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  1. It only ghz and core count matters the performances of any cpu
  2. So Tcase temperature is a different reading and not shown in HWmonitor?
  3. Just wondering how CPU overheating works. According to what I know, there are thermal throttling and Tcase Temperature, one is for slowing down the CPU when it reached 100C while the latter is about "temperature allowed at the processor Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS)". For my i7 4790K, thermal throttling occurs at 100C and the Tcase is stated 74.04C from intel website. What will be called if this CPU is overheating? at 100C or 74.04C? What exactly is Tcase?
  4. Taiwanese brand usually sold in Asian region. Just like I can't find EVGA around here.
  5. I recently got 4790k and was trying out with the stock cooler. Any kind of heavy load will easily hit 80+ and eventually 100℃. Now I have got tx3 evo, though not the best choice due to my small elite 342 casing, but still managed to bring the max temp I have seen to 80 ℃. But one question to ask, is the 100℃ the max possible for the sensor that even it goes beyond 100℃ the reading will be capped at 100℃?
  6. In the Geforce Experience program which seems to support LED visualiser. However, I tried some adjustments, even just on or off, have no actual effect, the LED it has just on all the way. Anyone has this card and have this issue?
  7. Thanks for the quick response people. Nice forum here. I usually just Google around for answers but this question kind of too confusing for Google lol.
  8. I planning to upgrade my gtx 550ti to gtx 970. My current gpu driver is the latest already and I have no issues running it. It is still necessary to uninstall it before changing the gpu?