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  1. Hello, I am looking to build a new setup to play AAA games (3440x1440 @144hz, ultra settings, rtx off) and I would like to ask you if you think that I should wait for the next generation of GPUs or if I should buy the RTX 2080 Super right now. I have not bought the gpu yet because I have read that it has the worst value out of the new super GPU lineup. Is the 2080 Super that bad of value for money considering I would use it for high end gaming? Should I wait for the next generation of GPUs? Thank you very much for your opinions and suggestions. Merry Christmas to all.
  2. It actually is the MAX version, so i dont need to worry about bios?
  3. Yes I am currently in the process of building the PC, I already own the components.
  4. Hello. I am building a new PC and I have heard that there needs to some kind of a BIOS update done when combining new generation of ryzen cpus with MSI B450 Tomahawk. I am using Ryzen 5 3600 + MSI B450 Tomahawk. Do I need to do any bios updates before putting the cpu into the motherboard socket or can I start building the PC straight away? Thank you very much for replying.
  5. MrSushi

    New GPU

    I am looking to play games such as Metro: Exodus, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Rainbow six siege but i would also like it to be future proof for upcoming games like Cyberpunk, Elder Scrolls VI... I dont mind turning some settings down.
  6. MrSushi

    New GPU

    Hello. I would like to ask for an advice. I would like to purchase a 3440x1440 120Hz monitor for gaming. I am planning to purchase RTX 2080Ti along side of it. This is my current build. Is this build going to casue a bottleneck for RTX 2080Ti? Also do you think the RTX 2080 would be a better purchase instead of RTX2080Ti? Thank you for advice.
  7. Hello. I have bought a new pc when gtx900 cards have been released and i have also bought myself a 3440x1440 screen. I found that i cant play most of the games at 60FPS without significantly lowering the settings. Is upgrading to GTX 1080Ti going to be enough or do i need to upgrade any other parts? This is my current build: CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K @4,0 GHzGPU: 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (2-Way SLI)RAM: 16GB, DDR3, 1866MHz, CL9 Kingston SavageMotherboard: ASUS MAXIMUS VII HeroCPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U14SSSD: A-Data Premiere Pro SP900 256GBHDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TBCase: NZXT H440PSU: EVGA Supernova 750W Thank you for any suggestions.
  8. can swapping the cars help? i mean the bottom one for the lower one and vice versa
  9. i plugged into the card thats in the first pcie slot
  10. yes i did. only dvi worked properly
  11. Hello. i have a problem that when i plug my monitor via displayport or hdmi it says that there is nothing plugged in. when i connect my second monitor via dvi it works perfectly but the displayport doesnt work on the other monitor either. any ideas how to fix this problem? thank you for any suggestions. edit: i have gtx 970 sli, can swapping the gpu positions help?
  12. 1080 i need 100hz and i have only hdmi available
  13. Hello, can i run 100hz via HDMI? what frequency can i run via HDMI? I do not know which version of hdmi it is tho. thank you for replying.
  14. Hello. I have lost an AC adapter of my lenovo Flex 2 Pro-15 and i dont know how much W the new AC adapter should have. Its not written on the laptop. Can you help me somehow? Where can i look up this information? Thank you very much for replying.
  15. MrSushi

    4K Display

    Hello. I am looking for a 4K 5ms display for work, games and movies. I need it to be VESA compatible since i want to put it on the wall. Can you please suggest me any display? The budget is 300 - 350€. Thank you very much for any suggestions.
  16. Hello, I need pywin32 module for my python program, but i cant figure out how to install it since whenever i try to it doesnt find python 2.7 in the registry even tho i can install other modules without any problem. Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this problem or how to install pywin32? Thank you very much for replying.
  17. i need wifi, i care about cable management
  18. Hello, I am planning to buy a new PC for gaming. Can you please suggest me some build without peripherals and monitor? This is only the build itself. I do not care about the look of the build. What i expect from newest single player games: - 1920x1080 - ultra textures and settings - 60 FPS Budget: 1000€ Thank you very much for any suggestions and replies.
  19. thats what i have done and thats what doesnt work for me
  20. Hello. After typing the default gateway into the browser im not able to access my wifi router? is there any other way to do it? Thank you very much for replying.
  21. MrSushi

    Sound card problem

    i have just solved the problem by trying external sound card which works well so i will probably end up using that one. Sorry for wasting your time on my problem.