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  1. Would a gtx 1080 make a huge difference in cities skylines Currently 7th gen i7 GTX 770 GB ram 256Gb ssd
  2. Whats better two gtx 770 4gb classified addition or a gtx 1080 and spend more. How much more performance can get for each one?
  3. A pair of Kanto Yumblk speakers for my girlfriends vinyl setup http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AMAJG94/ref=s9_simh_gw_p23_d0_i1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=desktop-1&pf_rd_r=07BCG5ZHXT98KKBJTJM4&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=2079475242&pf_rd_i=desktop
  4. user name: Jeromy FAvorite videos:https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  5. I have a ps4 and a gaming pc. I want to find a way to be able to hear the ps4 and the pc at the same time. i use toslink cables because i have a dedicated dac/amp that only has one input.
  6. I love the case because it's better than mine.
  7. I Love Linus Tech. Because of this channel i was introduced to pc gaming and how amazing it is. I enjoy supporting and seeing the community and channel grow.
  8. I really like the construction quality
  9. Im looking for a new router that would be good for steam's new in home streaming that will be coming soon. Any suggestions i would like to keep it under 100$.
  10. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/sports/broncos/broncos-dt-terrance-knighton-shares-super-bowl-xlviii-week-with-fans-through-google-glass01272014 DENVER - Ever wonder what it's like to experience Super Bowl week as a player? Denver Broncos' defensive tackle Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton will be wearing Google Glass this week to offer fans that very thing as he prepares for Super Bowl XLVIII. Knighton will be donning the head-mounted mini-computer that works through voice commands and shoots video through an optical display, according to the Mile High Report. It's the first time an NFL player will be using Google Glass to capture their journey to Super Bowl Sunday firsthand. He said he believe this is what Broncos fans have been waiting for. "I think they'll like it. As much technology as there is out there, they've been waiting for something like this. This is the closest they'll get without actually being with us," Knighton told the MHR. When asked if his efforts to master the technology will affect his big game preps, Knighton said, "Come Wednesday, it's back to focusing and going through our regular regimen." Knighton has already uploaded several Google Glass videos to his Google Plus and YouTubepages providing a rare looks at the voyage the team has taken from Denver to New Jersey. Watch a few of the videos below: "Your coming with me to the Super Bowl (mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/1gk2zrB)":
  11. http://techland.time.com/2014/01/23/south-korea-leads-5g-race/. South Korea and China implementing 5G network by 2020 they say you can download whole movie in one second
  12. Im looking for some headphones that are audiophile grade and that are closed headphones. No mic and that are not heavy in bass. I like sennheiser but there not closed headphones. Can anyone give me any recommendations under 300$
  13. If i get a tuner card will i be able to get all of my channels on direct tv for example like HBO. Im just confused. If some one can explain if this is possible and how i do this.