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  1. In Australia, you can get prepaid and contract devices from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. However, if you get a phone on a contract or a prepaid (a phone that comes with a sim), the people at the telcos will open your device up for you and set it up all the way to the home screen. Is this normal in other countries? Because Ive seen youtubers unbox phones from carriers that are brand new.
  2. Can I get a kit for that. I will take youtube videos and some photos
  3. So I was looking at buying a camera for youtube and was looking at the D5200 because it has a flip out screen. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/nikon-d5200-dslr-camera-18-55mm-vr-ii-lens-kit/ IS the lens alright for youtube, or shoudl I buy the body and a seperate lens.
  4. I have the same card as you, how did you get that
  5. Yeah, he knows about the s340, I own one. ill see if I can convince him
  6. MY cousin wants to build a gaming PC and he quite likes the Guardian 921rb. Is it an alright case? I have seen some people use it and it seems like cable management isnt the best.
  7. My school sometimes uses it. They dont get the thing about Comic Sans
  8. @LinusTech When is episode 2 for Vessel Coming Out? IM pumped
  9. I actually remember when I was trying to hook it up to a computer last time using VGA worked. Maybe something with the display
  10. Yeah I did, still didnt seee anything. WIll look again
  11. Im not sure Its worth an extra $300 though
  12. Yeah. I looked in the display settings but nothing was there. If I set the resoloution to 1024x768 it would be fine, just it didnt fill up the screen and there is less pixels.
  13. I got a TV as my second monitor, it is a dick smith TV that is 21.5 inches and I have my main monior. an 24inch BenQ RL2455M. I set the DIck smith TV to 1920 by 1080, but then it over scales and I cant see the borders of the dusplay. I know this is due to my BenQ being bigger than the Tv, but how do I fix it?
  14. The upcoming games are going to be on DX12 which you need Windows 10 for so I would but for older games it would be fine
  15. Personally I would say the performance iicrease isnt worth $300, maybe most an extra 15- 20 fps in games. Unless you are editing then it would be worth it. If you want to improve your game performance get another 970 if your motherboard supports it
  16. Thats a good deal. I would say worth it
  17. Well as said above there is going to be the 5x5 boards so yes in general. Why would you need that size motherboard?
  18. Congratulations to the winners. IS the stand mounted with screw or adhesive. If it is adhesive I may buy it
  19. The better value is the Haswell system, however lookout for motherboards that support DDr3, then you wont have to spend as much