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  1. MrPete1985

    Wtf wan show.

    Same here figured after 14 hours it would be done processing tried on my phone and desktop
  2. MrPete1985

    Entertainment Center Cooling Mod

    Would like more videos like this. Also think the wife's solution to the wires is better, seems like less work and no cutting hole in the case.
  3. Not true, if you read the EULA in the manual it forbids modifying the game in any way. I believe Square could have handled this better by offering a license to Sky or asking Sky to stop because of the HD port rather than sending the lawyers.
  4. Also lets not forget this is not the first time Square has done something like this, they sent a C&D letter to the devs of Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes and Chrono Trigger: Resurrection.
  5. It seems like all big game developers hate their fans lately. For everyone that does not know Final Fantasy Type-0 is a Japan exclusive released for the PSP on October 27, 2011. Just like most other Japan exclusive RPGs fans decided to translate it on their own. However once the patch was released Square Enix decided to threaten legal action and now the patch is gone. The hacker Sky wrote in his blog: However Square has announced that they will bring an HD port to PS4 and Xbox One for their English speaking players. Square what happened to you, you used to be cool. Square has had two and a half years to localize the game into English, if you do not want the fans to do it then stop dragging your feet and if you are worried about not making the money back on the cost of localizing the game then let the fans pay the bill. Using a crowd funding option for localizing games that you are not sure if a particular market will enjoy is a great alternative, launch a kickstarted and tell the fans: "the game is completed and we are not sure if your part of the world will enjoy it. Help us pay for the localization cost so we can release this game in your language." Source: Sky's Blog Source: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Port
  6. When I got my 144hz monitor it was night and day. Everything is so much smoother and no more screen tearing with vsync off. After playing games with no tearing and vsync off I cannot go back.
  7. MrPete1985

    Watchdogs - Control Methods

    I only use keyboard and mouse for FPS games like Bioshock or Far Cry. All other games I use my wired 360 controller because most games are optimized for it and explicitly say "Press A to whatever" and it's just like playing on a console with better resolution and frame rate.
  8. MrPete1985

    What are your favorite keyboards?

    Ducky Shine 3 with blue switches and red LEDs.
  9. MrPete1985

    Anyone pre-ordered Watch Dogs?

    Had this game preordered for a while now, before the original November date, I really want to play this game.
  10. MrPete1985

    Random Black Screen of Death?

    Had this happen to my brothers rig, thought it was the motherboard but decided to try a new PSU first. After ordering the new board and CPU the new board would not post with the video card. so I removed the GPU and he is now using the onboard video from the APU and all is good. So my guess on your situation is either your board going back or your GPU.
  11. The Poseidon seems like a cool concept but I think in practice it is not worth the effort, you would still need to buy a radiator and a pump plus a reservoir so if you are going to buy all of those then you might as well get a proper water block for your GPU instead of this. I see the Poseidon as the ghetto water cooling solution.
  12. MrPete1985

    Tomb Raider any good?

    I enjoyed the new Tomb Raider, it played more like Uncharted than one of the past TR games. I was able to trade for it cheap, someone on Tek Syndicate got it in the never settle bundle and I gifted them a game on Steam for their key.
  13. MrPete1985

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros

    It's on PS3 also
  14. MrPete1985

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros

    All of the side missions take place on the same map, this is a $30 demo... Anyone else remember when demos were free.
  15. MrPete1985

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros

    Found an independent shop breaking street date. Game was a big let down. the main mission took me about 80 mins and there are about 5 side missions. Not sure if it is worth the $30