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  1. No, i am actually opposed to such lists because too many people read too much into it or are not thinking at all, altough i shouldnt complain considering that i(and every other player) profit from the marketing machinery as well A similar list was posted a while ago.
  2. Higher on native setting and better surfaces (3. something m/s on Taito), FW and illumination are still sucking hard, one of the worst A3090 i ever had, experience is similar to a good A9500.
  3. For free is a different story, but most about the mouse has already been spoken about and the performance is rather meh.
  4. More like null back in 2008, A9500 and derivatives(S9500, A9800, S9808, S9818, S9819) will always have high variance, similar goes for the LED illuminated variants S3988/3989 and PMW3310, altough on a smaller scale, if it would have been a fixable problem, it would have been done long ago instead of developing new platforms e.G. PMW3366.
  5. Performancewise, no, RAT 3 doesnt have the best A3090 implementation but it is still okay in compoarison to "chinese stuff", i woulkd suggest 1800cpi for the best performance. If it is too small or not is something you have to decide for yourself, on the upside it is lightweight given actual width.
  6. Performance is not a matter of price, if OP´s Pricerange only allows cheap but not good, it would be imo better to save more money and get cheap and good, and not just simply cheap without the "good". . A3050 is below average, and anything with PAN3509´s malfunction speed(which is under 1m/s) is a bad sensor for gaming.
  7. A3050 or PAW3305 are the bare minimum to be considered gaming grade, and even then tracking isnt particularly great, even with good implementations, it is not a matter of price. And? The Sensor the Shark Force uses is an Office Sensor(PAN 3509) with low malfunction speed and bad cursorpath, buttons are preference and 125hz is the standard polling rate.
  8. Mostly Debounce Times, also its only a vocal minority.
  9. PLN2033 introduced "Dynamic CPI Scaling", where if you are moving the mouse slowly or not at all the cpi are getting reduced to a minimum in an attempt to make sure that for example subwoofers arent causing any unintentional cursor movement, obv. this combined with PTE´s rather bad low speed abilities caused a weird a cursorfeel with a high movement treshold.
  10. Nah its 120+g, but it has good feet and obv. a lot of surface to grip on making it feel lighter than it is at slower movement speeds, however at faster swipes you can still feel it in your arm.
  11. Please dont tell me that it is this "Flawless Sensor List" or whatever it was called.
  12. Jitter, Variance and angle Snapping can be easily tested by everyone at home, and if you dont feel a difference between sensors and/or mice, you either dont know enough or you dont play enough to talk about this topic.
  13. Movement treshold and the reason for it, it would be interesting to know if it is due to none adjustable CPI scaling or just a limit of the new PTE.
  14. It is about CPI Variance every optical system has, some like A9500 have more than what can be considered tolerable.
  15. You are confusing G100 with G100s, AM010 is useable at higher cpi than A3055.
  16. G100s uses the old AM010 SROM with 1ms smoothing 500hz cap and obv. a different multiplier, still feels better than PMW3310H(imo), malfunction speed is ~3m/s so depending on your sensitivity you might need something else, Asus Sica for example.
  17. They can mean something, like tampering with the LOD at the cost of performance, or having weirdly calculated steps. :> *3200, altough it is still true considering featureset.
  18. I think its rather more due to previous discussions about Finalmouse, like how te Company lied about using a different Lens, which woiuldnt make any sense with PMW3310H anyway. No, just standard PMW3310H with half way decent FW and all its pro´s and con´s.
  19. It´s like this: A3060 Family: A3060-->A3070-->A3080(A3080E) -->S3668(Razer Exclusive)-->S3888(Razer Exclusive)-->A3090(Public S3888)-->S3095(Logitech´s A3090) A3050 Family: A5050(Office Sensor)-->A3050-->A3055(Logitech Exclusive) A9800 Family: A9500-->S9500(Logitech´s A9500) -->A9800-->S9808(Logitechs A9800)-->S9818/S9819(Razer´s A9800) -->S3988/S3989 -->PMW3310H AM010 Family: AM010(Logitech proprietary)-->PMW3320 PMW3366 Family: PMW3366-->TBA Maybe i make a proper Flowchart with Date´s and stuff, but im lazy.