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  1. there is no minimum, the maximum is probably somewhere around 5ghz+ but realistically you're going to be stuck by the FCLK to be about 4000mhz ish, +/- some because lottery like zen2 as someone as said earlier, difference between 3200 and 3600 isn't that much and it *can* cost a lot more. Personally I'd just buy 3600 for like 10$ more than 3200 and be that my ram can OC to 4000 if I wanted to, but XMP is already fine.
  2. try swapping it from white/red/white/red to red/white/red/white ive had this same issue with ddr3 on my z68-v pro, mixing capacities sucks but eventually you'll find a combination that works (although you may be fucked over by maximum clockspeed via overclocking; xmp is a overclock)
  3. they have a mixture of iPhone 4 and iPad Pro vibes to me (stainless steel antenna bands)
  4. I am both ready to get another iPhone yet disappointed that I am buying another iPhone for myself

    Earlier this year I thought I could hold onto my 6s for another year, but not anymore (everything is super slow, cracked display, random amazon tier battery). I really wanted 120hz but it's just not happening.. I also was hoping that there would be good competition from android manufacturers.. nothing appeals to me though.


    LG - garbage software.. not worth considering, even on steep discount

    Pixel - garbage hardware for a premium price, might as well buy a iPhone

    OnePlus - only 7 pro was worth it, the 7T and 8 wasn't appealing (price)

    Razer - RP3 is dead

    ASUS - ROG phone 3 really expensive instead of being a banging midrange device

    Xiaomi - a lot of these phones just aren't viable due to not having US LTE bands, but K30 ultra is not even coming out of China


    Samsung - ... I wanted the S20, but then 1080p 120hz upscaled to 1440p for 1000$. I personally can't notice it but it's the same as the iPhone XR/11, I can't notice the difference between 326ppi and 400+, but I just can't live with myself knowing its like 1366x768. This is in addition to the fuck you that is no software updates after 2 years, and no security patches after 3 years

    I waited for the S21, which was supposed to fix it to be 1440p/120hz but only S20 FE happened which sucks. Note 20 was also a pick for me but the note 20 is actually MORE EXPENSIVE than the iPhone this year 



    please ignore the 'note 20', there is only the 'note 20 ultra' which is actually the normal phone.



    Really excited for A14, coming from a dying A9. 2 node jumps (16nm to 5nm), 2nd gen in house GPU (A11 was first), and like 3 generations of 50% faster CPU.. Hopefully it's about as large in a usability bump going from the A4 to the A9 (my first phone upgrade; I was debating between a note 5 and a 6s+ at that time). The 765G can go commit no breathing, knowing it's still somehow comparable to A9. Wifi 6 is a bonus since I already have a wifi 6 router


    edit: if anyone has another point of view or contention, please do tell. I want all the opinions on this before deciding

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    2. soldier_ph


      I'm gonna get myself the iPhone 12 mini. 

    3. Br3tt96


      Still not a bad choice. I only wish my 7 pro had wireless charging

    4. themctipers


      I have heard about the 7 pro since a couple of my friends also have it, but it isn't as much of a deal here as it is in the US. If I remember, in the US you could've gotten it for about ~400$USD new with T mobile  back in early 2020, which was an absolute steal. Here in Canada, a used/refurbished one is about 500$, and it's already a year old. 

      When it comes to android, I'm a lot more worried about the software support over time than the hardware. The hardware inside the 7 pro is excellent and I do love the fact that it doesn't have a hole punchy display AND it's 90hz, but it's pretty much getting android 11 and that's it, a year of security patches after. 

      I know about rooting and installing 3rd party roms, but it doesn't address my main concern: patches. I don't really give a fuck about what google has done with android, but I do care about fixing vulnerabilities and 3rd party roms just don't fix it. 

      For 500$ currently for a used phone that will only get 1 more major OS update (android 11, Q4 2020), and will become EOL in Q1 2022, that's a really big oof if I do buy it today


      However.. 7 pro might get a lot cheaper in the next couple of months since the 8T was just announced. So it's at least still on the table for me to look for, ;) instead of completely ignored like the pixel and Samsungs

  5. I only overclock because it is fun to see what older parts can perform like when pushed to their max (eg, a Q9400 I got recently, or my i5 760). On my main system, I do it because I am too poor to have any better components
  6. Since the T480 died I've been using my MSI as a replacement laptop and it sucks so much. I know in my head that upgrading from an i5 2410m to a i5 3320m is not that much in raw CPU performance, but it really was a nice overall upgrade. I ended up buying a ThinkPad X230 because it was nice and small (I've been using a netbook and I really appreciate how small the footprint is), it comes with a battery, and I can RAM/BCLK/iGPU OC on it.

    In Cinebench R15, it's only about 30cb faster by stock, but it feels a lot more responsive than the MSI for general day to day tasks. It also has a competent iGPU that can actually not drop any frames at 768p, and it is built a shit ton better (because it's a business laptop). The performance does not really bother me as day to day, it feels the same as the T480 despite having half the cores, half the threads, a quarter of the ram, and like half the single core performance. 

    It's 768p display is actually a upgrade from the MSI. It is just smaller at the same resolution -> higher PPI, and so it feels nicer to use. The panel (despite it being 6bit TN) is actually a upgrade as well; colours look better, contrast is better, and it gets brighter. Keyboard is fantastic as always, even with the 'gimped' layout.

    The trackpad is atrocious because of the drivers. Physically, I feel it is fine and it may work nice in Linux but in Windows it is unusable. Too sensitive and jittery, and it's about as large as my AirPods Pros case. Another issue is that it interferes with the trackpoint polling rate if it is enabled, and so I have disabled it in the bios.

    The only issue with this laptop is the SD card reader is a bit wonky because I bought a used one off of eBay and the chassis part of that is broken, but the motherboard is not cracked so I believe I am fine. The only thing I have done to this is upgrade the wifi card from the stock Centrino 2000 N to a Realtek 8812AE (had it laying around). I had to tape pin 51 on the card in order to get Bluetooth working. I used ivyra1n to 'jailbreak' bios unlock the x230 in order to bypass the wifi card whitelist, but in the end I will be using coreboot because I want to OC using XMP and XTU does not work for me on the 'jailbroken' bios to oc the iGPU.






    1. soldier_ph


      Yeah Thinkpads are great Laptops, have always been a fan of them. Also nice Main Tower you got there. You said you've got AirPods Pros, so which iPhone do you have ?

    2. themctipers


      6s+, runs fine on iOS 10.3.3. I am tempted to get a 12 pro max plus ultra 5g super xtreem ROG but.. no 120hz = no buy, and LTPO is next year.. 


      My first thinkpad was the t480 and it had 4 motherboard failures in 2 years, and yeah one of them was it crapped out on me a month after warranty expired.

  7. This is the current song that represents the mood of the past year (2019-2020)

  8. I might've picked up my caffeine addiction again hmmm

  9. Red dead redemption 2 on PC looks absolutely fantastic, even when I'm playing at lowest settings at 4k it beats out metro exodus at lowest


    but it gets even better because it supports async .. higher averages

    AND it gets even better because there's a lot of options that don't impact frame rates much and makes it so much prettier:

    AF to 16x

    Texture quality to ultra

    reflections and mirror quality to high

    medium volumetric fog (far), ultra (close)

    Particles, tesslearion, fur quality, far shadow quality all high


    averaging about 58fps, range is 50-60fps on a badly oc'd VII, which is just a worse 1080ti/2080 or a slightly better 5700XT


    There's not much CPU usage on my 3600, mostly all GPU. 

    1. PonyBoyZ_


      Impressive since this is a game engine from a tennis game released in 2006

  10. i haven't watched the movie or anime but I very much enjoy this song :) 

  11. my iPhone 6s is starting to feel a bit slow, probably because I haven't done a full format in two years and also because I always run low power mode. I turned it off for a couple of days and it really sped up EVERYTHING to "brand new" feeling. 

    I guess discord and safari is now too demanding to run at a locked 60fps with everything loading almost instantly on a 1.3ghz dual core ARM cpu from 2015 lol

  12. What die do you have? Download thaiphoon burner and check Edit: google everything tbh when it comes to memory overclocking. I'm having fun with mine right now and there's a lot of goodies / tricks that isn't all on one website, but rather scattered across the internet buildzoid is a great resource though the first thing I recommend is finding your maximum fCLK (infinity fabric) overclock as well as your maximum CPU undervolt (let PBO do the overclocking, that's what I heard was the best/easy method) run XMP and do a memtest for a hour or two, if it's stable at that fCLK with both a memory stress test (XMP default) and a prime95 AVX test then start tinkering with ram (you want to stress memory and CPU because infinity fabric does two things: CCX to CCX communication and CCX to memory communication) assuming you have a good ram kit, see if you can match it up 1:1 fCLK and mCLK (memory speed, remember it's /2 because DDR. eg, DDR4 3200 is actually running at 1600MHz) it's not worth desync for fCLK and mCLK if the difference is <133MHz , but it's worth it if it's over (eg, running DDR4 3200 with a 1833 fCLK is worth it, but running DDR4 3600 with a 1800 fCLK is better than running 3600 and 1833) maximum safe voltage for ddr4 is 1.45v. Bump your ram to 1,45v for the remainder of the overclock to figure out what's the fastest/tightest configuration I'd start off with running ryzen memory calculator and using those numbers as a beginning start, then tightening up the values. Only enter in the primaries (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS) and then stress for a bit then lower the numbers down. Once you've lowered CAS, tRCD, tRP and tRAS down to as low as it'll go while being stable, try tweaking with tRC minimum tRC value = tRP + tRAS Once stable, put in the tertiary timings from the ryzen calculator i have no idea what to do at this point as I'm starting this point right now.. memory overclocking will take you a good while though. I recommend 8hrs stress test as the ambient temperature of the ram itself will affect stability
  13. my 3770k lived it's life almost always overclocked for me so I have no idea how it would do under stock, but it never dipped below my overclock (4.4GHz, never anything less) my laptops would always drop under base clock though to save power though, even on AC (core 2 duo t7600, i5 540m, i5 2410m, i5 8350u)
  14. 1.5v at stock under idle to get high boost but stock load is like 1.35v or less high voltages at idle is apparently fine for zen2 because it doesn't draw much amps, but once it gets to a high load then it'll drop the voltage down because more amps something something 7nm is very small, very delicate is what I remember from reddit lol
  15. it lowers it's clockspeed to save power, same thing happens on my 3600 and my 8350u laptop use ryzen master to see which cores are parked/deep sleep
  16. 4k optimized only RAM isn't much of a boost in 3dmark or superposition since those are GPU tests but it helps a lot on ryzen for some reason, on intel something something not infinity fabric and on ryzen something something everything is related to infinity fabric which runs at ramspeed tbh mine is decoupled, 1600 mCLK and 1833 fCLK https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/39175511? another issue I guess is that my 3600 doesn't boost properly, and it's really badly binned. 1.375v ish stock (-20mV) for 39.5x - 40.5x.. 1.325v is maximum 'safe' voltage edit: my stock XMP is 3000MHz C16
  17. mine was done at i think XMP memory my 3600 seems to be a shitty performer, but oh well, it's still 2-3x faster in games than my 3770k why the fuck is 1080p extreme harder to run than 4k?
  18. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/8132273 8 996 graphics score, the HBM OC helps me in games with the lows but not the averages that's with my everyday OC, I'll go run 3dmark and superposition 1080p extreme in a bit
  19. you need powertable mod there's one that allows you go +100MHz more on the memory (1300 total) but going any more requires to use the ones that force more voltage (as far as I know) I made one (just figured out which lines were different from the vanilla one, then changed the values to be larger) just so I can reach 1337GB/s bandwidth I don't run it very overclocked because if I wanted to do that, I need waterblock, I have a big voltage wall at ~1900MHz I run 1070mV / 1880MHz core, and 1000MHz mem (I heard that HBM doesn't like being overclocked, I don't game much anyways and I want this card to last as looooooooooong as possible)
  20. no, air, no repaste, no washer mod. my card is really shit binned and really shitty at clocking high, but that doesn't mean i can't shove 1200mV vcore, 100% fanspeed and 1950MHz to get a high score at 110c tjunction. my regular scores are ~8000-8100, stock should be about ~79000 my normal is 1070mV for 1880MHz.
  21. custom powermod (+100% power limit, +>300MHz HBM OC) 1337GB/s memory bandwidth btw
  22. some acer 1080p display from ~2008, it's surprisingly very good still (compared to my laptop displays) some asus WUXGA display from ~2006-2007, it's a bit dim now but it's been used everyday some asus 1080p display from ~2011-2012, I used to use this as my main but gave it to my dad my main display is close, it's a 4k display released in 2014/2015 but I bought it in 2016, it's very good and still A+ tier just because of it's insane contrast / blacks (5000:1 NOT DYNAMIC), alongside being a 4k display