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  1. getting into folding, alzheimers recently took the life of my grandmother and wanna do something to help the cause looking at adding a a used firepro/tesla/quadro or a mining card to my system to fold full time power draw is no issue cost isn't a huge issue whatever has the most folding power
  2. case just got here the x299 dark fits great with the cable cut outs on it
  3. ill be posting my build log soon mobo and cooler are here just to make sure itll work looks like its going to i ordered a cover just to find out after it shipped that they come with them now lol guessi have two! nicely done on this build!
  4. have this case on the way for my x299 build, going a different route with mine, zero rgb or lighting in a crystal case. you have the optional psu cover plate?
  5. looking at the 570x planning mu build aroung the evga X299 dark, really dont wanna soend 179 on a case i cant put my board in all i can find is one by kit guru havent seen many do it any pics or info are greatly appriciated!
  6. Does anyone know anything about the release of this case I’m waiting to do my new system for it can’t find info on it anywhere
  7. I don’t do much competitive gaming other than cod online but do that with a controlller anyway not much of a mouse and keyboard gamer
  8. Built only using pallets, I mostly use a controller for my pc gaming, a lot of time and work went into this one. Anyone else take on their own comfy setup? 32” curved Samsung monitor on the bottom 42inch tv on top
  9. AMDMike

    Fan setup

    Temps have been very good so far
  10. AMDMike

    Fan setup

    Just watched that one trying to figure out if my setup is gonna be ok have an rx580 in there as well planning for another one in the future, temps seem pretty good so far even pushing it playing battlefield v on ultra at 1080, I’m going for a very clean rgb build all fans are controlled by a Corsair commander pro
  11. AMDMike

    Fan setup

    Running a Phanteks eclipse p350x, all fans are Corsair LL series rgb 120mm, Corsair h100i pro rgb, fans look great from the one side not so much in the other and having spend almost $200 on case fans I’d love to be only seeing the good part but to do so I have to have them all exhaust will this setup be good in the long run? Pics for reference and fan setup. Adding one more in the rear (Best Buy only has four) and possibly 2 more pulling the rad as well. (rad is in front pushing out top fans are pushing out as well rear fan will too)
  12. Most likely going for x470 msi pro carbon board, I have a ryzen 5 2600 now for lan to go ryzen 7 at some point
  13. Swapping out my motherboard currently running an msi b450m bazooka looking to get either an x370 gaming pro carbon from msi or an asus crosshairs VI hero I had a 980 pro carbon in my old am3 system and absolutely loved it not sure what to go with here anyone have experience with either one?
  14. Awesome I love seeing these builds, see so many people say these high end ones are coming but never get to see them I definitely look forward to seeing this!
  15. I feel like this is one of those builds that won’t ever happen imo most people who says their going to get the best hardware rarely get it
  16. Thank you glad to be back into the pic game
  17. Upgraded from my fx8350 and two rx460s to a ryzen 5 2600 and an rx580 plan to add another 580 in the future went with 8gb Ram to get it going but plan for 32 in the long run happy to be back into a new pc since I haven’t had one for a long time hyper beast was old system the phanteks is the new one
  18. what colors are you going with for cables? i havent decided on that yet
  19. ive already got the pro carbon motherboard, i forgot psu i have a cxm 750 already in it. and i plan to go get some ram tomorrow theres some on sale at best buy
  20. Anyone else get a hyper beast? i actually love mine probably the best looking case ive ever had the build is in progress, right now my old rig is in it its a core 2 quad system with a 5770, the hardware to come is, -MSI 970 Pro Carbon -FX 8350 -Rx 460 crossfire or one 480 or fury -16gb ram and all my random hard drives ive collected Any suggestions? Post your hyper beast i havent seen any others
  21. my schedule isnt out yet and my cars not ready theres no front suspension or any front body work lol im alittle behind
  22. k? sorry for not wording it right i remember why i quit using the forum before now
  23. you really didn't need to emphasize anything i got it i am interested in those two and asked if i can turn the leds off