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  1. My bad. I misremembered you as one of the anti NN guys. One the Facebook stuff, that is a false dichotomy. This is like a reverse "too big to fail" scenario, where Facebook's size is reason they're not allowed to choose how to run their business anymore. No matter what they are a private entity and can choose what their brand stands for. The people who don't like it can go start their own (the irony isn't lost on me that the people who are for capitalism with no govt regulations want the govt to tell the one company they don't like, how they can or can't run their business) . People don't get their news from Facebook. They get their news from news publications who are on Facebook. That's like saying people get their news from Comcast or any other cable provider and not the actual news stations. If Facebook closed up shop tomorrow, those people would still have other places to get their news. Fake news is fake news. I'm not sure where this "who determines what fake news is" nonsense came from. Especially when it pertains to Alex Jones. People need to stop acting like words don't have meaning anymore. If something is verifiable, it is true. If it isn't verifiable, it is either false or pending more investigation (and no, we don't need an investigation to know whether there is a child slave colony in Mars). It's also hilarious that people who think anyone to the left of them is a Marxist, communist, Islam loving, sjw libtard are using a platform owned by someone they consider to be all those things and getting mad that his company isn't catering to their lunacy. Still not sure what's stopping these people from starting their own platform.
  2. The same people who were against classifying the internet under title 2, even though it's essential for people's lives, are now saying Facebook shouldn't censor morons because "Facebook is an essential part of people's lives". You can't make this shit up.
  3. Lmfao @ "morality of censorship".
  4. Lmao, did you even read your own link? The supreme didn't give complete freedom to do anything you want in the mall, and the fact that the students were trying to express grievance against their government helped their case. Perpetrators of fake news do not fall under any of these things. Again, continue with your wishful thinking
  5. Borderlands 2 runs poorly

    CPU is the issue. I had issues with my i5. It's better when an i7, but it's still an issue in those areas.
  6. Lmao, no. The supreme court isn't going to do shit about this. Trump's case was special because he's the president and that's the platform he chooses to talk to citizens. The president works for the people, therefore he can't block people. Carry on with your wishful thinking though.
  7. Nope. You're just making shit up.
  8. A platform isn't under any obligation to do anything.
  9. FaceBook is a private entity. The can block whatever the f**k they want. How many of you are complaining about the lack of pro Hillary articles on Breitbart?
  10. Youtuber smearing lawsuit?

    The first and last video I ever watched from him was talking about the set up in his office and "the haters" who are jealous of his "cool stuff". Never went back after that.
  11. Can't turn off PhysX in Project CARS
  12. Good counter to Brigitte?

    Junkrat/pharah to burst down her shield. Swap off diving heroes. She needs to hit you to be effective, so kite her with heroes who are good playing from far away.
  13. Games for a 7 year old

    Lego games Scribblenauts games Get a Nintendo wiiu/switch (Kirby and Yoshi games are games geared towards children in terms of difficulty
  14. I moved from consoles to PC about 10 years ago. Transition was relatively smooth for me. One common mistake that people who switch make ( which I also did) is moving the movement keys from WASD to the arrow keys because the arrow keys feel familiar. Don't do that. Turn off vsync in your games. It causes screen tearing, but that's still better than input lag. Besides we have VRR monitors now to deal with that. Turn off mouse acceleration and use low DPI ( nothing more than 1600). Get a giant mouse pad. You want to be aiming with your elbow and not your wrist. Get a wrist rest for your keyboard. One thing that works for me, is rotating my keyboard to the right a bit, so it's angled. I can game for hours without my fingers hurting because of it. I highly recommend getting a 144 hz monitor. They're really cheap now and can be had for about $200. Don't cheap out on power supply. Ask the forum to help you with parts when you're ready to start picking parts.