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  1. I'm not sure this could be done entirely with just an MSI file (I presume you're talking about Windows Installer packages) but you could have a file on the server reporting the latest version, which could be checked vs the current version. If the server side version is newer, it could download the MSI and execute it.
  2. No, but it's possible. NAudio can process MIDIs, and I have thought about allowing recording through MIDI inputs when I make a composer. But I think a custom soundfont and something like VirtualMIDISynth would probably do what you want to do better.
  3. BeeperPlayer An 8-bit Music Synthesiser So recently, I've been working on an 8-bit style music synthesiser, written using NAudio in C# .NET, and it works surprisingly well, all things considered. Why should I care? That's a good question, you see, I don't really understand music. Stuff like tempo makes little to no sense to me, thus all music is composed in milliseconds. Which for music enthusiasts, who understand this stuff, isn't great. It also makes syncing sounds across multiple tracks very difficult. Thus, I need your help. The app is open source, under the MS-PL, and is available here on GitHub. I need help to make this more approachable to people used to music and such. DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/WamWooWam/BeeperPlayer/releases/tag/1.1.0a Yes the samples are a bit shit. No, none of them are finished. But they work, so I don't care. DEPENDENCIES: .NET Framework 4.5.2 or Later Windows Vista SP2 or Later A DirectSound compatible sound card (by default) THINGS THAT WORK: Pulse, Sine, Triangle, and Sawtooth wave generation White and Pink noise generation (Kinda) PCM Samples ZIP-based file compression Unlimited concurrent tracks Volume, pan and loop support Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release envelopes Export to WAV and MP3 THINGS THAT DON'T WORK: No GUI (player or composer) Noise intensity not configurable As usual, nothing malicious here, You can look through the code, compile it yourself if you're paranoid. Have a look, tell me what's good, bad, ugly etc.
  4. I find this discussion quite funny considering the completely dead Programmers Lounge
  5. Right, fine. On to amazons return center then
  6. I know, but normally, manufacturers say "go to your retailer" and that's that
  7. The little diagnostic LEDs do something, the first two light up, then nothing.
  8. No dice with a CMOS reset. Should I begin contacting Amazon?
  9. Is this a fixed (non editable) WinForms label? If so, why not just declare it as a variable inside the other form?
  10. Earlier today, I felt it'd be a good idea to update my BIOS on my brand new MSI B250M PRO-VD. So, I open Live Update. Hit the button, it downloads. A few seconds later it begins flashing... about 30 seconds later, black screen, no signal. Okay... I leave It for 2 hours ish, still nothing, I hit reset, nothing. Turn my psu off and on again. Start up... nope. No signal, no nothing. Everything was running on the latest insider build of Windows 10 x64 I don't think I did anything i shouldn't have done, everything was downloaded directly from MSI's website, all up to date, all for my specific board. Nothing. Help...?
  11. That's my worry, it only happened about 10 mins ago, so trim won't have kicked in just yet
  12. Right, so in a vain attempt to get a decently fast OS X install working on my PC, I shrank a disk in windows, went to format it in Disk Utility in macOS Sierra, one wrong button press and now my SSD is completely empty with a brand new partition table and one large HFS+ Journaled volume on it. I have a mostly working macOS Sierra install on another drive and no backups. Stupid idea, I know. Is there anything I can do to get my data back (preferably with its hierarchy) without it costing me money?