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  1. Metro exodus spoilers


    The ending actually makes me feel sad unlike attempts from any other game (including life is strange)


    time to replay it just so I can get the gold ending :) 



    i was one stealth option away from getting the correct ending, and I only failed that because I  couldn't tell the difference between the slaves and not the slaves since they both got angery at me


  2. themctipers

    2070 vs 2080 For New Build~

    2080 if you can 2080 is suitable for 4k medium/high and 1440p 144hz
  3. themctipers

    How many FPS should I get?

    a lot CS isn't very demanding
  4. all data has been recovered off of that HDD

    it's all still intact, like I suggested, it was only the bitmaps in the beginnning part of the file system that were fucked, nothing else was broken. 

    0 corrupted files, everything seems to remain intact (after a chkdsk /f)

  5. yay I got my pair of 74hc595s working after a day of fucking around


    aka all I did was just copy some code I found online and it worked and I'm impressed that it's working now and that I've wired things correctly 



    yes I have 3 leds, mosfets, and a maybe dead 7805 plugged into nothing because I don't have a place to store them yet

  6. themctipers

    amazon to support local payment

    in India this is very similar to something called 'cash on delivery' or something like that @WikiForce
  7. themctipers

    Cinebench R20 released

    3770k @ 4.4ghz i5 8350u (~2.9 / 3GHz during the run, T480 w/ cTDP up)
  8. themctipers

    PCI-E x1,4,8,16 usb hub

    how are you going to design for ethernet? Two different protocols for different things..
  9. themctipers

    PCI-E x1,4,8,16 usb hub

    yea they're not common because usually people want these for more physical ports, not for bandwidth
  10. themctipers

    PCI-E x1,4,8,16 usb hub

    each port is up to 5Gb/s, it should just be a shared pool that goes up to 7.8Gb/s, meaning you can have one USB device that pulls 5Gb/s, but the second one will be limited to 2.8Gb/s, or you can have 7 devices running at ~1.1Gb/s it'll just slow down, you can't have more data through that what PCIe 1x offers usually people are searching for more ports because they want to connect more devices to a computer try to use some of the motherboard's USB 3.0 headers alongside the product you sent, and onboard USB 3 distribute the load across USB 3 inputs
  11. themctipers

    CPU upgrade

    the 6400 is fine for gaming it's still a nice little 3ghz 4c 4t skylake, it's not a 2c 4t celery, GPU first and then CPU
  12. is it possible for me to disable the lights that shine the words Radeon alongside the R square? I can't find a software toggle within radeon settings or a physical switch on the GPU
  13. themctipers

    CPU upgrade

    you do not need to update your BIOS because the motherboard already supports 7th gen intel (200 series supports 7th gen, 100 series supports 6th gen by default, and 7th gen with a update) just chuck it in I guess, the only worthy upgrades imo are the 6700k and the 7700k, but I would go for a GPU upgrade first since you do a lot of gaming
  14. themctipers

    how to disable the Radeon light on my Radeon VII?

    hopefully yes this is the last thing I am considering because this is from gigabyte, and I already know that gigabyte's warranty is already practically nonexistant, and they still keep one of those 'warranty void if removed' stickers on the screws.. I know they don't do shit but still
  15. anyone remember this?

    Image result for metro exodus minimum requirements


    this is fake news and I am glad. 4k high works 50-70fps on my 3770k / vii :)

    1. handymanshandle


      when a company overshoots their minimum requirements

  16. themctipers

    Laptop help decision

    what settings for overwatch at 60fps? I don't think a thin and light ultrabook can do that with a iGPU and a dGPU just oof's battery
  17. no more fucking GTX 760 anymore 



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ryan_Vickers
    3. themctipers




      without my 760 id be playing dwm.exe at 1080p 30fps upscaled to 4k 40"

      it's the only gpu I have that can do 4k 60hz (aside from my new one)

    4. themctipers


      apparently im 2nd place with a 3770k / radeon vii

      the top guy is pushing 4.5ghz while im doing 4.4, id push higher just to get #1 but my cooling is already 80c at 4.4, and 4.5 requires even more voltage

  18. 500gb hdd broke itself

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    (mounts in windows, no recognized file system. does not mount in linux, will probably dd to try to save it and then.. idk, keep it around because someday hopefully I can recover it because it should just be corrupted data, and not broke the whole filesystem and headers)

    1. Techstorm970
    2. themctipers



      Input/output error:

      The drive is damaged (there is a physical defect on it) or a cable is damaged, or the memory is malfunctioning.

      Please note that this is a problem with your hardware, not with VeraCrypt. Therefore, please do NOT report this as a bug/problem in VeraCrypt and please do NOT ask for help with this in the VeraCrypt Forums. Please contact your computer vendor's technical support team for assistance. Thank you.

      Note: If the error occurs repeatedly at the same place, it is very likely caused by a bad disk block, which should be possible to correct using third-party software (note that, in many cases, the 'chkdsk /r' command cannot correct it because it works only at the filesystem level; in some cases, the 'chkdsk' tool cannot even detect it).



    3. Pascal...
  19. my 3000 n100 with a t7600 is actually usable as what I do on my T480:

    - shitposting on discord

    - a bit of youtube (works fine for 720p, can even do 1080 sometimes)

    - basic web browsing


    even has better speakers, trackpad, keyboard, and aspect ratio. very cramped screen (WXGA only) but oh well, can always go WSXGA+ mod if I really wanted to spend more on this POS

  20. if it's for facebook then why not use your phone camera that has slomo capability?
  21. Depends which generation of GPUs (Kepler, maxwell, pascal, Turing) better off asking specific GPUs like GTX 980 vs GTX 1060 6GB
  22. image.png.f2517991dca5a61571d0bda634c22896.png



  23. yes but not using iTunes
  24. requires iTunes, no real full file system access
  25. Yes. Another reason why jailbreaking is cool (SFTP over wifi to get 15-20MB/s transfer speeds)