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  1. If you havent noticed, every Peripheral Forum is full with Fanboys. As for the topic, it depends on what you want besides the already mentioned points(Grip etc.), if you want an easy answer to the original question, the Deathadder, due to better performance.
  2. Well, how many buttons do you need?
  3. woll3


    Swap it with the M45. As for the monitor, it depends on what you want to do and care about.
  4. Not sure where you got your Information from, the problem is simply inherent to A9500, A9800 and derivatives.
  5. Yeah and all of them consist out of listing features and no testing. :>
  6. That shouldnt be called a review, even a press release contains more information. As for the topic, the G502 would offer better performance, so it depends on what you care more about, performance or features.
  7. Florida Man, now available as Bot, what exciting times we are living in.
  8. That depends on the viewpoint, for the consumer the changes have been better tracking due to better firmware(with new MCU), no/bad interpolation, and the change of the M3 switch from TTC to a cheap Panasonic, but the PCB itself is a lot different.
  9. I think the thought here was more, Casual mouse = Casual Games, i would have actually said cookie clicker. Thats rather subjective given weight and shape.
  10. 3305 is actually an acceptable Option for low CPI useage(meaning under 1200), same goes for the A3050 of the Rival 100, where 1000cpi or under are recommendable. I would rather look elsewhere if you plan to use it on ~1600.
  11. It is well known that PAW3305 sucks at upscaling, magnification on the bloody mice is 1.0x at least, with 0.5 the results would be even worse(because 800 is 400 and so on). 1800 is not native btw. CPI itself are a minor reason for jitter when talking about optical systems, it is all about array size and DSP "Power". It´s A4tech.
  12. woll3

    M65 VS G502

    High debounce(which means "button lag" in practice") doesnt prevent doubleclick problems, smart shell design does, which neither the M95 or M65 have in that regard.
  13. It makes more sense to save up, the best you can get in that budget is something with a rather bad A3050 implementation or something that uses office sensors anyway. Altough it should be noted that they are severely limited on W8/8.1/10 and if you plan on playing in any leagues.
  14. Yet AM010 is the more responsive one, even from an objective technical POV, not even talking about Firmware and MCU.
  15. There is quite a bunch to choose from, Asus ROG Sica, Logitech G100S, Ozone Xenon, Roccat Lua, Steelseries Kinzu v3, and the Cougar 230M from the top of my Head. Well, that is rather subjective.
  16. woll3


    Yes. Well, the "medium tier" is standard imo, everything else is below or above. No, as said S3989 is simply S3988 with the capability to interpolate to 10,000cpi,Hardware is unchanged and actual capability is still 8*800 like A9800.
  17. woll3


    S3988 is available to everyone, also everything is PixArt since mid 2012. Thats actually standard, unless you go into the lower end. S3989 is simply S3988 with the capability to interpolate to 10k cpi.
  18. Well, there coems a lot together, weight affects mousemoving exponentially and the G502 also doesnt have a lot of surface area to put force on, not to mention the rather bad feet design, unlike the XTD which despite its weight can be moved around rather easily, altough fatiguing after a while.
  19. Changing from A9500 to something else would require different components and a pcb redesign, which is not justifiable from any kind of POV. Rival (300) uses PMW3310 which is the new mid end standard, Kana v2 used A3090, Kinzu V3 was- and Rival 100 is using A3050, which in combination with good FW is sufficient for low cpi usage, Kana v1 and Kinzu v2 are both using 3305dk which is also sufficient for low cpi usage, the Kana V1 more due to the 0.5 Lens which halves CPI and dpubles malfunction speed, comes with homeopathic doses of angle snapping. Ikari Optical had the A3060 with A3080 SROM, which was basically the only option at that time, and Ikari Laser used ONS which had a really high Updaterate and had huge potential. The only real objective fail has been the Kinzu V1 with the VT5366, which ironically comes from the same company which developed MLT04. That´s relative considering current Options, not to mention that 3310 comes with its own shortcomings.
  20. Given running time and sensor performance, no there isnt anything better than the G602 atm.