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  1. he says : 3Ds Max, Autocad, SketchUp and Lumion
  2. Hey guys, my friend want to build a PC, he is an architect and asking me a recommendation. I don't know are ryzen is good for architect PC or which Intel processor should i choose. Would you guys give me suggestion? the budget is around $1200-1400 thanks!
  3. okay i'll try reconsider about having ryzen build. can you suggest me a build that cost around $1500 for it? excluding monitor , cases and PSU. thanks
  4. some problem on overclocking mostly. idk the name of the problem though sorry for less information. but is it ryzen 5 1600x can outperform i7 7700k? mostly i already bought the part of the pc like cases and PSU so i have around 400$ to throw at monitor.
  5. i think i'll pass for ryzen build since many of my friends got bios problem. idk about the fix patch though. but thx for the recommendation. i still need some suggestions for the monitor though.
  6. Hello i'm going to make a new PC that i will use for Gaming and Programming. Mostly website, mobile programming and data analyzing. For gaming it mostly will Dota2, CS:GO and some AAA games. My plan is going for : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/F7hGZ8 I'm sticking with ASUS for Aura Sync RGB themed PC. Can you help me choose a monitor for my build and any suggestion for my build to change? I'm still confused about the difference between ASUS ROG IX HERO and ASUS STRIX Z270 series. Thank you, and sorry for bad english
  7. okay i'll try to run the game first on my sister s7, i don't think it will run worse than my nexus 6p. never heard overclocking a phone before. i'll try to look up for it!
  8. So there is nothing i can do for make my game running smoother ? because setting already low. I'll consider 2016 flagship. thank you very much!
  9. So i have this Huawei Nexus 6P 64GB almost a year, the problem is when i started playing a games (Fantasy War Tactics) it is not run very smoothly. Previously i had a Motorola Nexus 6 which can run this game quite smoothly better than my current Nexus 6P. But if i switch apps from my game to another apps, (ex, 9gag) when i back to the game, it run very very smoothly for a minute (10-15 min). Is there anyone using Nexus 6P have the same problem? or how do i fix this?. Oh i'm using the original android from nexus and not rooted. Thank a lot and sorry for bad english.
  10. Okay, so how do i backup my pre installed windows so i can reinstall it on my ssd?
  11. So here's the case. I've got a laptop that have a m2 ssd slot and a preinstalled windows on hdd. i want to clone my hdd to m2 and including all the preinstalled windows system and recovery. whats the step to do it? I'm going to use samsung 850 evo m2. Thanks everyone
  12. Hi, i need a laptop that used for gaming especially Dota2 and coding delphi and using vmware for testing my software. i've choosen this 2 laptop can you suggest which is better for me? MSI GE62-6QD or ROG G551VW. Thank you and sorry for bad english
  13. sorry for the late response. maybe my last question is which is better, 390 or GTX980. Thanks a lot
  14. Yep i play dota2 also but mainly build for multimedia works. Maybe i'll consider about the display or any recommendation? Thank you. Is gtx 980ti bad for multimedia works? And any recommendation on the display?
  15. Hello i need help and recommendation about pc build for photoshop editting video etc. Mainly for image edtting and web developing. Can you help recommend a pc build that will not lag. I have $3600 for the pc excluding monitor and pheriperals. Thanks