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  1. i haven't watched the movie or anime but I very much enjoy this song :) 

  2. my iPhone 6s is starting to feel a bit slow, probably because I haven't done a full format in two years and also because I always run low power mode. I turned it off for a couple of days and it really sped up EVERYTHING to "brand new" feeling. 

    I guess discord and safari is now too demanding to run at a locked 60fps with everything loading almost instantly on a 1.3ghz dual core ARM cpu from 2015 lol

  3. What die do you have? Download thaiphoon burner and check Edit: google everything tbh when it comes to memory overclocking. I'm having fun with mine right now and there's a lot of goodies / tricks that isn't all on one website, but rather scattered across the internet buildzoid is a great resource though the first thing I recommend is finding your maximum fCLK (infinity fabric) overclock as well as your maximum CPU undervolt (let PBO do the overclocking, that's what I heard was the best/easy method) run XMP and do a memtest for a hour or two, if it's stable at that fCLK with both a memory stress test (XMP default) and a prime95 AVX test then start tinkering with ram (you want to stress memory and CPU because infinity fabric does two things: CCX to CCX communication and CCX to memory communication) assuming you have a good ram kit, see if you can match it up 1:1 fCLK and mCLK (memory speed, remember it's /2 because DDR. eg, DDR4 3200 is actually running at 1600MHz) it's not worth desync for fCLK and mCLK if the difference is <133MHz , but it's worth it if it's over (eg, running DDR4 3200 with a 1833 fCLK is worth it, but running DDR4 3600 with a 1800 fCLK is better than running 3600 and 1833) maximum safe voltage for ddr4 is 1.45v. Bump your ram to 1,45v for the remainder of the overclock to figure out what's the fastest/tightest configuration I'd start off with running ryzen memory calculator and using those numbers as a beginning start, then tightening up the values. Only enter in the primaries (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS) and then stress for a bit then lower the numbers down. Once you've lowered CAS, tRCD, tRP and tRAS down to as low as it'll go while being stable, try tweaking with tRC minimum tRC value = tRP + tRAS Once stable, put in the tertiary timings from the ryzen calculator i have no idea what to do at this point as I'm starting this point right now.. memory overclocking will take you a good while though. I recommend 8hrs stress test as the ambient temperature of the ram itself will affect stability
  4. my 3770k lived it's life almost always overclocked for me so I have no idea how it would do under stock, but it never dipped below my overclock (4.4GHz, never anything less) my laptops would always drop under base clock though to save power though, even on AC (core 2 duo t7600, i5 540m, i5 2410m, i5 8350u)
  5. 1.5v at stock under idle to get high boost but stock load is like 1.35v or less high voltages at idle is apparently fine for zen2 because it doesn't draw much amps, but once it gets to a high load then it'll drop the voltage down because more amps something something 7nm is very small, very delicate is what I remember from reddit lol
  6. it lowers it's clockspeed to save power, same thing happens on my 3600 and my 8350u laptop use ryzen master to see which cores are parked/deep sleep
  7. 4k optimized only RAM isn't much of a boost in 3dmark or superposition since those are GPU tests but it helps a lot on ryzen for some reason, on intel something something not infinity fabric and on ryzen something something everything is related to infinity fabric which runs at ramspeed tbh mine is decoupled, 1600 mCLK and 1833 fCLK https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/39175511? another issue I guess is that my 3600 doesn't boost properly, and it's really badly binned. 1.375v ish stock (-20mV) for 39.5x - 40.5x.. 1.325v is maximum 'safe' voltage edit: my stock XMP is 3000MHz C16
  8. mine was done at i think XMP memory my 3600 seems to be a shitty performer, but oh well, it's still 2-3x faster in games than my 3770k why the fuck is 1080p extreme harder to run than 4k?
  9. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/8132273 8 996 graphics score, the HBM OC helps me in games with the lows but not the averages that's with my everyday OC, I'll go run 3dmark and superposition 1080p extreme in a bit
  10. you need powertable mod there's one that allows you go +100MHz more on the memory (1300 total) but going any more requires to use the ones that force more voltage (as far as I know) I made one (just figured out which lines were different from the vanilla one, then changed the values to be larger) just so I can reach 1337GB/s bandwidth I don't run it very overclocked because if I wanted to do that, I need waterblock, I have a big voltage wall at ~1900MHz I run 1070mV / 1880MHz core, and 1000MHz mem (I heard that HBM doesn't like being overclocked, I don't game much anyways and I want this card to last as looooooooooong as possible)
  11. no, air, no repaste, no washer mod. my card is really shit binned and really shitty at clocking high, but that doesn't mean i can't shove 1200mV vcore, 100% fanspeed and 1950MHz to get a high score at 110c tjunction. my regular scores are ~8000-8100, stock should be about ~79000 my normal is 1070mV for 1880MHz.
  12. custom powermod (+100% power limit, +>300MHz HBM OC) 1337GB/s memory bandwidth btw
  13. some acer 1080p display from ~2008, it's surprisingly very good still (compared to my laptop displays) some asus WUXGA display from ~2006-2007, it's a bit dim now but it's been used everyday some asus 1080p display from ~2011-2012, I used to use this as my main but gave it to my dad my main display is close, it's a 4k display released in 2014/2015 but I bought it in 2016, it's very good and still A+ tier just because of it's insane contrast / blacks (5000:1 NOT DYNAMIC), alongside being a 4k display
  14. ios 12.4 latest signed jailbreak n O W




    really tempted to go 10.3.3 -> 12.4 on a9.. 

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    2. themctipers
    3. DrMacintosh


      A lot of apps already require iOS 12 to work properly. 

    4. themctipers


      all I need is safari, youtube ( a old version) and discord


  15. 0 issues. I run a 3600 (PBO disabled) with a VII and it's fine for all of my games. even my 3770k was somewhat alright if you maxed out the game graphics and resolution and didn't touch CPU post processing , and the 3770k is about a 2200g/2400g
  16. aren't most of the gains in the 0.1 and 1% lows? alongside multi core in CB because that's what IF runs at either way I was leaning towards just 3000 over 3600
  17. if I can get something that is better for slightly more then it's worth it to me, but this is a whole 60$ for primarily lows at hundreds of FPS.. I'm going to be gaming at 4k 60hz I'll check with some other people about tightening down some RAM timings to see if 3000/16 can go down to 3000/15, assuming it's some random die and not micron e
  18. to me nothing really makes sense for price/perf because I am looking at the higher end stuff anyways because I want to be able to go there later on. It makes a lot more sense if I went for the 100$ K4 and then probably 2x8 3600/19 I want to have the max price/perf, but the thing is that when you have pretty much no set budget, and you want to be able to drop in a higher end CPU/RAM, it doesn't make sense now but it'll make sense later maybe.. I really don't want to lock myself to a 3600 / 3700x max alongside 32GB max just to save ~100$ on the motherboard side and ~80$ on the RAM side because it's not as economical to get a whole new platform when I need more CPU Isn't 3600/19 slightly slower than 3000/16? I know infinity fabric is tied to the ramspeed, but with zen2 I could just independently overclock that and on both sides I can tighten down the RAM a bit, but wouldn't I get lower latency with 3000/15 over 3600/18?
  19. it'll look worse (lower quality) but you'll have more screen space keep it at native if you want text to look good
  20. Minecraft servers in the background, chrome, sometimes Minecraft + a actual game, I really don't have much needs as I say but my 3770k struggles to even hit 60fps and I've been gaming on my laptop I'm going to get 32gb regardless, I don't want to be ram limited ever again 4900x in the future when the 3600 is as old as my 3770k and i need a better cpu. minecraft is what im doing right now but it isn't what ill be doing forever the whole point of AM4 for me is to be able to upgrade higher in the future when I need it, to be able to get 64GB when I need it and to get a 12/16c when I need it, just because my requirements are basically a i3 8350k doesn't mean that I want to be stuck on Z270 and locked to ~9900k tier
  21. 3600 is 60$ more over 3000 and it's c19 over my c16, I'm more concerned about even being able to hit 3000 because dual channel dual rank high capacity sticks are in use. afaik this makes it more difficult to clock higher and higher
  22. I've been planning a whole platform upgrade for a while now and I think I've finalized the components, but I just want to do a quick check to make sure that what I'm buying actually makes sense with more people than just the immediate tech discords I am apart of PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $259.50 @ shopRBC Motherboard Asus PRIME X570-P ATX AM4 Motherboard $219.00 @ Canada Computers Memory G.Skill Aegis 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory $159.99 @ Newegg Canada Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total $638.49 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-08-04 18:50 EDT-0400 I don't really have a set budget, I just want to get something that makes sense right now and also will make sense in the future. I only need a new motherboard, CPU and RAM; I already have peripherals, monitor, GPU, case, etc. I only want to buy from these vendors in Canada: CPU - I chose this because it's the most price/performance CPU that makes sense for me. I plan on pretty much only playing Minecraft, a game that doesn't utilize more than a core at once. I don't video render, I don't video edit, I pretty much only play Minecraft and some other older AAA games (Witcher 3, Hitman 2, GTA V, Cities Skylines, Metro 2033) on the side sometimes. I'll be using the stock cooler that comes with it because my current cooler doesn't support AM4. Motherboard - I chose this because of VRM quality concerns when I want to upgrade in the future, and because this has a higher chance of supporting Zen2+. Right now I want to use a 3600, but in the future if I want to upgrade, I want to be able to slot in a 4900x or a 4950x. I could probably go for a Asrock B450 K4 (100$) and that'll do my 3600 just fine, but apparently VRMs on budget motherboards are bad, and won't do well with a upgrade. I could also go for a tomahawk (150$) and that'll be fine for a 3800x, but that only has a 128Mb BIOS, the max revisions don't exist in Canada yet. I can step up again to the X470 Prime Pro for 200$ and it has 256Mb BIOS but I might as well step all the way up for a X570 for only 50$ more. I need to update the BIOS anyways to support Zen2 which is either waiting a week for the bootkit from AMD, or paying CC 25$ to update it for me. RAM - Cheapest 2x16 that is faster than 2133/2400. I have some concerns with running 2x16 because dual rank dual channel high capacity high speed on ryzen but oh well. I really want to be able to go for 64GB in the future. 32GB now is a requirement. I'm just mainly concerned with my motherboard choice and if it is sane. It feels very weird buying a 250$ motherboard with a 300$ CPU but I don't want to be locked into my 3600 choice in the future when I want to do a CPU upgrade again in the future like my 3770k.
  23. is minecraft actually being more popular in general or is it just becoming popular again with the type of people to watch pewdiepie / reddit?

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    2. manikyath


      its still popular, its just more in the viewer again because of said people.


      would be my guess...

    3. themctipers


      the minecraft youtubers that I've used to watch have all died aside from dw20 and ethoslab, but hermitcraft people are still going strong as far as I know

      in general I don't watch / didn't see gaming videos anymore and I thought 'they died' until I found gaming again and it's still going strong

    4. Jtalk4456


      jacksepticeye ATTEMPTING to play MC is hilarious