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  1. Good news is i'll be upgrading from my OG Pixel XL after 4 years so those bezels look pretty skinny to me.
  2. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's an overpriced camera to draw people away from the controversy.
  3. Sounds like a fair plan to avoid having to deal with the no doubt high return rate or numerous customers who will come in just to see it.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-RjGEWW3nk There are.
  5. This is a game changer and great news. Looks like Apple has finally got the memo.
  6. Can we resurrect the just keep diggin meme but this time for Bethesda?
  7. They get burner numbers for filming. So they can phone people and don't have to worry about someone sharing their actual number online. Much like people have work phone and personal phones...
  8. Bruuuh. It's £17.99 in the UK. That's $23.69 Or is that because i've got the family plan? Google/Youtube your names and structures are confused.
  9. What makes this worse in the UK is it being friday afternoon on half term. Last weekend to get away before back to school. Madness at services ect.. and most people use Visa card for contactless.. RIP
  10. Im sorry. As a british person reading these articles... All I see is Senate and think our lord and savior Sheev Palpatine. On topic.... would trump sign whatever they vote in favour of the consumer for? Nope.