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  1. I found you guys through a coolermaster case review, been loving it ever since!
  2. I'll test out my Dad's 840's then and see how I like em. I mean, they sound great from what I've heard so far mainly just playing Battlefield 3 with them. Maybe even get the 940's if I wait a couple months. Thanks!
  3. Are the SHURE 940s basically an upgrade from the 840s?
  4. What is the difference between the 80 ohm and the 32 or 250 ohm variants?
  5. My dad actually has a pair of these, I haven't used them too much for music though. Perhaps I should give them a test run?
  6. Basically I listen to a lot of Monstercat, which covers various ranges of eletronica. I was wondering what would be a good headset for these types of music? I don't enjoy too much bass, as I believe it should be felt and not heard (Subwoofer + speakers). I prefer clear and crisp melodies and vocals, but I don't want the entire low section of a piece to be left blank. I was thinking possibly the Sennheiser 449s as they are within a decent budget for me (Less than 150$) can anyone speak as to what might be a better alternative? I prefer closed headphones as I will use them in public frequently.
  7. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/behringer-microamp-ha400-headphone-amp This type of thing?
  8. Me and my friends are going to do gameplay videos of Super Mario Bros WiiU, problem is, we have no idea how we should split the audio so that we can all listen to it (if that is even possible). Obviously the TV would probably lead to it being picked up on our microphone, and that would sound bad. Any thoughts as to how we could do this?
  9. Simply put, I want to know how a workstation mobo/cpu combo would perform in gaming compared to say a i5 2500k (my current cpu). I wish to know because I would think render times would reduce within sony vegas (Correct me if I am wrong) as I frequently render videos related to my Let's Plays. I just want to play at a steady fps at 1080p, and hope that a workstation (with a decent graphics card of course) could provide said experience, and perhaps reduce render times. Thanks!
  10. What program do you use for editing?
  11. Basically just a shameless self plug channel for those that enjoy the hobby and would like to see others' techniques and entertainment. Post freely! I manage a small crew of Let's Players, we mainly focus on action games but I have branched out to turn based strategy as of recently. My older videos are not very high quality so I don't reccomend them, however my newer ones are recorded with better equipment. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/user/SFLetsPlays