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  1. Kick Starter Apple Watch Mod

    -link removed- that I wanted to share with this community. I didn't know where else to put this so I put this here. This is made by my brother-in-law in Idaho. He really dislikes square watches, so he made this.
  2. Free game with 1080 ti

    Nvidia's site.
  3. Free game with 1080 ti

    I've pre-ordered my 1080 ti via nVidia's site and I'm still waiting for the thing to come in. I didn't get a notification on a free game but noticed if you order through nVidia's website, there's an option to get one of two games. Has anyone got their preordered 1080ti yet with a free game?
  4. Will the gtx 1080ti be worth the money

    Now with official results out, I'd say it does. Not by much, but even by two whole frames, it does...
  5. 1080ti

    I don't know... I have the Asus PG279Q. 165hz 2560x1440p ips monitor. I definitely can tell the difference from 90fps and 144fps. Yes, 90fps is smooth enough, so is 60fps, but when you can push 120fps+, it's night and day. When my 1080ti comes in the mail, all hell will break loose!
  6. Will the gtx 1080ti be worth the money

    If it pushes frames faster than a Titan xp, it's worth it.
  7. Pre-ordered! 1080ti!

    Yup! Haha. Price to performance ratio slays!
  8. Pre-ordered! 1080ti!

  9. Pre-ordered! 1080ti!

    Yes sir
  10. Pre-ordered! 1080ti!

    Geforce.com. Checked an hour later and the button to pre-order changed to "notify me".
  11. Pre-ordered! 1080ti!

    Pre-ordered! Just wanted to yell it here. Super excited! I think I might even do an unboxing video...
  12. PS4 Beat 'em up games

    Hell yeah I would play that again! shiet...
  13. PS4 Beat 'em up games

    Anyone know a game on the PS4 that's like X-Men legends that can be played co-op online with a complete campaign?
  14. Help with text message!

    Well this sucks
  15. Help with text message!

    I don't receive text from one person in group only text. I have a Nexus 6p, she has a Galaxy S5. I can receive her direct texts, but when we're in a group, I don't get it at all. I receive everyone else's text all other groups but hers. We're both on att, and I still get her direct texts, so I ha e know idea why.