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  1. I doubt that, imo most consumers would then just say "f**k it" and go for a cheaper ambidextrous option, the Kiro itself is a good example, 60€ for an A3050 is just insanely high, and unless there is some sort of commitment beforehand, as a brand i wouldnt even start a lefthand only mouse, a good example is the Deathadder which obv. changed its PCB Design from 3.5g to 4g to one without dedicated sidebutton PCB, so a brand new pcb would have been needed to accomodate sidebuttons on the right which apparently wasnt deemed as a feasible option.
  2. Would advise against it anyway considering the pricepoint, which is just ridiculous.
  3. No reason to not believe them? There have been lies from day one, which happened under the old brand called Feenix as well. Also there wouldnt be a need to change Details on the Homepage if they wouldnbt have been caught. As for the weight: http://www.overclock.net/t/1586719/finalmouse-2016-worth-the-wait#post_24765861 Crappy bought in OEM Shell, bought in Firmware that adds delay, internals are poverty tier. Also define lightweight, if it is 90g and under then things like the CM Alcor and TorQ X5o comne to mind.
  4. 76g is the official weight for the new one, which might not be true either, when you click on the "Classic Ergo" you can see how they rephrased it to "At 74 grams pre-cabling" after being called out, reports say its around 90g, but nobody has weighted it while taking pictures, not that it matters as it is trash overall anyway.
  5. Which isnt 76 grams.
  6. PMW3320, it is also based on an OEM Design which is for example used by the Fühlen CO300.
  7. woll3

    Hate for Razer

    Issues, no not really, it does what it does, however the problem is what is done with it, 3310 is actually newer than 3988 and is simply a nerfed version in a different casing meant as the entry to the mid end, while practically the only real difference are FPS it is imo a downgrade as it has an impact on cursor behaviour above 1m/s. So imo the only two acceptable cases to use 3310 over 3988 are either a lower priced product(which the Naos isnt) or if a company doesnt have the means to use 3988(which laview is able to). Using 3310 and interpolation for 70€ is imo not acceptable. As for "issues", every A9800 has the same anyway, that being smoothing. Are they? DA Chroma´s Street price is the same as Naos 7000´s. Also in regards to Zowie i just have to mention Kingsis.
  8. woll3

    Hate for Razer

    What issue? Thge 3310 is just an inferior version of 3988 inside a 20-dip casing, altough one could actually argue that all A9800 variants are crap. Not to mention that Razer's FW capabilities are better than nearly everyone elses.
  9. woll3

    Hate for Razer

    Implying that 3989 is worse than 3310.
  10. woll3

    Hate for Razer

    ? Neither have i read your post, nor quoted you.
  11. He is actually right, altough not for recognizing the Z-Axis as XY Movement, the current problem with (Razer's) PTE is what became known as "Dynamic CPI Scaling"(called sensor damping by Mad Catz) which reduces the cpi during slow movements and no movement to make sure that changes in the Z-Axis arent moving the cursor. In my personal opinion it is worse than the smoothing of the A9800/3988/3989/3310, however for very high sens in combination with a hard pad PTE is a viable choice. What i was getting at is that we shouldnt compare apples with oranges, because then the weight cannot be downplayed by "being just a quarter difference", especially in regards to actual size.
  12. 30g means physical acceleration, not cursor related(wasnt it also 8g?), regardless, both of those use A5050 which is an Office sensor, so it would be better to save your money for now.
  13. Comparing it to the average doesnt make much sense considering the amount of wireless mice.
  14. Yeah, but by that logic we would still have A3060.
  15. You just proved his point with your selection, ´which includes mostly casual and singleplayer games. Then why would you recommend office mice with a MSRP of 100 dollars?
  16. I hate to bring it up again but that isnt true, reusing old FW and just updating when a component goes EOL is rather "lazy", also nothing has been fixed in the EC when comparing it to deathadder, and whatever is going on the Firmware doesnt work really well with PMW3310. Well, the exact differences have to be seen, especially the 16.000cpi are worrying me as Logitech didnt go that far even tough 3366 would be capable of such multipliers, but only at a performance cost. Also PMW3310 was never high end.
  17. Im really not sure if this guy is trolling, or is this normal in NA?
  18. It is getting OT but i am going to let this drag on. It was you who has challenged the idea of gaming peripherals. And yet there are better performing options for a lower price tag, so it doesnt even matter, especially considering that OP never stated that he needs wireless. That contradicts what you said before, doing "proper settings" wouldnt be necessary if humans are blind moles with parkinsons. I couldnt care less about your "real science" and rather care about my own experience, and what i have seen with my own eyes, and that includes having seen people who get motion sick when they are playing QL with just 60hz, wheres your science in such cases? And the one circle jerking is you, basically saying that certain products are unnecessary because you dont know how to take advantage of them, its like saying Soccer shoes are unnecessary because i can run with sneakers just fine. I actually think that you are just in complete denial because you dont perform well in video games, if you cant tell the difference between 125hz polling and 500hz, i would suggest to see a doctor because something is wrong with you.
  19. Google is your friend. If somebody can take advantage of whatever gear somebody is buying is one topic, but basically you are recommending sub par products for gaming because your own performance is sub par? Not to mention that it isnt only about the Eyes and it also isnt only about reacting as moving a mouse is an action where you expect a certain response. I also take you linking me to PCMR in any way as an insult. Which is just wrong. First up, Polling rate isnt response time, only mice with good FW and Sensors actually achieve sending a signal in 1ms or under. Second, Polling rate mostly affects the fluidity/smoothness of the cursor/crosshair, something that probably even a 60 year old Grandmother would be able to see. Science is exactly what is going on with mice. Thats what you should do, considering that you are projecting your sub par standards onto others.
  20. Yeah ESL One is so casual, also you dont have to be "pro" to notice differences in performance, especially when they are that big.
  21. Even if we leave wireless out, we are stuck with sub par malfunction speed, a sub par cursor path at higher cpi and 125hz polling only, not to mention the weight of that thing, and im pretty sure that neither the debounce times nor the CPI Variance during movement are good.
  22. woll3

    Razer Hate?

    Actually one Product saves the settings, why the others dont is a mytery considering that the possibility is there by default,
  23. Nope, because "high" settings are achieved via subdividing of the native array.
  24. To simply have more mousing space, especially offline.