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  1. Well the thing is I've been on iOS every since the first iPhone and I've been wanting to expand my knowledge on Android. So what I like about the G3 is obviously the screen size (thanks 4s...) and the back buttons, very easy to reach and comfortable.
  2. My friend took his laptop there once to see if it was his screen or his gpu that was faulty, so he asked them to test it by hooking it up to an external monitor, they wanted $ 15 to just do that. Yeah, Geek Squad is the EA of the PC repair world.
  3. I work at a computer refurb company and I see PC's on a daily bases that are just crammed with dust and such, but the worst by far was an old Alienware PC. I was kind of excited to see what sort of nostalgia there was, until I opened it up... The guy who owned this PC seemed to be a chain smoker. I mean it wasn't even dust anymore, it transformed into some sort of sludge, it was absolutely disgusting. Anyways, that's the worst I've encountered so far. I hope it doesn't get worse than that. D:
  4. What about a thumbs up EA, t-shirt? Permitted you are allowed to put EA on there.
  5. I know this is quite late, but a quick google for q code 66 brought me here. I have the same issue and the way I figured out how to be able to restart is resetting the CMOS with the button on the MB. But it seems that AI suite is causing the issue. Every time I reset the CMOS all my fan profiles are back to default. I set up my own profile and the as soon as I set them, I go from q code AA to q code 66. Have you had any luck on fixing this issue?
  6. What would be my command line? I know make it a .bat and all that, but what would be my exact command?
  7. Are my inputs correct? This is what I get from the console: I am running 2x MSI TF 2GB/OC GTX 770 editions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Update: I am getting HTTP request failed: Empty reply from server. Any idea what that means?
  8. Lol, I've already tried all the drivers.
  9. I've tried that, besides I don't think an SLI bridge could be causing a DirectX issue.
  10. I've already done that. I used drivesweeper, it didn't hep.
  11. Stock as in I haven't changed anything, yes.
  12. Overclocked my CPU, no. My GPU's come overclocked out of the box.
  13. Each card works fine on it's own.
  14. I've done a clean install of the drivers, tested both beta and official drivers and nothing has worked so far.
  15. I keep having issues with SLI on my two GPU's, I thought maybe someone here has a solution. This is the error I keep receiving, I was trying to launch BF4 Test Range, I also tried it on 3D Mark and it just made my system hang. I've done a clean install of the drivers, tested both beta and official drivers and nothing has worked so far. If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. System Specs: AMD 8350 Stock Asus Crosshair V Formula Z Motherboard 2x MSI Twin Frozer GTX 770s (2GB) 8GB Kingston HyperX Memory EVGA 750G PSU 128GB SSD 1TB HDD Windows 7 Ultimate
  16. Haha, exactly. That's the sort of stuff you'll get from them. It's probably hidden away in the terms and conditions about throttling you, and if it isn't, there is no way to prove it fully. They'l always have an excuse, until fiber to home becomes a thing.
  17. Good luck but I doubt you'll get anything out of them. It's very hush hush talk.
  18. I have the exact thing happen to me and I've also proven it. Couldn't load a Youtube video so I decided to to try my VPN. After I connected I had no issue with buffering. They only start throttling me after about 7 videos. I come home from work and watch a bunch of videos one after another. Around the 7th it starts doing that. Mind you I have 50+ down, 10+ up. They throttle us because they want to not support internet TV as much as possible. This is exactly why we have moved away from Cable and onto Netflix/Hulu/Torrents. VPNs are great things.
  19. I prefer the reviews over the unboxings, most things have the same things in the box anyways. Daily news show!? Ah man I can't wait!
  20. Haha. Don't want my house to burn down! ;P Thanks a lot for the help, I really appreciate it.
  21. Ok, so I just picked up a UPS for $5 at a garage sale in my area. The thing looks in good condition and what not, all that it needs is a replacement battery. So the replacement battery for this is lead acid, and my question is, can the current charging circuit handle it if I get a lithium ion battery? Please move this thread if it isn't in the correct sub forum, I wasn't sure where to post it.
  22. 7th for that upload. Should be doubling in the near future! Upgrading from 40/5 to 50/10. By the way, is there any real achievement for this, or is it more just for fun?
  23. I think the merch would be super cool. I'd be glad to help out where I can.