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    i7 6700
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    MSI H110i Pro AC
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    Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4 2133
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    Logitech G402
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    HyperX Cloud II + Logitech Z333 speakers
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  1. Looking For A New Game - Help Please

  2. Overwatch on 5400rpm HDD, how is it?

    You do the opposite of what I do. I put multi-player games on my SSDs and single player games on my HDDs. Single player games are much larger so I'm not sure why you put them on your SSD, even if it's too alleviate loading times. Seems like this is an easy fix. Move FF15 to your HDD
  3. Playing game and using PC at same time

    Best thing to do is to build a second, cheap, small form factor PC and switch you monitor inputs when you're playing on the tv
  4. I rarely play ranked in other of them, but just in league was gold, and highest in OW was Plat. Doesn't help that I usually play towards the end of the season and don't have enough time to climb
  5. Would it really matter?

    Yes. You could get 10 - 25 % increased performance
  6. Yes to all of those. And mine has no overclock atm, so sitting at 1338 MHz. Most 580s comes with 1340 MHz or higher.
  7. Upgrade to Sapphire vega 56 nitro+ ?

    Not sure she they did that considering the card didn't need much power. They have a Vega 64 model with only 2 8 pin connectors. I've seen some people say you only need to connect 2 of them for the card to work, but if still make sure you're PSU can do 3 8 pins.
  8. No. Even if you don't hit 144 fps in all your games, you'll still get a better experience in the ones you get more than 60 fps.
  9. I have the same CPU and I was getting 80 - 100 fps in the beta with settings on high (you want to use high settings because ultra settings decrease performance by an exponential amount that isn't worth the increase in visual fidelity; frostbite is a beautiful engine anyway). Getting 144 fps in not as important in battlefield games compared to overwatch and CSGO. If you can stay in the range I was getting, you'll be able to react to everything. 144 fps is important to me when I play overwatch, but it doesn't affect me when I play bf5 or bfbc2. I'll post screenshots of how the game looks on high when I get home. YouTube videos don't do the game justice
  10. Upgrade to Sapphire vega 56 nitro+ ?

    If you can return and get your money back, I'd do it. Sapphire makes great cards
  11. That's because it doesn't. He's talking out of his ass https://www.freepress.net/news/press-releases/its-working-free-press-documents-historic-levels-investment-and-innovation-fccs
  12. Nothing so far that I know of, but obviously, they're not gonna do anything immediately, especially not when Ajit Pai is being investigated for lying about being DDOS'ed and other ridiculous things he's said, and the upcoming mid term elections that might flip congress (told you it's impossible to discuss this while excluding politics)
  13. That second comment wasn't political. Also, it's impossible to discuss this without being political. Proponents have facts and evidence, while opponents are just repeating talking points from conservative pundits.
  14. They got govt subsidies to build that infrastructure, so essentially, tax payers paid for them. Publicized cost, privatized profits. Nice self defeating comment. How would competition come about if they only have access to the infrastucture? Why does an ISP need to be able to block access to sites and apps to be able to bring you the best price? You really don't know what reclassification to title 2 was about. You've been projecting that everyone else is fear-mongering, when all you've done is regurgitate talking points from fear-mongering conservative sites.