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  1. Could be a bit wider, but wasnt uncomfortable for me, if you have the option, try it out somewhere. Well, it also depends on what you are going to do with it, taking myself for example it would be possible to play with it solely due to malfunction speed.
  2. To put it simply. it is what the Sensor is capable of without resorting to trickery or MCU calculations, if certain steps work better than others, is another topic.
  3. 50-6400cpi, scaling done from 800, anything above 6400 is past actual hardwarecapability.
  4. A bit of both, there are a few things wrong with Zowie and also with the 3310, certainly not to an unplayable level, but to a degree that myself and a few other prefer the older generation and even 3050 over the 3310, to put it simply, 3310 isnt as responsive as other options, especially not with Zowie´s implementation (with CY7C64215 and Razer FW), it obviously worked well with A3060 and 3090 but that is no surprise given the similarities to 3888. There is also a reason why a certain company has chosen a more expensive option over 3310 and 3988 despite being technically weaker. As for Zowie themselves, i already talked about how EC1 is just Deathadder 3.5G(both being from Kingsis) with minor changes, and obviously the "ambi PCB" reuse doesnt work well either for people with large hands. Lets just say that the superlative annoys me. Then i would say to give the G303 a try, it is a bit narrower than the M45 but length and height are close to be the same. Sabre Optical would be another alternative.
  5. Going by that even A6010 was perfect. There is more to it than just jitter and Trackinglinearity(which is where the 3310 is actually worse than A3090).
  6. *Californian, also calling 3310 a best is kind of stretching it, especially when paired with an "ancient" MCU in combination with Razer´s 3888 FW, but i dont want to start another discussion.
  7. Most important in the SROM Updates for the consumer was the reduced smoothing, a lot of the "complaints" about 3988 are from a time when everything has gotten ridiculous amounts of it.
  8. If you have liked the 3.0 shapes, i would actually say ROG Gladius, considering that you can swap switches without soldering, on the other Hand G402 outperforms 99% of what is out there. It would be good to tell us where you want to go shapewise. That´s Logitechs brand name in Japan.
  9. Well, it is 3 Years old now, made a little bit of a ruckus because people went "Hurr durr, optical Taipan, omg", unfortunately it is a lot smaller than the Taipan and uses a very early 3988 SROM and has never gotten the Update.
  10. "Low" malfunction speed is not an issue, only a problem to an individual.
  11. Well it tells you what happened in London. As for the game itself, wasted potential given development since the alpha.
  12. So you are saying that A9800 is better than S3988? Troll somewhere else pls. Also you apparently havent read the thread....
  13. S3988 is better and more expensive than PMW3310, given decent/same FW Quality and latest SROM. PMW3310 is obviously the cheapest. A9800 is the most expensive, but also comes with an integrated lightsource, and obv. it is the worst for the end user. But it makes PCB changes necessary, changing overall costs. Higher Updaterate obviously changes the cursorfeel. Trackinglinearity between S3988 and PMW3310 is the same, and maybe you should rethink what Acceleration in combination with g means. Being both based on A9800(which is 800*8), both could have the same capabilities, and while it doesnt matter to you, it does to some, not to mention the plus in marketing. Rather have 6400cpi without lies than 6500 BS ones. It is the mroe potent option and should be used in the "1% Gear", but it isnt in many cases due to casing, PMW3310 is still the same 20-dip as the A3090-A3060 was. I wasnt talking about the pricing of specific products. Regardless, you dont need to link them because i had both here. I couldnt care less about OCN given that certain people cant understand things like CPI not being limited by the array even after being it told for years. And the only source i can publicly name is Skylit, it also should be understandable that i dont share the "in depth" Datasheets or any Names or Companies.
  14. Wth are you talking about, Pixart bought the patents from Avago, so there is only Pixart left, there are no "Avago" or Pixart Variants, it simply is either PMW3310 or it isnt. S3988/3989 and PMW3310 are based on the A9800, altough S3988 offers a different casing, higher FPS and a higher multiplier, and is also more expensive than PMW3310, PMW3310 being the netry to the mid level.
  15. Given potential of 3988/3989, DA has the better Sensor, which is also more expensive, not to mention that Razer´s FW is better anyway than the one from Mionix because Mionix relies/has to rely on the Factory. Btw. the DA actually saves lightning, polling rate and cpi.
  16. No just back to earth and the reality of things, QC issues are happening everywhere, its just the way it is. http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Logitech-G-Mice/G502-Mouse-feet-issues/td-p/1239532 I wouldnt find it so annoying if people wouldnt recommend products who are inferior performancewise, altough that is kind of its own topic. And fyi, im using a Logitech product right now.
  17. And some people had issues with the G9 and were/are running around "Oh Logitech is so bad, quality has gone downhill, hurr durr" and on the other Hand some people used DA for years. Because it didnt sell, easy as that. Then neither is Corsair because of the scrollwheel or Logitech because of the rattling lens and self destructing feet issues, neither is Zowie for a coating that lasts 2 months and Hardware from 2007, i could go on forever with that. :rolleyes:
  18. Well, Logitech has one major advantage, regardless old G9 had some fitting issues with the shells and the Hyperscroll wheel is still wonky AF, also if i want to talk from my personal perspective i could say it is crap performancewise because it is too heavy and has the S9500, debounce time however is very nice.
  19. Well, they use the gaming Version of this Sensor(A5050), cursorpath/jitter itself isnt much better but FPS and malfunction speed are higher.
  20. Well, everything is overpriced crap then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQDwGOyggdQ
  21. It was the other way around, Microsoft even used that for marketing. If you really want Corsair, then get at least the M45 instead(because of better performance), also it is not as "perfect"(because it is simply impossible with a ~50$ Product) as everyone makes it out to be, "doubleclicks" can still occour on the M Series despite the high debounce time and a lot of units have rattling mousewheels. So, just pick whatever shape, features, and performance wise fits / offers the best.
  22. Well, Logitechs AM010 is next to unbeatable when it comes to responsiveness, Castor is just standard 3310, not bad but not really good either, i personally didnt like the shape.
  23. Firmware. It depends on what you like when it comes to fast clicking, if you like to click without a lot of force, then go for the Deathadder, altough depending on grip there are better options. Only somebody who is drunk would recommend standard A9800 over a good S3988 implementation.