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  1. Hello, recently I have been getting buzzing sounds for a secs and even bsod with that buzzing sound. In event viewer I saw that it was a kernel power id 41. I thought that my hdd was bad, because I was getting the bsods even when not doing much, even when the windows just had started up. I bought an ssd, today installed the windows on it, everything seemed alright till I again heard that buzzing sound for a second while gaming. So it's something else, I googled the event and saw that people tell that it might be psu that is bad. I also recently upgraded my pc, new mobo, new cpu, new ram. The new parts are ryzen3 1200, corsair vengance 8gb 3000mhz and asrock b450m. The psu is lepa mx-f1 500w.
  2. Hello, today I wanted to check my hdd, so I ran chkdisk. After 9 hours it was still stuck with default windows startup screen(loading). I decided to force power off and start it, canceled the check and waited for windows to start and then bsod... NTFS File System was the error. Any suggestions?
  3. Yeah, but this whole time it was able to...??
  4. Hello. Just yesterday I faced a problem(pc freeze) and thought mby it was just a one time thing, but today, after like 15mins of using pc, it started to freeze again... I opened task manager and saw that my hdd was running at 100% almost all the time, and there were just these random events that were using it(screenshots). BTW the hdd is pretty new, only a year, I think. I thought if this forum helped me with previous problems, it should help with this one aswell, so here I am.
  5. Hello! Today I installed my new pc parts(new mb; cpu; ram) and after booting it loads windows and then blue screen comes up with an aoddriver2 error. Any help?
  6. Okey @SpookyCitrus, thank you for your assistance, you helped me a lot.
  7. Thank you @SpookyCitrus! So 2400Mhz will be ok with the ryzen?
  8. In the shop I provided earlier(my country's shop) the ASROCK B450M-HDV is for 55€, the GIGABYTE B450M S2H is for 57€ GIGABYTE B450M DS3H(the one you provided) is for 68€ So would I be good with the asrock, or I should rather get the DS3H for 68€?
  9. So with the CPU and MB from amazon its already 139 euro with the delivery. These £ are british pounds btw. € is euro.
  10. My budget is like 160 euro and this list is 162 euro, so I guess I can't get better parts than these. I live in Latvia btw. (If it's okey for you - https://www.1a.lv/datoru_komponentes_tikla_produkti this is the shop. Maybe you can create a cart with the parts you think are better in this shop.)
  11. So what do you guys say about the Same Ryzen 3 1200 Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 4GB 2666MHz (2 sticks) Gigabyte B450M S2H This seems better, right?
  12. How about ASROCK B450M-HDV or Gigabyte B450M S2H?
  13. Hello! So I have a pretty old pc and when I'm playing FiveM, my processor can't handle the server resources, it runs at 100% almost all the time, so I wanted to upgrade my pc a little bit(not willing to spend much $). GPU I guess is pretty ok for me - MSi GTX 750Ti/OC 2GB. So I just ordered: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 (Old one : AMD Athlon X4 860K) Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 2400MHz (1 stick) MSI A320M PRO-E and I started wondering about the ram... I got 1x8gb and I was thinking if it would make ANY problems with the pc - like lower fps than if I had 2x4.
  14. Thank you guys for the assistance, after like 5h of pc usage - no freezes.
  15. I fixed the fans, front is now taking air in, back is taking air out. I'll now check if I still get freezes.