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  1. Two 140mm >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a 200m, they can move more air at quieter sound levels and most importantly have static pressure. I know you removed the grills but you will still want dust filters meaning the static pressure for the intake is better than barely any at all that you get with a 200mm. I swaped out a 200mm for two 140's on my phanteks luxe, what a difference. The 200m that came with that was annoying at higher speeds and moved no where near the amount of air my two 140 noctuas do at lower rpms(silent).
  2. I just sent back two 140mm aerocools, they move very little air. They have very low static pressure aswell, though that is the UK version I had(lower rpms than us versions). I sent them back and got noctua nf-a14s which are alot better at pulling air into the case.
  3. STAY AWAY FROM THE H100i, I am in the process of moving from my h100i to an nh-d15 in the mail on its way. It buzzes, the pump is loud and the fans are insanely loud. Clcs are inefficient, to try get the same temps as big air coolers they need to have fans that are much louder and usualy much higher rpms. You will eventualy want to swap the fans out from the h100i, but then you will sacrafice temps because the inefficient h100i needs those loud fast fans. The only decent clc with noise to cooling ratio is the recent coolermaster 240, but still get's beaten by the nh-d15 on temps and noise. Unless you can find a swiftech h220x/240x(very hard to find in stock) always go with a big air cooler.
  4. I have the msi gtx 980 gaming, it runs really cool. Has the fan turn off feature where they stay off until 65c and the fans are VERY silent. I can not hear the fans and my system is filled with quiet noctua fans turned way down. Oh I also got a 78% asic card that goes above 1500 at stock voltage! Card idles at 30c and hits about 65c at max 100% demanding load gaming, while it only hits about 52c with most games. Here is a vote for the msi version. Unless you want a backplate both cards are going to be almost exactly the same.
  5. I am moving from a h100i to an nh-d15 or the phanteks big air cooler, stay away from clc's especially corsairs. If you must go for a clc get the coolermaster neptom 240m as thats the best in terms of noise to temps, though it still does not beat a big air cooler i.e the nh-d15 in the ratio.
  6. Check out our new wubwubwubwubwub, with over 100 wubwubwubwuwbwuwuwbwuwbwub many different interchangeable pa.... wuwbwuwbwubwuwbwuwb be part of the revo............ wubwuwbuwbwuwbwuwbwuwbwuwbub.
  7. The one thing that was sort of OK about gaming laptops is that they looked pritty sleek and had a certain cool factor, here at msi we have done away with that fu all and buy it.
  8. But more noise right, not only are you running three fans = more noise 120mm are usualy louder than their 140mm counter parts.
  9. I had same issue, massive coil whine noise but only under game load. I.e far cry 4 I would exit to menu screen and it would stop, then back into game and would start again. If you are at over like 300+ frames then it's normal, all cards will coil whine. For instance valley benchmark loading screen at 1000fps my card still whines. But how I solved mine in games was swapping my psu, I had a cheap psu from corsair swapping to an evga g2 supernova fixed mine.
  10. Next stop for you OP : 1440p ips Source : 980 and 1440p ips here, it's a dream :wub:
  11. Due to vram and sli scaling the one 970 will be better than 680 sli and he wont have to wait on driver support for them, the cpu is also a bit of an upgrade. The only exaggeration in here is on your part OP, he sidegraded at worst not downgraded. It was not a wise desicion no, but it's still not a downgrade and now he has the option to add in a second 970 for the best price to performance card set up on the market. Really he should have kept his cpu and used the $1500 on two 970s / one 980 / two 980s depending on what he wanted.
  12. A service in which ubisoft distributes their games for all of us to test out.
  13. Make my pc quieter and cooler running replace noisy gpu - gtx 980 msi gaming =done replace small old case - phanteks entho luxe = done replace stock 200m fan on luxe - 2 140mm ds fans = done Replace noisy corsair psu - evga g2 supernova = acquiring soon Replace noisy h100i - noctua nh-d15 = acquiring soon I WILL HAVE SILENCE
  14. Except every single one of those games are garbage, and will look even worse.
  15. Corsairs is the worst aio on the market atm btw................. Nzxtz/swiftech and coolermaster all dominate them in terms of noise to performance. The only reason corsair is popular is marketing and they were already big before they made the aio's, corsair also scrimps on build quality. See their psu's and cases compared to similar prices psus and cases for proof. This is coming from someone that has a corsair clc and regrets it, go with a big air cooler and if you must have a clc get the coolermaster one as it's much better than the other offerings unless you can stretch to the swiftech. http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=1151227 Review of the deadcool 360 OP.