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  1. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    In some states (like Mississippi), the fact that they are on your property after you've asked them to leave makes them an attacker.
  2. RFID Tracking system using Raspberry PI

    Yes, it is. The most common application for such systems is, surprisingly, in model railroading. You might start your search by looking there.
  3. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    CQC is pretty much what bullpups were developed for. You get a full length barrel in a short package with a center of gravity closer to the shoulder. The tradeoff is worse recoil handling, which makes longer range shooting more difficult. Personally, I prefer rifles for home defense in all cases. They are extremely accurate even under duress, and can be had in calibers small enough to make collateral damage minimal, which is my primary concern. Additionally, they are more easily used for property defense (dispatching an attacker before they enter your home, which may or may not legal depending on your state) than other, shorter range, options like shotguns and handguns.
  4. How bad is Weed?

    Except for the terrible, terrible smell that vaping opiates, heroin, and amphetamines makes. You forget that the traditional way of "smoking" these things is actually a crude form of vaping, and as such an electronic vape would emit very nearly the same odors.
  5. How bad is Weed?

    In my personal experience marijuana was not addictive at all. In terms of respiratory health concerns it likely falls somewhere between pipe tobacco and cigarettes. In terms of mental health concerns, nobody really knows. And that's the biggest problem with marijuana. It was so illegal for so long that people are just now starting to talk about doing serious research into it's effects and considerations of use.
  6. There is a big difference between Grid computing and cluster computing. Grid computing is good when you have many small problems that need to be solved, independently of each other. Cluster computing is useful in both cases: Many small independent problems or one (or a few) big problems.
  7. No. Supercomputers (atleast the TOP 500) are all about who has the most money. They generally use 1 or 2 generation old server processors because they are more cost effective and have the problems worked out. They generally are built with the newest and best GPUs (if they are accelerated, all modern ones are). These GPUs are usually not available for sale at the time they are purchased for the machines. They use copious amounts of ECC RAM (we're talking terabyte(s) for every couple of processors), and they use very, very copious amounts of server hard drives.
  8. If they have a HAM license and are on non CB frequencies then there's a chance that the name is "a felon" depending on what they are saying.
  9. It's a mouse. Find out where it's coming from and put out some traps and/or DCON. If you have pets be careful with DCON.
  10. How to have a hint that a shy,nervous girl likes you?

    Firstly, I know you're only 13, so this is kind of like telling you that Santa isn't real, but yes, your heart can lie to you. In fact, it probably lies to you more often than it doesn't (that's the case for everyone). That being said, it doesn't always. Sometimes you actually like a person. However, this is not one of those times: The only thing you know about her is that she is actively avoiding you. You're most likely infatuated with chasing her, and not her herself. Girls, much like boys, talk to each other. Chances are her friends know exactly how she feels. My advice is to try to talk to her. Try a few times, make it obvious that you want to talk to her, but not that you want anything else (atleast until after she reciprocates). If she doesn't respond, then leave her alone.
  11. What song are you listening to right now.

    Because youtube done screwed up and the suggested videos aren't of the same genre.
  12. FBI Warns Users to Reboot Routers

    Well obviously. It was developed by No Such Agency. But the hard evidence is undeniable. New York Times alludes to the matter.
  13. Moderators on the forum

    I know I'm a month behind, but I would just like to say this: Thank you. After all the "How to become a mod" and "why am I not a mod yet" comments someone finally said it: You get to desirable positions in life by being approachable, good at your job, and having a good work ethic. In other words: So, in a very real way (atleast as real as can be had over the forum) thank you for finally saying it.
  14. FBI Warns Users to Reboot Routers

    The US releases information that says "An advanced nation, possibly Russia, made a virus" and we're expected to believe that? I guess we've forgotten about StuxNet or any of the EquationGroup (TAO) software...
  15. Need assistance picking a watch

    I know it's not on the list, but personally, I prefer the Timex Ironman Original. It's extremely accurate, easy to read and set, easy to access all features under pressure, and easily read in the dark. They are also very resilient. I have lost these watches in lakes, only to find them 6 months later when the lake was drained, still functioning just fine. For $60 USD, I don't think you could find a better watch. Here's a link to the specific watch I own: https://www.timex.com/ironman-original-30-shock-full-size-42mm-resin-strap-watch/IRONMAN-Original-30-Shock-Full-Size-42mm-Resin-Strap-Watch.html?dwvar_IRONMAN-Original-30-Shock-Full-Size-42mm-Resin-Strap-Watch_color=Black-Gray&cgid= Here's a link to a page of watches that are basically exactly the same: https://www.timex.com/search?q=shock&lang=en_US