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Everything posted by Dimensionz

  1. first video I can remember watching was the HAF-X unboxing
  2. Wake up, first thing I do is turn PC on, stays on all day till I go to bed. /repeat.
  3. Yeah yeah. Tweeted @Dimensionz_ https://twitter.com/Dimensionz_
  4. PCCaseGear for almost everything. Austin Computers for big items like speakers and monitors.
  5. Reppin' dat Corsair 600T White Edition
  6. Yeah rooms pretty clean, only mess is dog hair and thats kinda heavy I guess and is always on the floor. Only have to clean PC every 6months.
  7. No idea, i'm living in Australia as well, temps never go above 70C even with stock fans on low settings. Just using stock pull setup with my case side panel always off.
  8. Haha ahh okay, yeah I dont know whats up with that.
  9. Really? I thought the voltages were a bit high for the clock?!?
  10. Intel! https://twitter.com/Dimensionz_/status/314997816625885184
  11. look at my re run with my gpu overlocked :P http://i.imgur.com/KKdaPIA.png
  12. Re did the benchmark with my GPU slightly overlocked, it was at 780mhz stock.
  13. Hahah if I had money id consider it. :D
  14. using the latest nvidia drivers btw
  15. i5 2500k @ 4.5GHZ / GTX580 @ Stock clocks (will do a re run later with the card overclocked) / 16GB RAM, see my forum sig for more system specs,
  16. may I ask why your 2500k is running at stock speeds?
  17. Xfire Hours http://classic.xfire.com/profile/dimensionz95/
  18. Silverstone Strider Plus 850w + 2x 710ml V energy drinks oh and $3 hot chips from the deli