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  1. iWearKiltz

    How good is a GTX 660Ti at this moment in time?

    If you've video Linus' videos recently, then you should know that these TI cards are just a filler between the card above it and the the reference original card. at 1080p, nothing that powerful will be required, so a 660ti wouldn't be a bad bet, but like others have said 7950 may also take your fancy. check out benchmarks for the games you want to play and the 660ti, subtract 10-25fps and that's a possibility to what games may be in a years time. Just remember, 30fps is playable but will not immerse you fully in the game. iWearKiltz
  2. to check the people who have retweeted: https://twitter.com/LinusTech/status/339654562858278912 to check that i've still retweeted it https://twitter.com/iWearKiltz good luck to everyone!
  3. good luck to everyone. but honestly, wouldn't mind this myself :)
  4. iWearKiltz

    Sexy Cases

    Think my vote has to go on the 650t. That's completely unbiased as my case is very ugly and can't compare even to half of these posted on this thread. So just by looking over, the white 600t,wow!