can't help your there.
  13. Have you done the usual? Reinstalled gpu driver, checked all connectors (power connectors, monitor cable), tested the card in a different system, changed the monitor cable, changed the monitor, taken a look at the card via software monitor like afterburner.
  14. Have you switch display and display cable? Just to rule this out.
  15. If it works for you thats great! The shared memory thing is likely a windows thing. The cards wont actually share their memory - that would be very confusing.
  16. What security screw? The one that you put in through the case to secure the card? Did you put it back in after you noticed it's missing? What part of the cooler did you repair? Did you reapply thermal paste before putting it back together (if taken off the card)? When does the bsod occur? Right at system start or when you game? To further analyse the bsod you could use the tool whocrashed (https://www.resplendence.com/downloads) this will display any crash logs found in a usable format. It even tells you exactly which file / service / program caused it.
  17. Difficult if it's something that happens randomly and is hard to notice. Is it only in one game, specific situations (like stare at a wall), anything unusual (super high fps, high gpu temps, coil whine)? You could run a test like furmark or a unigine benchmark at very low and very high settings to load the gpu to max or get as many fps as possible and stare at the screen for hours. A graphic glitch like that could be caused by instable clocks or load in general. For a start you could use afterburner and increase power target and add like 5-10mv. Might not do much but maybe lets you ignore the artifects.
  18. Could be the 2080ti but since you’ve said your pc crashed as well until you installed chipset driver it might not be the gpu. The Windows Kernel event 41 means that the system was shutdown unexpectedly (on simple terms: it crashed) but it doesn’t specify why. Has nothing to do with power management despite the name. To get a bit more info about the crash you could download and run whocrashed (can be found here https://www.resplendence.com/downloads ) This tool will search for any crashlogs on your pc and displays them in a usable format. If no info can be found I would suggest removing the gpu and run of the onboard grafics. This could rule out both of your gpus. Reinstall chipset driver, check all connectors if everything is plugin correctly. If you have a spare harddrive, swap them, install windows on the spare driver and check again. Could rule out any software issue.
  19. Code 43 is unfortunately a very generic error. It just means there was some error with the device and windows disabled it or went into a sort of failsafe mode. You say the issue exist on other systems as well. With the same windows and driver version? Also have you tried installing an older driver? Found here https://www.nvidia.com/drivers/beta
  20. Ah i see. An active adapter. What res are you running? Not 100% positive if you need and active adapter for 1080p 144hz but it surely wont hurt. I never used one so I cant guaratee that 144hz will work. Dont see why it shouldn't.
  21. Yes, don't do this. Running nvidia and amd gpus in the same system is a bad idea. Yes it can work, but it's a pain to get working. The cards will never work together. A dvi-d to Displayport adapter is 10$/€ on Amazon. What are you looking at thats 40$?
  22. Just go for it. It's not like ryzen chips overclock super far or so. If im not mistaken 4.1 - 4.3 was kinda the max possible regardless of temps.
  23. That’s extreme. While it’s not the point of discussion i have to mention that with these settings you are super deep into placebo territory. Have you tried using some sharpening filters (reshade for example)? If that won’t help you, I can’t help you. I would not spend any money on a gpu (my opinion). Also blurry images can be the result of some aa like fxaa or taa
  24. Yea thats why your gpu is fully loaded but the cpu isn't. Set it to 100% and see how it chances. If the game only uses two cores it will be cpu limited pretty fast. A better gpu wont to much in that case then. 400% of 1440p? If yes, thats a lot more than 4k.
  25. Then there is not a lot you could do. If the game won’t even use your horse power there is no reason in upgrading it. I would go and check the official forum maybe you'll find some info there to tweak the game. Some config file settings or launch options.