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    Fractal Design, Phanteks, Silverstone and Nintendo fanboy


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    i7 6700
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    MSI H110i Pro AC
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    Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4 2133
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    XFX GTR RX 480
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    Fractal Design Define Mini C
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    Trascend SSD370 256GB + WD Black 320 GB + Sandisk Ultra II 480GB + WD Blue 1 TB
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    EVGA GS 550
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    Nixeus Vue24B FreeSync 144 Hz Monitor (VESA mounted)
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    Cryorig H7
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    Aorus K3
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    Logitech G402
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    HyperX Cloud II + Logitech Z333 speakers
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    Windows 10 Home 64 bit

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  1. You're new here. He's a fanboy who hates anything that makes AMD look good.
  2. Anyone got a Beefy System and Deus Ex MD ?

    Also, use dx11 since you have Nvidia cards
  3. I'm sorry, where exactly is the parallel here? What does this have to do with a possible future where there is no free speech?
  4. Hilarious. All these jimmies getting rustled because a private institution has rules. What's stopping you SJWs from creating your own safe space where you can be as racist and sexist as you want?
  5. Anyone got a Beefy System and Deus Ex MD ?

    You get exponential diminishing returns in MD past high settings. Also, use Temporal AA.
  6. Looking for a good 144hz 1080p monitor

  7. Looking for a good 144hz 1080p monitor

    Don't think you can get GSync monitors that cheap.
  8. Mass Effect games are better than both of those other franchises combined, including the bad Mass Effect games. Good games take years to make. CoD and AC are basically copy paste games of previous ones in their respective franchises and it shows. Either you get more of the same, or you get buggy releases.
  9. Recommended RTS games for someone new to genre?

    Being a Nintendo fanboy, I also recommend the fire emblem and Pikmin series
  10. Monster Hunter: World Alternatives?

    Xenoblade Chronicles x on wiiu
  11. What went wrong with Destiny 2?

    Come to the light. Come play Warframe
  12. Guns don't kill people. mentally ill people kill people. And apparently all the mentally ill people in the world are only found on the United States. - ammosexuals. Also, implying that video games make people violent cuts across both sides of the aisle.
  13. Is this a serious question? I really hope you're trolling
  14. Yea, this story sounds way too stupid to be true. This is coming out of Russia govt approved media so I'd take it with a grain of salt.