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  1. Oops I just submitted this topic myself, let me go delete it. On an aside note: Aside from Apple liking money, those guidelines were also originally put in place to guard against third-party app stores like Cydia making their way onto the legit App Store. EDIT - Mods beat me to my own post lol. Sorry about that @Morgan MLGman
  2. Article by The Verge: https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/5/17430532/apple-app-store-rules-valve-steam-link-game-streaming Originally Steam Link was refused submission to the App Store on the grounds that it gave access to the Steam Store, a third-party marketplace, through which content could be bought and experienced on the iOS app without ever involving Apple in the transaction. Apple doesn't like being left out of this because a) They like money, but more importantly b) These guidelines were originally put in place to stop third-party app stores (like Cydia) from making their way onto iOS. The revisions now make an exception for apps that don't facilitate the purchase of software in the app itself, meaning that Steam Link will now have the green light for its iOS release, users just wont be able to peruse/purchase Steam games through Steam Link, they'll have to do that at their computers.
  3. Out of curiosity, if you change the background to a darkish colour (but not actually black), does it still show it after another restart? The lockscreen could be automatically using it to make sure you can still see the time against a bright background, although I don't know why it would just randomly change this behaviour after a restart.
  4. Dargenfire

    How can I protect the back of my Switch?

    I dunno. Nevertheless, I'd rather have a not-super durable accessory over a damaged console.
  5. Dargenfire

    How can I protect the back of my Switch?

    Looks like it's available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Nyko-Portable-Docking-Kit-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B071X7C1B4 EDIT: Looks like it doesn't release until October 31st
  6. Dargenfire

    Keyboard Showdown - What Should I Buy?

    2 year owner of original K70 RGB here (with the non-gamery font on the keycaps). Corsair's keyboards feel solid af with a metal backplate and the wrist rest is super nice. Their software is also the most fleshed out IMO. Don't go for the Logitech 810. Romer-G switches are a very mixed bag, and they have a different stem which prevents you from switching to a different set of keycaps later on down the road. If you're interested in Logitech, look at the 610. It's identical except it's non-RGB but it uses Cherry MX switches. I'd avoid Razer because of their shaky rep for build quality and repair support. I've never really been into Duckys, but I've heard nothing but praise from Ducky owners. If you want a plain aesthetic and really good build quality, go Ducky.
  7. Dargenfire

    How can I protect the back of my Switch?

    It's not just Dbrand specifically. The Switch's plastic doesn't like a few chemicals. I've seen damage done to after some did a cool looking mod with paint and even PVA glue.
  8. Dargenfire

    How can I protect the back of my Switch?

    I'd get a silicone case, so as to avoid as much cosmetic damage as possible. Bonus if you could find one that's thin enough to fit in the dock.
  9. Dargenfire

    How can I protect the back of my Switch?

    ^^ You can get a plastic shell or a case, but because vinyls are a no-go, there's no real protective thing you can put on the back that will still allow you to dock it easily.
  10. Dargenfire

    games exchange

    You can only do this for games that are "Xbox Play Anywhere" compatible, and it's a newish feature so you might only be able to get a small portion of your Xbox games on your PC. Here's a list of Play Anywhere compatible games, from Microsoft's website: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/xbox-play-anywhere
  11. Dargenfire

    Audio VIsualizing Software

    Since you're using Premiere to edit the podcast, After Effects has a visualiser effect which you can drag and drop onto an audio track and use effect controls to change how it looks. This might be easier for you since you can edit the podcast in Premiere first, and then link that click directly to After Effects.
  12. Dargenfire

    RAID for gaming pc build?

    RAID 1 Is the way to go If you want reliability. RAID 1 stripes two drives, meaning that they are a mirror copy of each other. The disadvantage to RAID 1 is that you get half the storage you paid for, since the same information is being stored on both drives. RAID 1 will give you higher read speeds (because there's two drives with the same information to pull from, therefore double the theoretical bandwidth) but it will maintain normal write speeds, because new data has to be written to both drives. If one drive in a RAID 1 array fails, the array will continue to operate normally (even if it happens while your computer is running), allowing you to keep your data intact, and even put in a new drive to set up a RAID array again. I have friends who do freelance video and film production, and most of their mass storage systems use RAID 1 because they cannot afford to lose any bit of footage. That was using hardware RAID cards though. If you're not going to be doing stuff like 24/7 drive operation, then software RAID (through Windows) will be much more reliable.
  13. Dargenfire

    Can I handle it?

    Your PSU will last much longer and deliver more consistent power if it's peak load is not too close to it's maximum capacity, plus it's good to give yourself headroom if you want to overclock or upgrade in the future.
  14. Dargenfire

    Can I handle it?

    I reckon that's a little bit too tight for my taste. Vega 64 with Air Cooler is rated for 295W Vega 64 with water cooling is rated for 345W Go with a 650W and at least 80+ rated PSU
  15. Dargenfire

    Can I handle it?

    Sorry but it looks like Coffee Lake won't support LGA1151 https://www.extremetech.com/computing/253580-asrock-confirms-intels-coffee-lake-cpus-will-require-new-motherboard-socket
  16. No harm done The English phrase "bite the dust" means "to die"
  17. I believe the term you're looking for is "bite the bullet"
  18. Dargenfire

    My ram usage is always at 100%

    If you open Task Manager, you can see what programs/processes are taking up your RAM.
  19. Dargenfire

    Best Bag for Security

    Just get a padlock with a smaller ring.
  20. Dargenfire

    Ryzen 3, what more to do with it?

    In a realistic scenario, each platform should be running the fastest speed it will manage whilst maintaining stability. Zen's CCX interconnect - Infinity Fabric - benefits from higher clocks speeds, so why wouldn't you run both Intel and AMD CPUs at the fastest speed they can respectively achieve?
  21. Dargenfire

    bypassing secure boot

    Have you tried "password"?
  22. Dargenfire

    Good police game/simulator for android?

    GTA but the opposite
  23. Dargenfire

    20Mb/s limitation on my powerline adapter

    Running a really long CAT cable would still net you bettter speeds, especially if you go wiith CAT6A, with it's thicker insulation allowing for higher bandwidth over a fairly long distance. If you'll need to have part of the cable run outside, get an external-rated cable.