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  1. It's already been posted a while back. They were test models and only like 14~ish were made. It was for the top overclockers in their personal labs.
  2. I have been quite gone. I have not been as involved as I'd want to due to the ever increasing bad section of members. And right now I have some tons of work for school as in clubs and classes. I miss you guys very much and hope you guys are doing well without me.
  3. WCCF Tech is a tech blog with a LONG history of rumors and false claims which have proven to be false and untrustworthy. We consider it to be a very bad source for tech news.
  4. One Plus One equals EXPLOSIONS (Michael Bay Mathematics)
  5. Well this is an interesting concept. But this does bring up the question on how well it can be executed. What games COULD actually have this integrated well? All I can think is like chess and other board games. Something like a fighting game, fps, and other fast action genres might be to quick and have so many possibilities that it would have to calculate, causing problems.
  6. This is so simple yet could be so effective. I can see this as like part of a HUGE probing operation over sectors of Mars and maybe Jupiter's moons to see if they can maybe map the landscape and detect any form of life in the area. One satellite deploying small satellites to orbit the targets and send out small darts to scan the area for an amount of time to learn about it. THE FUTURE IS NOW
  7. The SLI plus... I just masturbated to a motherboards... No Regrets...At ALL!
  8. Gave me a good laugh. It's nice to see guy like these have some fun over a simple mistake
  9. Its in alpha. Deal with it.If it makes you feel any better uninstall and reinstall
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      Rofl..he must be thinking.."hey babe gimme more tongue" or "you gotta bit of broccoli in your teeth. Hey lemme get that for you" to any random person xD

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  10. And here we have a sexually deprived teenager who hates porn since he can't get the real thing http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/189742-youporn-found-a-team/?p=2555716

  11. I wonder if there's a High Scholl version of Tinder or some shit... Nah it's called facebook