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  1. Yes but hes using a z97 mobo. Wouldnt matter with bios updates or anyhting
  2. The CPU and mobo are not worth upgrading, save your money. Give me your current specs and Ill see if they are worth upgrading to
  3. You will need to download it. I own an MSI mobo myself but it seems to not work
  4. I plan on buying a camera next year and was wondering is this a good bundle. I will be doing youtube videos.
  5. No, look up Seagate sshd speed test. It will be slower than an sad but faster than a hdd
  6. Maybe go with haswell, it will perform around the same but is alot cheaper. You can get a B85 Fatality for around $115 ish. Also with the cooler you can also get silent performance witht he Cooler Master Hyper 612 v2. dont forget the SSD, its a big help
  7. Great system but I would get a cheaper CPU+Mobo to get an SSD + better PSU. Also ditch the cooler for something cheaper. If you want I can piece together a list, im aussie too
  8. Its alright whatever looks like stuff thats not important ill get rid of
  9. I already reset the system I dont want to do it again
  10. I dont mind uninstalling it one by one but will it brick the system if i uninstall all of the Toshiba junk
  11. You will be able to use another slot. Preferably use the second PCIe 16x slot(this is where your second GPU would go if you were running sli
  12. I own a toshiba laptop and reset it. I was wondering can I get rid of all the apps by toshiba? Here is a picture
  13. Maybe mojority of gamers own 60hz panels. Or they didnt think it was worth it. 144Hz is more for FPS players
  14. Yes. When you install windows, you install it on the SSD. Then when you are setup go into disk manager and format the HDD. Then in steam and chrome you can set to download to SSD or HDD
  15. There are 8GB AMD cards, the 390 and 390X
  16. You will need to set steam, chrome etc to save in a certain place. For chrome you can choose where to download and for steam go into settings for your stuff to save to the HDD
  17. Ok. Is the t5i more expensive? Because the flip out screen would be a big help
  18. Ok. What alternative is there to the d3300. It needs to be $400 without lens
  19. I want to buy a nikon d3300 one day and want to know what to know which is the best lens for the Nikon D3300 for $150. I want to get that blurred background effect
  20. So Im looking at a DSLR for the future and was wondering if the NIkon D3200 is any good for youtube. Are there better options? Im not getting the kit lens I will buy my own. It is $400 AUD