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  1. Bye Bye GTX 960 and hello GTX 980
  2. @nicklmg Are videos on Youtube going to be uploaded 2 weeks after vessel. Because thats whats happeneing now. Or are you going to upload 2 videos a day?
  3. A 970 has a H.264 encoder so it might actually be better
  4. So on vessel new moving vlogs are out. Are you guys happy?
  5. Still I doubt $30 would hurt for oc support and better temps
  6. My dad is building a new PC and I need to migrate windows from his old computer. How do I do this. does Chronus imgae work?
  7. Buy the monitor first, then while you are waiting for other parts you can use that with your old laptop The 380 performs better than the 960, but if you like the Nvidia features and tdp get that you arent forgetting anything unless you need a keyboard + mice Only get a wrist strap if you are in a carpet environment or area wiht lots of static Probably dont need the thermal paste. I have no experiance with CX psus but people will say that you shouldn use them. Honeslty I dont know.
  8. Noice. If you don't use that much storage or are not going to now an SSD would be a better option
  9. I know. Show him this thread and show him how bad they are.
  10. Do a test boot Cable management as much as possible Install cooler and graphics card last (You will thanks me) And have fun. very good build there
  11. If they are just Mx blacks thats what I would expect
  12. Plug your display into the iGPU and when using cuda apps select the card to use cuda
  13. Nope. I looked it up and nothing came up. If you havent bought it yet I would recommend a refrence one
  14. PLEASE do something with those fan cables. Other than that good build