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  1. Like you could do worst then a green road. Seriously what the f*ck is in the middle because it's not water?
  2. What you want is Kayla, which is Tegra on a ITX MB.
  3. Add me I don't get why nobody has done this joke yet?
  4. In my essay I'm saying that a normal person would answer with: -get shot -step on a mine -get caught in the explosion from a grenade or a missile -a creative person might say crush by a tank If you look above that's exactly what I got from the serious answer not trip on the floor. see for contextsniper 0 floor 2
  5. If I was to ask you "What would be a reasonable reason to die in a modern military shooter", what would be your answer?
  6. Eddyall

    Oui, Wii

    I was aiming this at google
  7. Eddyall

    Oui, Wii

    This say "since I'm not speaking about french people it's off topic", kind of the opposite of what you mean.
  8. Wasn't April's Fool Day on the first of April?
  9. I think I heard of a bigger one at one point, it was 1080p and the pixel were around 1-2 foot square IIRC. I remember that the thing was at the very minimum over 300 foot large.
  10. Nope they check a lot for that since they never did it before. But even if the PCB shorted how the heck does it start a fire in less then 5 sec?
  11. So long story short a guy and his friend build a PC for the first time after I list them the part for the birthday of another guy. They build the thing and when they get to switch the PSU on to try it one of the HDD start to burn, probably pretty strongly since they unplug the computer in less then 5 sec but got all the parts covered in smoke. I ask and the flame looked like ones you would get from burning wood but since it was a brand new HDD it can't be dust and the paper wouldn't make enough smoke to cover everything in the time frame. Also they check afterward and they didn't made a mistake, it the part that was "faulty". I'd just like to know how the heck can a hard drive catch fire like that because the only time I've heard of something like that are from the NSA server that were sabotaged?