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  1. So I saw this video on YouTube and thought "what better way to see Linus (or Luke #BringBackLuke) completely fry a 1080ti?" After all Linus has already delided a 6700k, why not blow up a video card? Maybe have it in the vein of those manly videos that Linus likes so much. Just a thought. #BringBackLuke
  2. I'm putting this here, because I am 90% sure that Ubisoft is just trying to fix this without informing anyone. I started getting e-mails this past week that my account and password had been changed with Ubisoft. At first I thought this was a phising scam. But the websites they linked me to worked out. However the site that it links to is just a page where you have to find your region specific support. The phone number listed there informs you that if your problem is not specifically that you can't log in then you are SOL over the phone. If you follow the link to the region support then you have to log in to do live chat. But of course live chat has a high volume. Suspicious. If you go over to the Ubisoft forum there is a note there that you should change your password. All this leads me to believe that Ubisoft has been hacked, but they aren't telling anyone. Further their customer support is a joke. Just keep digging Ubi. NOTE TO MODS: If you need to move this because it is not "news" I understand. But I think this qualifies.
  3. About two years ago when Comcast and Netflix were in court I had this issue. Was watching a show on Netflix and it just kept buffering. Switched over to the same show on Xfinity and it loaded right away and streamed in HD. Back to Netflix and it throttled. Opened Speed Test. Told me that My speeds were fine. So yeah, Comcast is doing for internet what Volkswagon did with cars. "Is this a test? OK lets lie."
  4. One thing to keep in mind is this is using Netflix servers. So you might get 100Mbps from other sites. But the point is that Comcast is actively throttling their competition.
  5. EDIT: I decided to add a poll to this. ------------------------------------------------- So Netflix released on Wednesday Fast.com. The purpose of the site is to test how fast your internet connection is. Gotta love that last line. "The results should be similar in most cases." In my opinion this was created as a direct jab at Comcast. It is well known that Comcast has throttled Netflix in the past. The point here is to hold Comcast's feet to the fire and make sure they are doing their job. So are they? You tell me. I'm paying for 70Mbps. Original source: http://bgr.com/2016/05/18/netflix-speed-test-isp-fast-download/
  6. The only 6.5u spacebar I can find is from Max Keycaps and is black and translucent.
  7. So for the long keys (shift, enter, space) the keyboard either has a stablizer bar or dummy swtiches to make sure that when you press on any part of the key (not just where the switch is) that the switch gets pressed. If there is a stablizer bar, then you have to be very careful pulling off the keys. On this keyboard you can just pull up and not have to worry about taking it off the switch then moving it off the stablizer bar. If you are still confused take a look at Luke's Ultimate Keycap guide.
  8. The astute among you may notice a couple of things. First that I have some extra keys. This is because I ordered a 104 set for my TK wich is basically a TKL+. So I have all the num keys and PrtScrn and so on. Second, you may notice that I did not change out the spacebar or the CTRL keys. This is because WASD does not have those keys in the sizes I need. Row 4 of this keyboard is non-standard, so yeah. I have to work with what I got. However, i can get 1.5u for the CTRL keys from other places. Third, you may notice that the OS keys are not Tux. My guess is I forgot to mention that when I put in the order. That is OK as I was planing to change those to Trifoce keys anyway. Fourth, the F5-F11 are media keys and not F keys. I wanted this. and it looks AWESOME! Fifth, This is board with dummy switches, which makes changing out the keycaps MUCH easier than other kinds of boards. All in all this was a pretty good keycaps switch. Some of the keys are not quite down all the way, although I suppose that after some use they will fix themselves. Let me know what y'all think.
  9. In the box Separated by row number The F keys. A beginning Rows 1 and 2 The num pad Look it's WASD Finished assembling Extra keys Taking off the first few keys This board has dummy switches Always clean up! All the caps gone A pile of keycaps The F keys (Part 2). The finished board ILLUMINATED!!!
  10. skip to about 49 min to see Jay explain why this isn't just typical copying.
  11. I can agree with the assessment here. I have had mine for about a week and I love my keyboard. I am however getting custom keys for mine.
  12. saw this update today. Looks like we get to see the heat spreaders. Also looks like it will include USB Type C Source: http://techreport.com/news/28450/skylake-boards-from-biostar-are-coming-in-august