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  1. SkyArmy

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    My favorite thing is the signatures
  2. SkyArmy

    Skyrim Help

    So before Christmas i bought Skyrim on sale for real cheap. I started playing it a lot but there was a problem. Some quests wouldn't activate when talking to quest characters. They would say their dialogue but the message that a new quest started never showed up. Also in certain cases certain paths in dungeons would be blocked off that shouldent be. I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing but it didn't seem to fix my problem. Currently i don't have any mods installed. So if you have a solution to my problem please tell me. Thanks.
  3. SkyArmy

    Intel PAX Prime Maingear System GIVEAWAY!

    Well i would like a new pc to put in my room along with the monitor i got today.
  4. SkyArmy

    Ethernet not faster than wifi

    Well today i just hooked up my pc from wireless to a ethernet connection and noticed my internet speed wasn't any better than what i have before.(maybe slightly better) One of my friends told me that your internet speed doesn't change with what connection you have and you get what you get. Let me just say i know nothing about networking so i was hoping someone could help me out with this. Thanks.
  5. SkyArmy


    Get the 780 it gives performance similar to a titan and costs 400 dollars less.
  6. SkyArmy

    3 Monitor setup, video card of choice?

    You could get a 7990. That is enough to run whatever you want and the micro-stuttering will be fixed in future drivers. And its great for bitcoining. :P
  7. SkyArmy

    Streaming pc build

    i might check it out.
  8. I'm really not sure how this will turn out. But guys this is microsoft and apple working together so this is totally going to turn out well.
  9. SkyArmy

    Budget build for my brother and I

    Why are you buying 2 of each part?
  10. SkyArmy

    EA: "Average PC Cannot Handle EA's Ignite Engine"

    Yea but the xbox one and the ps4 are both similar to each other and to a entry level pc. So as long as you have at least a 500 dollar gaming rig you should be able to run anything they throw at the pc. But probably what ea means when they say average pc they mean the 300 dollar 4 year old pc at your grandmothers house.
  11. SkyArmy


    Are you sure you got the system builder version of windows 8?
  12. SkyArmy

    GTX 770 sli vs GTX 780

    I'm done wasting your and my time so i'm just going to say you win because i really hate arguing with people.
  13. SkyArmy

    GTX 770 sli vs GTX 780

    Yes i did the 780 did perform similarly to the 770s in some tests. Edit: But also take into consideration that 2 770s cost 800 dollars and a 780 costs 600 dollars and fps isn't everything anymore. Even tho micro stuttering happens more on multi-gpu amd configs there is still some on nvidia configs which can impact the gaming experience.
  14. SkyArmy

    GTX 770 sli vs GTX 780

    That is not true in every situation.
  15. SkyArmy

    single kit work in dual?

    Yes as long as they are the same brand they will work together.