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    Montevideo, Uruguay
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    Motherboard Asus P8H77-M
    Cpu: I5 3470
    Gpu: Asus GTX 660ti Dcu II
    Ram: 16 GB 1833Mhz
    HDD: 1 TB
    OS: Win 7 professional
  1. Got a contrat for LTE and it said up to "20/2" and got this. And the funny part is this thats my home speed of fiber 80/10. MY CONTRACT OF 25 BUCKS BEASTS THE 75 ONE. Bad luck the lte one is cap at 3gigs.
  2. Lol my bad. Its has to be or it may be the connection of my ISP to the world. Specifically to their servers
  3. I was trying to wach a Source stream that have all the bells and wisles. And the steam was choppy and laggy. At first i thoght it was the internet but no. The conection was as all ways. And I have 0 ideas my pc is conected via Ethernet. And no one is in the line exept for my phone but it wass off. Any idea?
  4. Fix. Thnx for the help to everyone http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1986480
  5. Didn't at the moment since the rooting of the phone was made by my father. And he didn't back it up. Try to create a back up and use a Hexa editor. But im not finding the efs back up only. Any idea?
  6. Hi everyone i recently flash a custom rom in my note 2 sgh-i317. I only back up the data and system of the phone. To be cleared I was running CM11 nightly working fine. Put the new rom to test it and wean I start using it the IMEI was lost and the baseband too. So I decided to go back to the "safe point" but everytime I try to restore CM11 gets stuck in a bootloop and the only way to use the phone was to put back dn3 3.1.1. So I decided to look how to repair it with out luck. I have the IMEI right in the pc so I have it in a place that I dont need to take the back. If someone can help I would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  7. The new screen looks awsom and the fist bump frome luke and you is nice. Good luck to everyone.
  8. The brushed aluminum and the thinnes. Good luck
  9. I have a GTX 660ti and the monitor Im runing a LG E2242 and Windows 8.1, I achive 2560x1440. But Its a bit blurry. In game performance i didnt see a big hit.
  10. The best thing are the speakers. I did have a HTC One X and the sound was mhee. But wean I try my dad's One with boom sound, it blow me away . Good luck to everyone.
  11. My LTE 26 bucks for 3Gigs My home conection 80/10 for 55 bucks unlimited