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  1. atomicus

    Best 4K??

    The Philips is a pretty good choice also, can't really go wrong there. Curve can help slightly yes. I would certainly recommend 32" for 4K... there really is no reason to go 27" unless your desk literally cannot fit any bigger. You will still have a super pin sharp image at 32", and will get away with 125% scaling, possibly none (application and eyesight depending). That won't be the case on 27".
  2. atomicus

    Best 4K??

    32" is ideal for 4K... you want LESS? So 27"... that is rather small, not optimal, but there are more 4K monitors available at this size. For IPS at 32" with VRR you don't have many options, but the LG 32UL750 would be a good choice at the upper end of your budget. There's also the BenQ EW3270U, which is VA but still very good regards colour accuracy, and it's quite a bit cheaper. Both of these have Freesync. If you wanted G-Sync, there is the older (but still very good) Acer XB321HK. I have this monitor myself and can certainly recommend it, but with IPS you will always have to endure a certain amount of glow and light bleed. VA is better in this regard, but at the expense of more smearing/overshoot in some games.
  3. That's disgraceful. Don't you have consumer rights in the US?? That fault is utterly indefensible and undeniable on every conceivable level.
  4. A gift card?! Damn! What country are you in? Where I live, refusing a return is downright illegal... you don't even have to give a reason, although if there's no fault and you just changed your mind you have to cover the cost of return yourself. If faulty though, as yours clearly is, they HAVE to accept it back, give you a full and proper refund, as well as cover your return costs. It is a ball ache with monitors though, just due to the number of models that have problems these days. It's happened to me more times than I care to remember, and the hassle of constantly returning really gets annoying. Personally, I only ever buy monitors from Amazon now as they make it the least complicated and never argue.
  5. VA can suffer glow, but far less so than IPS. Viewing angles are worse than IPS also, but this isn't really an issue if you're sat directly in front of the screen. VA does offer superior contrast, but at the expense of some smearing/ghosting in games, more so with black transitions... this varies though, and some people notice it far more than others. If you check out thoroughly written reviews of any given monitor, they will cover this.
  6. It depends what your priorities are. I think the monitor you've chosen is solid, although you could perhaps check out the MSI MPG341CQR as an alternative. Ignore the 1MS stuff also, it's pure marketing fluff. Read actual reviews, preferable TFTCentral.co.uk or PCMonitors.info When it comes to HDR though, no monitor with HDR-400 will come anywhere close to providing an adequate HDR experience, so just don't expect anything there. You'd need to be looking at the PG35VQ or X35 to get anything near meaningful HDR in movies and those games which support it. Or a decent OLED TV of course, but that would mean 55" size, hardly suitable for a desktop monitor.
  7. If you want this size in 120Hz, go for the Samsung CRG9... but it suffers from flickering with Nvidia GPUs and isn't cheap. If Dell DO release a similar version though, it will be even more expensive.
  8. No, just buy a new monitor, there is no cost benefit in trying to replace a panel, unless you are a monitor engineer.
  9. If HDR is a big factor for you, then you will be disappointed with that monitor. Very disappointed. There are VERY few monitors that will do HDR justice, and you can ignore every single one that says HDR-400.
  10. Less than $200... "plenty of available options"? Are you sure about that? Where on earth are you looking?
  11. It does seem that curved VA panels suffer worse with bleeding than the flat ones, which is annoying as one of the main reasons to go with VA in the first place is to avoid these bleed issues that so often plague IPS monitors. Regardless, the takeaway from that video is that HDR 400 is simply junk. Shameful that standard was even allowed tbh, and the way monitor manufacturers are taking advantage of consumers with it is utterly deceitful.
  12. 1080p at 32"... no way. I just wouldn't! As for the XG32VQR, also not a great choice... I honestly think one of the initial LG or MSI suggestions would be better for you, or look at some IPS options, but you run the risk of bleed/glow issues with any IPS monitor.
  13. There are some Amazon reviews mentioning blur issues. It's going to be user/game dependent for most part.
  14. The AOC is what his friend has and what he said he noticed horrible motion blur on. But as previously mentioned, I'd say this would be evident on any VA monitor, none will be totally immune. It will simply be down to user sensitivity to it, and what game is being played... faster games being worse of course.
  15. You must buy an additional part for that, but yes... https://www.benq.eu/en-uk/accessory/monitoraccessory/vesatransfer-xr3501rex3501r.html
  16. I did not spend TOO much time with it, but I didn't have any problems. I only returned it as I felt the PPI a bit soft for my taste. I think if you're really sensitive to motion blur, you need to forget VA and look at IPS monitors instead. You won't find a VA monitor that doesn't have it.
  17. Thanks... that might work actually, will need to do some measurements.
  18. The 32GK850G is technically AMVA, but that's essentially VA. It does have a VESA mount, I had it mounted on one myself so can confirm that. It's behind where the stand mounts at the center rear, in the circular area.
  19. VA panels vary... they aren't all identical, although certain issues are generally inherent, to varying degrees. Hard to know precisely why this occurs, but it's all electronics and how the monitor functions at the end of the day. The LG 32GK850G, if you read reviews like this one: https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/lg_32gk850g.htm highlight how good it is.
  20. The problem is a shop really isn't the best environment for looking at a monitor and determining its suitability. You may notice very obvious flaws, if the smearing is really bad for example, but you might not. It's tricky, but better than nothing I suppose. I'd definitely try and check out those LG's and MSI options if you can though.
  21. Would anyone know if a dual monitor stand/arm arrangement exists where in which you can, as required, change the position of the screens so that one or the other is central to your viewing position? Everything I've seen seems 'fixed' in terms of either a stacked or side by side arrangement... ideally I would like to be able to switch between a 32" 4K screen for work, and a 27" high refresh for gaming... but be able to center the chosen monitor to my viewing position each time. I'd rather not be looking off to the left or right for one or the other. I don't know if this is possible though, outside of detaching VESA mounts every time I want to switch.
  22. TN has its flaws, gamma shift, poor colours, viewing angles etc. all exacerbated at that size. In fact, I'm not sure there are many TN panels at 32" actually... most are VA. I would say your best options were one of the LG's... 32GK850G-B, 32GK650F or 32GK850F, or the curved MSI Envit0 mentions above, which is pretty good. MSI have had some decent monitors of late actually, and reasonably priced, so they are well worth a look.
  23. This is the problem with VA panels... they smear. It's largely inherent to the tech, although the LG 32GK850G-B is actually far better in this regard, so that would be worth a look. I had one myself briefly and found it very good, but I did return it, simply because I found the PPI a bit too low coming from 4K. It isn't curved, but you shouldn't let that put you off, because it's definitely one of the best VA panels you can get. Otherwise, I don't think the monitor you seek exists, not in that very specific spec, as every other VA panel will smear, and there are no IPS curved options. You may have to look at smaller monitors, and there are far more 27" size than 32"... and I'd argue that's preferable anyway, unless you have less than perfect vision or the monitor will be at a further distance. Aorus CV27Q is soon to be released and meets your spec albeit in 27" size, but I'm sure will smear. If you're sensitive to this, I think EVERY VA monitor might be a problem for you. But you'd have to try and see.
  24. 27" is definitely too small for 4K... 32" is OK, but I'd prefer 40", and high refresh of course. Sadly, the Asus XG438Q is a joke, and I don't see Acer's CG437K equivalent doing much better. The whole monitor market is rather depressing at the moment tbh... it's either specs that fall short of what we want, inherent flaws to the tech or faults in general, and no evidence of any QC process on monitors that have four-figure price tags. It's absolutely ridiculous.
  25. No, you won't get 120FPS+ in all games with options jacked up. But even 1440p won't give you that in ALL games. There are plenty of decent 1080p monitors to choose from if that's what you want though, and 27" 1440p is also very good and I'd say the sweet spot for gaming these days. GPUs simply aren't powerful enough to give you those frame rates at this resolution though, not in AAA titles anyway. This is more of a productivity/gaming hybrid monitor... but it does neither perfectly. If you're an out and out gamer who demands high FPS, this really isn't the monitor to go for. Same as if you only used your monitor for work tasks, then 4K would be far better suited. The price is what makes this monitor so stupid though IMO, it just makes no sense. I genuinely hope no one buys it and LG realise they got this wrong, but sadly, I know plenty will.