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  1. Hello, I own a blue yeti 3 and I noticed that the arm stand for it at-least here in Australia is really expensive (basically the same price as the microphone itself) Does anyone know of any arm stands that are compatible and preferably not $200? and doesn't require too many extra pieces? Cheers
  2. Im looking at building a completely new PC from the ground up (by no means new to this part) However I have been waiting for Nvidia/AMD to unveil their new GPU (as I'm sure many of you have been as-well) While I already know that every other aspect of my build is currently available and i already have a GTX1070. Would it be worth buying every other part assembling it with the 1070 and then purchasing the new card as planned or wait until new card launch and then purchase everything?
  3. G'day So as by the title, I'm planning to build my home network which will store a whole bunch of crap. My current rough plan is laid as following Main storage server( in raid 5 probably) gets synced to an unraided NAS (acting as a backup/redundancy) and anything I need a hard backup of (bank statements etc) will also get backed up onto an external drive that is offsite. My main question is related to software. Am I better off just using VMWare as an OS for the main storage server and just running VMs seeing as I would also like to host some small game servers (local, no more than 5 people) as well as file storage? Also, hypothetically say I have 2 raid cards with 8 drives each, hardware raid 5 and I software stripe them together (for like raid 50), will this RAID setup also be read by a new VM trying to access the drives? Would FreeNAS be a good solution for the unraided NAS? all it needs to do is to actively sync to the main server in case something gets deleted off the main server and I need a backup? If I do go down the route of VMWare for the main server, should I use a windows VM to handle to storage and raiding aspect of it? What are VMs would you recommend I run? Thanks for reading and any advice or articles I should read would be greatly appreciated, I am very much a noob when it comes to the software side of networking.
  4. So to make life easier, I'm better off just running display port cables direct from my GPUs to the monitor? I'd probably still use a Thunderbolt dongle to power everything else (keyboard andn such) for minimal cable clutter
  5. Sorry for the confusion. I mean having 2 cards in the computer case, then from the computer case using thunderbolt (from my mobo) to plug into a dongle that in turn powers my monitor and stuff
  6. Howdy, So I just finished watching "the personal rig update 2015" (i know I'm late but better late than never!). This unique build has inspired me to undertake a similar project for my personal rig. My question is, taking into consideration I'm most likely going to be using cards in an SLI or CrossFire configuration. Won't running everything through a Thunderbolt port on my mobo to a dongle to power my monitor/keyboard/ mouse basically defeat the purpose of having 2GPU's or even 1 as they won't be used? I'm curious cause I remember one incident I plugged an HDMI cable into my mobo instead of my then GTX970 (drunken mishap) and I could not run sh!t until the cable was plugged back into the GPU.
  7. Correct, no power to USB ports. Everything internally connected (fan headers and pci-e lanes) all appear to provide power as anything connected to them does power up While i cant test the GPU on a new mobo, even when I removed the GPU entirely and cleared CMOS I am faced with the same issue. So I don't believe that the GPU is an issue seeing as its not plugged in and we still have the same problem.
  8. G'day, thanks for reading this, I'll try my best to keep it short and simple. ISSUE: PC powers on All fans and flashy LEDs light up No output to monitor, or any other devices plugged into motherboard (like mouse and keyboard, GPU and everything powers up) Things i have tried, all lead to same outcome: Unplugged GPU Cleared CMOS (via battery removal) Changed RAM slots Added an extra stick of RAM Changed RAM sticks entirely, from Kingston to Corsair Made sure monitor worked by plugging laptop into it. (Monitor works fine) Tried connecting directly from mobo to monitor (tried both DVI and HDMI) Swore at it (didn't work as well as i thought it would) I personally think the mobo has died, but i'd like to see if anyone else has some more ideas or thoughts to offer. Thanks a bunch
  9. G'day G'day So I got my hands on a new flashy intel SSD, and was curious if anyone knows an application I can install on my WinPE image (win10) that will allow me to migrate windows to the new drive and keep my data off the old drive If such an application exists great, my follow up questions are, Do I need to change the drive letters around so new SSD will be C: and current will become D: Also, will any complication arise once I delete windows from the old drive? (providing its installed on the new drive) Cheers
  10. Is there a reliable website that i can buy mobile phones unlocked that deliver to Australia, because being the phone junkie i am i was disappointed to see i can't find anywhere that delivers the droid turbo and such to Australia? if you know anywhere reliable online or store that would be helpful, cheers