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  1. That's Waaaaaaay enough man, 300-350W would do. I could almost run my pc of of that 430W one with an i5 and a gtx 970. Running them on a 500W psu with no problems and whilst that would cut it very close during gaming, im confinced that 450W would still run it fine. It is gold rated though so its of better quality than corsairs CX series, but for this build the cx will be fine
  2. Hi guys, So they finally did it. Fractal made an awnsome and extremely tiny case! therefor im considering putting my system in one as i love pc's that are as tiny as i can get them. My one concern is i would like to use and AIO cooler, cuz the low profile ones or the stock one probably wont be sufficient or loud as fuck. Since i have a full size gpu, a 970, i cant put the rad/fan combo there. Would there be any chance i could fir them right above the cpu, so its like above the mobo, maybe if i buy a slim rad version and additionaly a slim fan too? Doesnt have to cool an OC or keep the cpu at 10 degrees, just has to keep it at a decent temp that wont harm the cpu or mobo. The cpu is an i5 4690k btw.
  3. Pretty nice pc man, by a pentium? Why?
  4. Thanx all! Loving the game. Its really hard but fun. Just get a bug where i cant walk sometimes, well only twice so far, but that solves itself after a few sec somehow
  5. Im getting the 10 euro basic version, cant get myself to spend thst much on premium now. Thanx anyway all
  6. https://www.origin.com/nl-nl/store/buy/battlefield-4/pc-download/base-game/digital-deluxe-edition Is this a good price? If not ill get the basic version, though ud like the china rising map
  7. Could you link me to the reccomended version on origin. Theres like 3 and im kinda lost. I dont have a job right now so thats why im doubing. I could do it and pay the 50 bucks, but that would be the last game i bought pretty much until i get a job again which could take a while. If its worth though... Also kinda new to BF here, played some BF BC2 on xbox but nothing else. I liked it though.
  8. Should i spend 10 or 50 bucks on it though to get all expansions? Is that really worth it?
  9. Hi all, im cobsidering buying BF4 but with hardline comming out idk. I mean i like the cops vs robbers theme a bit less but im affraid soon very little ppl will play 4 cuz of hardline. And if i get 4, schould i buy the version with all the expansions or does it not make any real difference. I mean the most basic version is 10€ ans includibg all past and future expansions is 50.
  10. Yeah id love to help but i have zero build logging kinda experience
  11. A 380t owner did some measurements for me and confirmed the card would fit by simply dremeliny away a bit of metal. I know you dont want to mod, but honestly thats not much of a task imho. Plus you shouldnt have any trouble cooling it in that case its like 80% mesh or something.
  12. Lol you dont even go to the efford of reading the post do you.
  13. Youre gonna need some better drawings, maybe get sketchup its free
  14. Um unless he really needs it theres no point in doing so and if he does need it he would have gone with one in the first place.