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  • CPU
    Pentium G3258 (soon to be i7)
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Z97i-plus
  • RAM
    8 GB Corsair vengeance
  • GPU
    GTX 970 STRIX
  • Case
    Corsair 250D
  • Storage
    120 GB kingston (boot) .240 GB crucial (important stuff). 1TB seagate (mass storage)
  • PSU
    750 W cheapo psu
  • Cooling
    seidon 240m with corsair sp120
  • Keyboard
    razer blackwidow 2013 model
  • Mouse
    razer spectre
  • Sound
    creative Aurvana live
  • Operating System
    windows 7 pro (soon to be win 10)
  1. the reason i am thinking of doing it is because i am switching to itx and i still want my high cap drives with me but the case is limiting me to 1 HDD and 2 SSD's. i got 2 ssd's for most used games but i really want my mass storage for movies and all the other stuff. and the enclosure is TBD atm. but i am looking into the icy box line of external hdd usb 3 enclosures and the drives is some seagate 1tb drives. and i will be using usb 3 for the connection . thanks for the reply
  2. so i have this idea about moving my HDD out of my pc and into a external enclosure like https://www.amazon.com/Mediasonic-ProRaid-HUR5-SU3-Drive-Enclosure/dp/B01ARJ7F92/ref=sr_1_179?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1464838521&sr=1-179 and use it for games and etc. is it possible and stable to play games off a enclosure like that?
  3. that is wierd... what board and version are you on?
  4. i just installed a new pc and downloaded the latest AI suite and there is no form of fan xpert settings
  5. so it seems like asus have removed the Fan xpert from their download site for the z97 boards
  6. i recived a seidon 240 from a friend and on 1 of the standoffs are there missing some black tape. can i still use it or should i not use it?
  7. hello i have intel G3258 and i am searching for a good motherboard that can OC the hell out of it . and if you have some tips for a good and stable OC. i have been looking at the msi h87i ac and the : Asus 787i-pro. i am new to overclocking and hoping for a little help Thanks for reading
  8. i have a Coolermaster n600 and i want a loop in it but i dont know what kind of radiators i can fit in it please i need some help
  9. zadye


    serius dude .. you need to post the rest. i cant wait to see the madness of this build
  10. i have a msi 990fxa-gd8a0 and i have a 120 gb ssd that i have to find a new place to. and now i have idea of using it as a cache
  11. hey dude. i just love this card and when my m8 said it could go up to 3 of em. then i couldent resist.
  12. how much power would 3 x gtx 760 gigabyte rev2 and a amd 8350 non oc use ? im going to make a new rig and are in a bit of a pickle when it comes to power consumtion. so it would be great with some help