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  1. I don't get why it's doing this, maybe I read wrong but it's sooooooooo much further ahead in chess than everything else so why would it bother to learn human creativity? Is it a side project for the dev team?
  2. No, I wouldn't. Same goes with the iMac.
  3. I'm saying if those parts were easy to replace people wouldn't be terrified doing the job themselves.
  4. no because that would be illegal. But I shouldn't have to risk thousands to clean out dust because Apple didnt put any filters in.
  5. But Apple are boycotting them. eg. The battery scandal with Rossman. So: 1)Apple makes a design flaw that causes people to dissemble products 2)Apple makes it then harder for them to fix issues caused by this design flaw 3)If something goes wrong, you either pay thousands to Apple to fix it or go to a third party 4)But Apple boycott those third parties so they can't even help you
  6. Apple prevents that! Did you watch ANY of the videos about Linus breaking the iMac? They had to go through loops to get one of the main components because Apple won't sell them.
  7. What makes it an issue is how hard it is to do this. And that's on purpose. They want you to pay them for their design flaw.
  8. The iMac is and incredibly hard device to open and dissemble. ONE accidental slip, that can happen to ANYONE(looking at you LTT team), can cost you thousands. Tell me one other product that that can happen to.
  9. What I'm saying is Apple purposely made it proprietary when nobody else does.
  10. This is like this, except the manufacturer also made the tyres much less resistant to wear and tear and therefore has to be done much more regular at absurd prices.
  11. Cleaning out a computer case requires two Phillips head screws, and at best thumb screws. I don't have to take my case to corsair or HP to have them clean it for me because I can't get the tools required.
  12. Shally

    Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates

    It soon will be cheaper. Without a doubt. That's why people will buy it.