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  1. I own a pair of these and would like to point out a problem that I have found with them over the last 6-8 months of use. Upon connecting them to my iPhone 4S they will instantly set the iPhones alarm/ringer volume to around 20%. This then becomes very irritating as I am using these as daily headphones and having to return to the options menu to revert the ringer volume has become very irritating. Several times I have missed calls and alarms because of this.
  2. Can anyone tell me what happens to the afterparty now? I tend to watch the WAN show on YouTube (being in an inconvenient time zone) and wanted to watch the one about the oculus take over. Looked in the video description, twitch archive and youtube archive but couldnt find it. Are they not uploading/keeping the afterparty any more and just having it as a live segment?
  3. Mattie432

    i hate valve

    Here you go mate http://cscheater.era.ee Download from here. Click on "GarryContent"
  4. http://www.youtube.com/account It should say "unlink chanel with google+"
  5. I see, so the XLR one needs a power source? Which is why the converter to 6.3mm may not work?
  6. I would simply prefer to input into the sound card rather than usb. Also i would have 6.3mm jack. I think i remember in one of linus resent videos that he said something about extensions/converters would reduce quality but not by a noticeable amount.
  7. Sweet. I didnt even notice that this link happend to be non usb. So just get one similar to this and should be all good?
  8. Hi, im looking for a new desktop microphone. I was looking at the AT2020 until i realised that it was USB. I would prefer a 6mm or 3.5mm jack instead, only trouble is i have been unable to find a similar one. Does anyone know of some that may be appropriate? Cheers Matt
  9. I have this sort of setup using VAC. I have skype audio and main audio. I use Hot Keyboard to use the volume scroll wheel on my keyboard to adjust the main audio source normally and the skype one when i hold control. Im not at home at the moment but if you still dont have a solution by tomorrow i'll make a video explaining it all.
  10. Monaco has "local coop" and it means that 2 people can play on the same computer. Not split screen but both characters at the same time.
  11. Hi, i posted a few weeks back about my plans to upgrade my monitors. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/23868-finding-a-monitor-of-a-specific-size/#entry302383 Basically im looking to set up like this. Currently i have 3 of these in horizontal setup. I have been looking at 30" monitors and based off the discussion in the last thread i posted i was simply looking at the pixels height to be the same as my current monitors width. So getting on to seriously looking at which monitor to buy and i decided to check the dimensions. ZR30w U3011 Both of these have screen heights =40cm which would be ~5cm short of the height of my current monitors. Can anyone finalise this for me? Do i need to just search until i happen to find one with the dimensions i require? I thought that a pixel was a standard? Thanks for the Help
  12. Mattie432

    Astro A40s

    I have them from console gaming days, theyre okay quality (imo) I found the mixamp useful (having an external volume control) - i used to have skype audio going into the controller port so i could balance sound. The headset is comfortable and the tags are nice However i am now looking for a "proper" pair of headphones now.
  13. Want: Summer Sale Have: Portal 2, Civ5, Summer Sale Steam ID: Mattie432 Inventory View: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036430832/inventory/ Suggest we add the inventory link also so that people can see exactly which cards? ^