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  1. This is an example of what happens to me in most games except the game showing is assassins creed odyssey and it is by far the worst since my fps isnt really even good but still has bad stuttering, this is with all settings at maximum and i had my resolution scaling at 140%. Also i suppose worth mentioning it is currently installed onto a hard drive that isn't particularly fast but as i understand that doesnt affect fps as much as it does loading textures and load times in general. The 140% resolution scaling is the only reason the gpu usage is so high otherwise its at about 60-80% with ACO specifically.
  2. Honestly like id pay like 6-800 dollars for a new cpu mobo combo at the moment even if my fps increase is minor but it makes my frametimes consistent and removes my suttering its so aggravating. Having 160 fps but stutters to like 60 or 80 here and there is worse than playing at a fixed like 60 or 80 i swear.
  3. Have my i5-8600k overclocked @1.2volts 4.5ghz fixed
  4. Actually i was looking at this the other day and the only abnormal thing i really seen was windows audio device graph isolation was taking up between 8-20% cpu usage its not present now but its only there when i start gaming and especially when i join a discord call.
  5. I've got some g skill ddr4 2400mhz ram i believe not sure what channel or whatever its running in never really bothered with that.
  6. hmm well i dont know i just notice everyone always saying to me that an i5 is enough but how is it that all my cores are always maxed out and my gpu usage goes hella down in a lot of titles.
  7. Using a hyper 212 evo thermals are decent never go about 65c gaming.
  8. Sometimes i start questioning with how much people swear by these i5's if something in my system has been fundamentally wrong but its happened over multiple different psus and mobos and cpus at this point so i think its just i5s are below the performance i always want.
  9. Lol look at this gta 5 menu stutter its so bad i cant even move my mouse it just teleports around lol.
  10. THIS DUDE everytime ive got a new cpu i always just go for the i5 because its cheaper my first cpu was a 4690k and i got it because my friend said a i7-4790k was pointless and useless if you are just gaming. I didn't know anything about pcs around then. Now this i5-8600k is struggling super hard now, like in assassins creed odyssey I had a fps drop to 4 with the cpu cores hitting all 100% and my gpu usage went down to 2% at that time as well. I just want a strong ass cpu that has smt or hyperthreading that doesnt ever go above high usages so i dont have to worry about my gpu not being able to be fully utilized.
  11. I'm playing at 1440p 165hz monitor. IDK my cpu seems to always be an issue in every game its hitting like 70-100% on the cores and then i start experiencing extreme stutters its just not very fun to play like that like look at gta 5 here ill post an image. My gpu usage is super low my fps is still good but i get stuttering once the cores go a bit higher.
  12. Well I think I read with the new chips they may have found a way to increase the fps in games to be more in line with Intel's
  13. Definitely need a new cpu tho this 8600k causes massive stuttering in many games like borderlands 3 pegged at 85-100 usage and it makes my gpu usage his like 31 and I had a fps drop as low as 14 lmao
  14. Think I may wait if I can for the new ryzen chips and see what they get me since they also have pcie 4
  15. Yeah but as I said I want to get a new Mobo since my usbs don't work and if im going to do that I may as well upgrade to a new platform that being lga 1200 or am4
  16. Yeah but does the 10600k have hyper threading ive made the mistake buying i5s in the past and always wish I bought the i7
  17. So I just got a 3080 and realized my i5-8600k bottlenecks it harder than I thought it would and want to upgrade, my motherboard is also starting to screw up as my usbs dont work. I was thinking of getting the 10700k or the 3700x or something like that but was wondering if there was anything better I could do or if it's worth waiting for ryzen 4 or 5000 series whatever the name may be.
  18. Yeah thanks for the reply i looked at some benchmarks with better cpus and it doesnt seem like they get much better fps than i do in far cry 5 specifically this isnt the only game im interested in playing obviously but just was using it for a comparison. I still want to upgrade my motherboard and cpu at some point soon though since its the motherboard i feel is starting to die since my usb ports on it hardly work and i cant even shut down my pc without manually holding the power button. Figured id upgrade to ryzen when the new 4000 series of them comes out maybe.
  19. Ah I see at least now overall is a good time for me to upgrade cpu in the coming bit since i think i remember seeing amd is going to be announcing new cpus if im not mistaken so ill see what's available then. Thanks for all your guys replies and help, i never realized that 70% cpu usage was bottlenecking for some reason was under the impression it was only at 100%.
  20. I maybe total payed like 80$ more than an american would the card for you on newegg.com is 739$ which is 987$ cad and then tax is 0.13% which adds another 128$ to it making it 1115$.
  21. Well the conversion is weird when it comes to things because the day it went up on newegg.ca the price was 1049.99$ for the ventus in canadian dollar so you have to add tax onto that as well and it comes to 1185$ roughly.
  22. Well maybe i did get ripped off having canadian currency lmao
  23. No i did not im canadian thats just what we pay lol