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  1. BluntestTech

    is there any mice similar to Mad Catz MMO 7 ?

    WoW addon for MMO 7 is simple drag and drop for abilities and spell, so no need to do macros. Dont worry idk what sensor the catz 7 use but knowing its an mmo mouse i dont think it will use top end sensor and the dark core sensor is more than enough for a slow pace game like mmo yeah sensor in MMO 7 isnt the best but it gets the job done, i use it pretty much just for games that i need more buttons for like MMOs, small hands problems. And yeah i wouldnt expect but honestly no "MMO" mouse offers features Mad Catz has offered/offers. Mad Catz is pretty much only manufactures i have seen do something like that WoW addon i mentioned and other manufactures usually just slap a numpad to a mouse and call it MMO mouse, again numpad mices arent good to use if you have small hands and button clusters are terrible to use, side scroll is amazing for spells/abilities you use often.
  2. BluntestTech

    is there any mice similar to Mad Catz MMO 7 ?

    that seems to be closest mouse. Kind of disappointing that thumb wheel is rare feature and with MX master i cant use a WoW addon to map abilities.
  3. BluntestTech

    is there any mice similar to Mad Catz MMO 7 ?

    they arent similar to MMO 7 and they are less mice and more numpads. Biggest similarity i am looking for is the side scroll / thumb scroll.
  4. is there any mice similar to Mad Catz MMO 7 ? preferably with linux support. On side note, is there any way to get MMO 7 working on linux ?
  5. Nokia 8810 4G ( not really a Nokia ) https://www.nokia.com/en_int/phones/nokia-8110-4g
  6. So i have been looking at these two kit ( i am looking at kits because its significantly cheaper to buy a kit than parts separately) Is there any reason to go with the EKWB when its more expensive ? only reason i have doubts about the Alphacool is that there arent many reviews of that Alphacool kits or Alphacool product in general and none of the major tech channel seem to use Alphacool parts. Also Alphacool kit is pretty much overkill for CPU cooling and takes more space and the CPU block doesnt look that good. Alphacool Eissturm Hurricane Copper 45, 360mm costs 315 euros EK-Waterblocks EK-KIT P240 costs 334,90 euros
  7. BluntestTech

    New Forum "Appliances"

    It could also be that there isnt much smart or non-smart appliances (mostly smart) discuss because people cant find proper place to post ? Its like if store keeps the milk at the sports equipment section and then wonder why there isnt demand for milk.
  8. BluntestTech

    New Forum "Appliances"

    I meant pretty much adding that as pretty much to anywhere Great Beings created this world we know as LTT. Also came back so soon because thought that tabletop/pen and paper RPG section could also be something ( Video Games could be changed to Games and tabletop/pen and paper RPG could be added to that) this would also seems like reasonable idea because if i remember correctly some of the LTT crew actually played D&D atleast ( Luke atleast if i remember correctly )
  9. BluntestTech

    New Forum "Appliances"

    It would be nice if there were a appliances section. It would make sense because there are more and more "smart" appliances like robot vacuums, smart ovens, smart microwaves etc... Not sure if this belongs to suggestions but it is a suggestion related to forum and i havent seen section where appliances could be categorized.
  10. this has probably cooled down so decided to add my crap to this. Are Dyson vacuums actually some how special or good ? i have never heard outside of ads anyone say a good thing about them. Also that vacuum starts at 500 dollars i am starting to think that tech youtubers are some what losing touch with their audience, would some one actually in LTT audience buy a 500 dollar vacuum ? or would the buy, i dont know two 1tb SSD or a new CPU,mobo and RAM instead ? Coincidentally i am actually planning to buy a new vacuum and i have actually been looking at robot vacuums and good robot vacuums seem to cost pretty much around 500-600 euro range where that Dyson vacuum would probably be
  11. BluntestTech

    is there any good bluetooth headphones ?

    Well my current headphones were Sony MDR-1A and they had the cable thing and Sonys support was not very helpful and couldnt even tell me where to buy new cable and out right said that it wasnt covered by warranty, what makes this ridiculous is Koss replaced the cable (and headphones speakers because wire was attached to them) when i had same issue 4 years ago on Koss Porta Pro's which are 35 euro headphones but on Sony's 200 euro headphones i cant even buy new cable, so i am kind of considering stopping buying Sony product due to that and other issues i have had with Sony's products. But Sennheiser seem most attractive but 4.50's are 200 euros and only difference to 4.40 (costs 150 euros) is the noise cancelling, so i am not sure if thats worth extra 50 euros. XB950N1 are bit too expensive too.
  12. BluntestTech

    is there any good bluetooth headphones ?

    so i have been looking at bluetooth headphone because i have had issue with cable of wired headphone wearing and breaking ( not visibly break but wires inside cable near 3.5mm jack often due to cable bending and stuff while being in my pocket) and cables are difficult to replace due to manufactures use of proprietary cables. I have been looking at bluetooth headphones but i am not sure what are good around 150 euros ? Headphones i have been looking are SONY MDR-1ABT, SONY MDR-XB950B1, AUDIO TECHNICA AR3BT and Sennheiser HD 4.40BT. Any advice would be appreciated and if you have experience with bluetooth headphones i would like to hear thoughts about bluetooth headphones.
  13. (not sure if this belongs here but decided to post because i found my realization interesting) So today i came home and decided start test mining again to see how high hashrate i can get. I spent some time tweaking the mining program and GPU clocks etc.. then i went to make some coffee and noticed i had spent 3 hours tweaking and over/underclocking my GPU to get higher hashrate. Then i started to think about it and realized that i have not life and that this is a game. Mining is a f**king game. You tweak,adjust and read guides how to get higher number and you compete with other people for who has the highest numbers, its a f**king clicker, its a bad clicker game Then i realized that theres even a high scoreboard on pretty much every pool site and pools are like servers for the game, then i remembered, old arcade games. Mining is an arcade clicker game. Its a f**king arcade clicker with rewards, people with high scores get big rewards and more casual players (miners) get small consolation prize for participation. So is mining a arcade clicker or another game or is it just mining ? or is it just me that find this interesting and i am just a crazy person ?
  14. BluntestTech

    June 30, 2017 - The WAN Show Document

    I dont think its AMD love, i did dislike the video, mostly because when it came to x299 VRM issues bit, i kind of assumed Linus or Luke might have something to say about it but no it was like 1min, told source and then moved on because melting VRM isnt a issue ? And looking at the comments most people were pissed that Linus just skipped whole VRM issue but then kind of shit on graphics card thats not really for gaming, for not being good for gaming (atleast thats what it will look like.) AMD Ryzen Pro topic was just confusing. I dont really get why it was even a topic or why would people get pissed about that because Linus and Luke didnt really talk about it, they just mentioned it then started talking about other things. Many people dont seem to get that people are more enthusiastic about AMD Ryzen and like the RX-series and Vega, because they show that AMD is making a comeback and theres going to actually be something interesting happening in GPU and CPU market. And people are kind of pissed that now that AMD is doing something interesting, all LTT is seemingly doing is point flaws and glossing over Intels flaws, rather than being excited that AMD is doing stuff and things are happening. I AM NOT SAYING THAT LINUS OR ANYONE AT LTT IS DOING THAT, THATS WHY I WROTE SEEMINGLY BECAUSE THATS THE PICTURE SOME PEOPLE WILL GET.
  15. i was actually looking to repair it myself like i usually do ( sort of a hobby ) but i havent repaired any modern modern TVs and i couldnt find parts for this TV, panels for phones and laptops are easy to find but monitors and TVs are difficult to find. And the broke TV cost 50 euros so if repairing cost would be around 200-500 euros it would still be worth it.