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    Fourth Year CS Student
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    r7 3700x
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    16gb Crucial ddr4
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    GTX 1070 Ti Strix
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    NZXT S340
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    1tb wd blue/120GB SSD
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    600W CX corsair
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    BenQ 144hz
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    Freezer Xtreme cooler.
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    Tournament addition razer
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    GPRO Wireless
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    HyperX Fury
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    Windows 10

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  1. Same, maybe it's new to America? I've had it a week.
  2. Whoop! How do we get them?
  3. I used to get between 400k-550k ppd but recently it's been 270k on both CPU and GPU. Any reason why this might happen?
  4. Does this mean 835 people are participating in this months folding event?
  5. Woah I'm literally exactly halfway at position 418, that's cool
  6. I know they aren't run on an ordinary PC and on some mega server, but Hypixel has always been very laggy for me and suffers many regular interrupts. Also game modes like factions is completely broken by ranks and real-money purchases, so it would be nice to have something similar that doesn't have loads of OP ranks. Honestly I wouldn't imagine they paid for everything out of their pocket, they would have gotten a lot at least some for free. And the two videos they plan on making for this server will pay for some of the costs so I wouldn't imagine this is going to be a P2W server, imo.
  7. Let's be real, that's not why they did this. They did this for a video or two, that would also have the added benefit of giving it's community an ultra-fast Minecraft server, something that is fairly rare. I hate playing those "older servers" because their sooooo damn slooooow, and constantly getting pressured into buying ranks and sets and items. If this is done right, and isn't money driven like those other servers, this could be an amazing choice.
  8. "I got a 14271 for the first time today, seems pretty OP for my underclocked and undervolted Vega 64 " What does that mean
  9. How do I check my days of activity? I know I need at least 20, but I'd like to make sure I'm not a day or two short! I've already gotten 2million points and like 30 WUs, just hoping to make the days now.
  10. Doesn't most EU countries have both Aldi and Lidl?
  11. Huh that's good going, I don't think I can do four days of chicken without going crazy!
  12. How long does that last you? That seems like a couple days worth of food