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  1. I am trying to make my boot drive which is a SATA SSD to use USB via a SATA USB adapter as I am running out of SATA ports for other storage drives.


    Now, Windows 10 Pro refuses to boot into login screen, it keeps rebooting at load screen and go into recovery mode. Only safe mode works now.


    Is this set up even possible for Windows 10 Pro? Will reintalling Windows work? I read somewhere Windows will not boot from a movable drive, is SATA SSD over USB SCSI considered removable?



    Re-installing Windows works.

  2. I have Asus router and the WiFi is working fine till recently. My android phone is still able to connect to it and surf the net but my desktop WiFi can't have the internet access.

    This is the weird part, it may not be my desktop side. When I switch on my phone hotspot for it to connect, its working fine. And if my desktop is switched off like for hours and on it back, the WiFi is working fine to the router again but after sometime the problem came back. Restarting the router/com does not help.

    Anyone knows the cause of the issue?

  3. There is an app called Bitlocker to go which is a read only, there is a catch though, its works only on the 3 common FAT filesystems.

    Thanks for the reply. After I did a read up on this, I saw this quote below the page of Microsoft's article on Bitlocker to Go.

    If you’re running Windows 7 and want to encrypt drives in BitLocker, you must have the Windows 7 Enterprise edition or Windows 7 Ultimate edition. However, you can open and modify encrypted drives in any edition of Windows 7.


    So this means other editions will have no problem to decrypt it?

  4. I am now encrypting a portable drive on my Windows 10 pro Pc. It's taking freaking long time. Just wondering if I can plug this drive to other PC which is Windows 7/10 home edition and is able to unlock it? If it can't unlock it, any other possible ways to unlock it on home editions?

  5.  This is a sine that you don't maintain your system. Your system needs maintenance. If you have a HDD as your system drive, DL and use CCleaner and run it making sure to shut down your system after each CCleaner use, do this a few times, then see if you can do the update.

    Wow its a clean install and I am cautious for Windows 10 for now when installing programs. I only get in MPC HC and steam. I dun think its badly maintained. And maintenance issue should bring out problems when installing(like those reboot loops) but this seems to be a download issue.



    0x8020002B -2145386453 BG_E_INVALID_RANGE The requested byte range extends beyond the end of the web page. Use byte ranges that are wholly within the page.​

    Sauce: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/15260.windows-update-agent-error-codes.aspx


    Either there is an actual problem in the WUA or on the page that WUA is connecting to or you have malicious software in the play. Do you have the P2P updates on or off? I'm kinda expecting that to hit us in the face sooner or later...

    I tried both P2P on and off didnt work.

  6. Its the second cumulative update release today and I got the 0x8020002b error when downloading it. The first release KB3081424, I got the same problem but I installed the update manually, now I got the problem again. I afraid that I will need to keep manually installing all the future updates, Lol this might seem good for those of you who want to disable win10 auto updates

  7. I am not sure this is a issue or feature for Windows 10 or even Windows 8, because I upgraded from Windows 7. Lets say you open "This Pc'(My computer in Win7) without maximising then close it and open again, in Windows 7 the window should appear at the same position where it previously closed but in Windows 10 the next opening position seems to jump around at random. This seems only to happen for 2 Windows programs I found out so far: Windows Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Is this a bug? or there is settings Idk how I messed with but I am sure is not as straight forward as like MPC HC which it clearly has a check box for remembering last window position.


    Any one encounters this issue too?

  8. I think this has many answers somewhere but I just want to affirm it in LTT community.

    Let's say I have i7 4790K and running a game. Since most of the games are 2 threaded these days, as I can see they only uses up to 25% of the CPU usage in task manager.

    From somewhere I read HT cores only has up to 20+% power of physical cores, so if a 2 threaded application uses a physical and a HT cores, will this be slower? Does disabling hyperthreading to ensure they all use physical cores be faster? I am using Windows 7 and GTX 970 btw.

  9. I checked on the website but there seem to be many different drivers I can download. Is there a driver bundle/package?

    For msi motherboard, go to the utility download tab, get live update 6, it will download all the needed drivers for you. You may need many restarts to get the drivers installed properly, then go GeForce site and get the drivers for Ur gpu

  10. Is it possible to set up a raid 0 configuration for 2 identical usb 3 hard drives, how is it done? I am running out of space for my seagate 1TB expansion drive and probably getting one more, and curious of setting up a raid 0 configuration for this, and if I get 2TB, is raid still possible with different sizes?

  11. Seems just happened around today that firefox users has being forcefully switched to HTML5 for youtube.
    This is bad because only 360p and 720p resolutions are available, and HTML5 videos looked dimmer.


    and the download flaw:

    Just a hint to not to be so obvious. But I really pissed off of HTML5 forceful implementation without considering that the video window is 480p while current format only 360p and 720p. With still the same old audio level problem even using flash player that certain videos especially music videos have their audio level permanently lowered.

    1.Click the supply identity info at the left of the URL(usually the grey ! with triangle or a lock or a globe).
    2.Click more information...
    3.Select media tab
    3.Find the address with the type video.
    4.You all figure out the rest