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    AMD Athlon II x4 740 @3.7GHz
  • Motherboard
    Biostar a55md2
  • RAM
    8gb Corsair Vengeance LP
  • GPU
    Asus GT 630 rev.2 2gb
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    dunno super old
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    500gb seagate hdd + 128gb ADATA SX900 ssd
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  1. jav26122

    SSD Performance slowing down over time?

    I think it is a little bit better at least but there's still a weirdly long amount of time where my ssd's load is stuck at 100% and yet the reads/writes are only in the kilobytes per second.
  2. jav26122

    SSD Performance slowing down over time?

    Ok so I went through that incredibly long process of cloning the drive, secure erasing it, and then restoring it with no extremely visible benefits.... What a great use of time. I unfortunately am getting the feeling that this has to do with windows 10. I was hoping there would be some simple easy fix for this but after taking hours to go through all that I'm pretty much ready to just call it quits and give up.
  3. jav26122

    SSD Performance slowing down over time?

    Not a bad idea.
  4. jav26122

    SSD Performance slowing down over time?

    I think I'm going to do what's said here first and that's going to take a while. I gotta clone everything to a backup drive first and then put everything back.
  5. jav26122

    SSD Performance slowing down over time?

    Just restarted and the highest read speed I was while logging in was 17MBps. Used to get way higher than that.
  6. jav26122

    SSD Performance slowing down over time?

    I've kept it more filled before and it's been faster. When I first got this SSD I would keep about 20GB free and it ran much faster logging in. Now I have 34GB free and it's a lot slower.
  7. I got a new 120gb Adata SX900 SSD about a year and a half ago for my OS, programs, and games, so basically a pretty standard typical usage scenario. I remember it working absolutely great when I first got it. I use rainmeter and HWiNFO to display read/write speeds and % load on disks all the time so it's easy to keep track on things. The thing is, I remember when I used to log on my SSD's read speeds would jump way up and I would get like 80-250MBps (It's on SATA II) and I was just so impressed with it's performence. Now when I log on, the load goes to 100% still but the speeds are waaay lower. I don't think I ever see it get past 100 anymore and usually it actually stays in the kilobytes/s to a few MB/s. I usually keep it with at least 30GB free, the firmware is up to date, TRIM is enabled, using AHCI, SSD-Z says it had 96% life left. I just don't know why this significant performance degradation has happened. I have attached ssd-z and a crystaldiskmark benchmark which shows that it's still capable of getting these speeds, so I'm not sure why it doesn't happen. I should note that between then and now I changed to windows 10 from 7. I really hope this isn't just windows 10 being really bad with SSDs because I've already gotten used to 10 at this point and even if I can go back to 7 I don't really want to go through that process. It also seems to be mostly logging in. I don't notice slower speeds when loading games, but when logging on it takes significantly longer than it used to.
  8. Checks drives for bad sectors or corruption etc and attempts to fix them
  9. run command prompt as an administrator and type "chkdsk" and hit enter. And by fresh install I mean't reinstalling windows.
  10. Since there's so many problems have you just tried a fresh install? Or chkdsk in cmd prompt?
  11. jav26122

    GTX 980 HDMI Port

    Yes there are adapters if you absolutely can't get it bent back up.
  12. jav26122

    GTX 980 HDMI Port

    Is it absolutely necessary to use that specific port?
  13. jav26122

    PC problem

    It doesn't show any processes using weird amounts of memory?
  14. jav26122

    PC problem

    What do you mean it's using 7gb with nothing open? Does the task manager show what's using it?
  15. jav26122

    NAS or HDD in pc

    You don't need a new thread for every question...