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    IT technician
  1. Kizer0918

    Heaven Society - Week 29 Anime Poll

    I only watched the knights of sidona and eureka 7 long long time ago but i might try watching the world is still beautiful
  2. Kizer0918

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    yup sure. im quite new but not that new here lol. i always hang around the forum but i dont post that much might as well start now
  3. Kizer0918

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    this is nice. i do watch alot of anime
  4. Kizer0918

    10 Steam games Christmas giveaway [CLOSED]

    thats great sir
  5. Kizer0918

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    looks great
  6. Kizer0918

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    Building my x99 rig this December. its a good opportunity to save some bucks if i win