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  1. It's ongoing. Currently it has 13 volumes out, all of which are translated.
  2. A pretty good story I liked it It is a LN adaptation, so the story goes on. Anime's story ends at volume 9. If you want closure, read LN (i plan on doing that in the future).
  3. All i'm seeing is people running around, usually chasing a ball. There are some interesting tidbits, but they're even less than 1 min long... No thanks. For 90 min. (one football match), i can read at least 30 pages (depends on the book), or watch a movie, or do something that will actually entertain me
  4. I really don't care about most of them... About a week ago there was a semi-final European championship (basketball). At the time i was at one coffee shop, helping my sister that's working there, and everyone was literally glued to the screen, while i had my back turned to it, playing a game on my phone (only turning around a few times to check the score)... I care that much about sports...
  5. Has anybody seen Gotham? I like DC shows that are on CW, but i don't know if Gotham is any good... Any thoughts?

  6. You have to first ask if anyone here is actually into fantasy sports (i don't even know what it is). From my experience, people that're big tech lovers don't really like sports that much. Maybe a strawpoll or something similar, to see if anyone actually would use that site? I personally couldn't care less about sports, but that's just me.
  7. My brains says "HELL YEAH!", and my wallet says "HELL NO. You're not getting that"... - http://www.battlbox.com/

  8. That's why i switched to an SSD. I didn't even know that it was faster than an ordinary HDD, i just knew that it was shock "proof", and i needed that (laptop user here)
  9. If money wasn't an issue , i'd personally go with a custom case/chasis made out of a titanium alloy. I would also go full SSD storage, no HDD's, securing all bigger components (CPU cooler, GPU...). This can only make it stronger, not "proof"... Otherwise, just kick out that HDD and put an SSD (or SSD's).
  10. The problem isn't competing, the problem is that there's too much monopoly on our market... We only have one big potato chips manufacturer, with maybe 1 (or 2) smaller ones... You know, i'd like to get to choose something different every now and then...
  11. Oh the irony... Austria is far closer to Serbia than to USA, and this is the first time i heard about it (Almdudler)... Our market sucks...
  12. I don't even drink coke Does that count
  13. I don't know about newer models, but i had a Lenovo laptop back in 2006, and it died in 2012. It was a beast laptop, build quality wise. Sure, it was plastic, but it was extremely sturdy. Hell, in my 6 years of owning it, i only once (or maybe twice) changed the HDD, something i did 2 times in only 2 years of owning a Toshiba laptop. I threw it, opened it, played with it... It only died because i fried it's mobo by hitting it (i know, not the smartest thing to do). If anyone is interested, the Lenovo laptop i'm talking about is Lenovo 3000 n100.
  14. Why is it not so good? It seems like a good combo
  15. True, everyone has their dislikes. For example i don't like tulumba... I mean any food that you like
  16. When i'm hungry i just eat food Any food is good
  17. I'm looking at Xperia M5, and it looks like an awesome phone :D I'm due to upgrade around may-june, and if M6, or something similar doesn't come out, i'll probably go with that :D

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    2. techswede


      As soon as i get the money to do so. My Galaxy Xcover II keeps filling its internal storage with google updates and it randomly cuts calls.

      Thinking about rooting it in the meantime since i don't mind it dying

    3. Maheshvara


      That's what i did with my Ace (s5830). It gave it a year or so until it became totally obsolete...

      I recommend that, if you're on a budget, look at Sony M line :) And if you aren't, then Z line :D

    4. techswede


      I have been considering this as well http://www.ubuntu.com/phone

  18. It's not that i'm that broke, it's just that my father will never give me money for games... He thinks it's stupid and that i shouldn't bother with it and i should go out and do stuff (which is pretty hilarious, because for 40 euros i can get games that will entertain me for ~100 hours while for the same amount of money i'll be able to go out 4-16 times, and let's say that each time i'm out for ~3 hours, that's at the most 48 hours...)... I have a feeling that if i asked him for 40 euros to buy some game (40 euros is roughly 13% of his pay), singular, he'd throw something at me...
  19. Not only this week, i'm broke every week...
  20. Now excuse me while i go and cry myself to sleep...
  21. I'm not from Canada or US, so i wouldn't know what to tell you. They do have warranties, that much i know, but i heard it exceptionally hard to return broken/dead stuff. I really wouldn't know since for me i simply went to the store where i bought something, they would tell me where the service stations are, i would go there, fill what's wrong with my part, and see if it's fixable. If it isn't, then i go to the store to get a replacement. I don't know how it'd done there. If it's withing the warranty period (it's usually between 1-3 years).
  22. Then wait for some sales. Skylake will surely drop in prices by then. Just beware if you have a doa component. Find a way to test them as soon as you get them.